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Want a review of best selling soccer books, " Beyond 90 Minutes" of football legend P.K.Banerjee co written by Anirban Chatterjee . The book is among first 3 books in soccer category in amazon and is available in all leading bookstores in eastern India.

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“The match continued in the pouring rain, and we were soon ahead and held onto our lead until the last minute when Mohan Bagan was awarded a penalty, and we all had our hearts in our mouth. If they drew this match, they would be a point ahead of us, and all they had to do was hold on, to win the league. Badru Banerjee went to take the shot and placed it calmly on his left side…..” Untold stories from 1958 when P.K.Banerjee won the Calcutta league single handedly.

The next few moments passed in a complete haze for me. Our defense held out in the end, capping off one of the most glorious day of Indian football history….P.K.Banerjee on winning his Gold with Indian National Team in Djakarta Asian Games 1962.

Pele pointed to me and said, ‘This man had prevented me from showing my skills to the audience of India,’ with a broad grin on his face…..P.K.Banerjee after preventing Football God, Pele to beat his Mohan Bagan team in 1977.

I later analyzed that all that my players had done that evening was effectively hold the ball for a few more seconds, thus disrupting the rhythm of Mohun Bagan. Hence, they had lost the speed required to attack and didn’t have a counter-answer to it……P.K.Banerjee after defeating Mohan Bagan in a high intensity derby in front of 1,31,000 spectators in 1997, Calcutta.

“Beyond 90 Minutes” is a candid heart wrenching autobiography of India’s gifted son P.K.Banerjee, where he bares it all about his illustrious career as a footballer and then as a coach spanning over six decades. The reading is a delight for any students and followers of football where maestro’s uphill journey in life was told with all candidness and brutal clairity. It’s a engrossing story of a fairytale journey for a little boy from pre-independent India to be awarded the FIFA Order of Merit, the highest honor awarded by FIFA.

Anirban Chatterjee