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Reading Books is one of the favorite pastime for many of us, even today. This is despite being the advent of technology which has seen the likes of Kindle, Notepads, iPads etc to name a few. At the same time, we may not know that whether the price we are paying for these books are the best ones. You may see a discount in one online store but are you sure that it would be the best price?

The answer for the above question is BookOkay.com

Following are the various reasons as to why you should consider Bookokay :-)

Below shown is an example which would let you know as to why this can help you in saving some money. I have taken Dan Brown's Inferno as an example to compare the price in various sites.

You may have a preference to a specific genre but do not worry. They have genres which includes Self Help, Competitive Exams, Philosophy, Computer and Internet, Family and Relationships, Academic and Professional, Literature and Fiction which means you have got almost all the major genres out there for you to select, pay, save and enjoy reading the books.

The website keeps updated on a regular basis and hence the information is almost accurate, each time and every time. Use this site to buy your favorite books by making the quick comparison which includes major eCommerce sites like Flipkart,Snapdeal, Infibeam and Rediff.