Saturday 30 December 2017

Book Review - I Too Had an MBA

Title - I too had an MBA
Author - Sambhav Khetarpal
Genre - Fiction Humour
Publisher - Horizon Books
ISBN - 978-81-9343-8800

I too had an MBA is jolly good novel with no concept but having said that this book is far better than the rather contemporary novel because this book would keep you captivated till the end. Though the book came with a bookmark, I never got an option to use it since I read the book in one go.

What I liked the most about the book is the presence of funny references from page to page and can make a great reference material for those who are doing the stand up comedies out there and were run out of ideas. But beware, this book is copyrighted and hence you cannot use those jokes and PJs at will. However you may try moderating it and present it in your own style like how bollywood copies kollywood and vice-versa. I am not adding Hollywood here because it is out of the league.

Author makes his narrative via a character called Luv Khurana who is not a Love Guru as he converses with his Dairy. Strange but true. The story is set in a posh HBS - not the Harvard Business School but the local Hetalbhai Business School since we know as to how we Indians are really smart when it comes to naming an institution. There were many references to famous colleges and institutes but in a pseudo name which adds beauty to the novel.

Luv falls in love with Nisha but Nisha seems to have fallen for some one. I don't know who that is because I did not want to play a spoilsport by revealing who that is. It is your duty to find it. I made lot of notes and references since there were unlimited comedy lines and references some of which may or may not be said with sarcasm but if I started writing it here, I myself would have reproduced an entire novel and would face copyright notice from the author. Hence I am not writing them here.

What I can say with confidence is this book is a perfect funny novel which will make you forget your worries(only from the time you start reading and ending it) but it may resume once the book is over because end of the day it is your life which you have to face, bravely :-)

The book is available on Amazon

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