Wednesday 19 July 2023

Book Review - Mango Showers


Title - Mango Showers
Author - A Victor Adarsh
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - Book Street Publications
ISBN - 978-8196226947

This is a novel which is written really well by Victor Adarsh. I liked the style of his writing since he has captured even the tiniest of aspect in detail.

In the initial stages, I thought this is another novel with a usual ending, but I was proved wrong when I finished reading it. This story revolves around Anna who is the sister of Paulose. Paulose lived in Kudukkanghad, Kasargod and was serving as CFO in Timber Financing Co. 

Their mom died after which Anna came searching for Paulose since her brother had left the house at any early age.

Paulose was employed by Unni Krishnan Nair. Raghavan Nair was Unni's brother.

Other important characters in the novel includes but not limited to: 

George D’Crasta / Roshan D’Crasta - both families gets killed - one in accident / one in electric shock

Rev FR.John


Rosy - Helper

Dr Yasser Rahman - Psychiatrist 

Dr Shafin Malik - Unnikrishnan acquaintance 

Pankaja - nurse

Fr. Pratap D’Silva

Rev. Fr. Benedict Salvini - Italian priest 

Fr. Gabrielle Amroth S.S.P., Vatican’s Chief Exorcist 

Sr Valencia

DSP Shreekant 

Cecilia D’Crasta - Surviving daughter of Roshan D’Crasta.

George D’Crasta

Anna sees a creature inside the house when no one was around or was it an hallucination? She was also allergic to a traditional ritual called "Theyyam".

I managed to learn a new word called Kudukke - a Tulu word for Fox.

This story takes off slowly like an airplane in the runway. You will feel really surprised in the last 3 chapters as to how the story takes a twist. It gave me a feel of watching this old Tamil movie called "Puthiya Paravai" though the story isn't the same but had some resemblance.

I have given the link for the book below. Order your copy today and give it a read. 

This book is available on Amazon

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