Voters in Maharashtra, It is Time to Do Our Part

The elections are tomorrow, 21st of February, and we the voters have our duties to fulfil! The reduction in voter turnouts seen in recent years is a sad development that needs to be tackled as soon as possible.

And this year we have a lot of support and resources at hand. The State Election Commission, Maharashtra have on their end being doing a lot of new work in order to ensure that voters have access to adequate information so that they can make an informed choice.

In case you are still not too sure about what you can do, access to information as well as resources to take action have been implemented by the MSEC via the initiatives listed below:

The True Voter app has been extremely helpful in getting the basics I needed to for the voting process. It supplies all kinds of information like finding your name on the voters’ list, finding out where your polling booth is, who the candidates are and their background details and much more.

2.      The Mahavoter chatbot: Creating an election related chatbot via Facebook messenger was a fabulous initiative on the part of the State Election Commission of Maharashtra. Accessible through a missed call pledging system, wherein voters could give their pledge to vote, this chatbot was a great way to get the youth of Maharashtra involved. The missed call number is 9029-901-901.

These are just a couple of the facilities available, others can be found on the website - https://mahasec.maharashtra.gov.in as well as the social media channels given below:

I plan to go cast a vote tomorrow, for my future. And I urge you to do the same!