7 facts about water that you should know

It is said that we can survive without eating food for 5-6 days but can’t survive without drinking water even for a single day. Water is the first or foremost requirement to survive as from water we get some essential minerals which are very important for our body to work. So in this article am going to make you aware from seven major facts about water that you should know.

      Maintains pH of our body

We know that due to formation of hydrochloric acid in our stomach the medium become acidic. Sometime the production of acid in of body increases which can cause serious stomach pain.  Drinking water can make the medium again neutral thus, maintains the pH of our body.

      Formation of water

The water is formed by the combination two elements that is Hydrogen and Oxygen= 2 Hydrogen + 1 Oxygen = H2O. So when 2 hydrogen atoms are combined with a single atom of water there after H2O (water molecule) is formed.

      Relation of brain and water

Brain plays an important role in human body as it control almost everything in our body and you will be surprised to know that our brain is 75% water. Water also regulates body's cooling system, and maintains your body temperature. So in order to keep your body cool and away from diseases you need to drink sufficient amount of water daily.  Make sure you drink the purest possible water to stay healthy. Check out www.Nasaka.in and get yourself the best ro water purifier for your home

      Second most common molecule

Water molecule is the second most common molecule in the world after hydrogen and there is another fact about water is that Water expands by 9% when it freezes. The density of the frozen water is less than the normal water that is the reason why ice floats in the water.

      Infants body contains 80% of water

You will be amazed to know the fact that at the time of birth, the weight of the infants is 80% due to the water that mean 80% of the infants body contains water at the time of birth.

      Pimple clearing agent

Water also acts as a pimple clearing agent as it brings out the glow in your face and keeping the toxics away from your body and face this prevents pimples and you look beautiful and hydrated when you drink sufficient amount of water that is 6 to 8 glasses of water a day.

      Water used by human is only one tenth of the total water

Out of all the water that is present on the earth’s surface, humans are only using one tenth of the total water present in the world out of which just 1% is the fresh water so you should now stop wasting water. And it can be chemically created by burning rock fuel. And water comes on the earth surface by the process of precipitation.

So this was all about the amazing facts about water, hope you will not waste fresh water anymore and your best not to drink contaminated water from any source.