Book Review - Gods Of The Gods


Title - Gods Of The Gods
Author - Abhishek
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - Indus Source Books
ISBN - 978-9385509667

Abhishek's "Gods Of The Gods" is an unputdownable book. Right from the beginning till the end, It has kept me engaged and captivated. I did an unusual thing for this book. For the first time ever, I wanted to know the end. When I finished reading half of the novel, I jumped to the end and started reading it reverse. This shows how intriguing this book can turn out to be.

The book ends with Kapittel 100. Set to happen in Asr-Gawa, Thor sends his kid Mathias in a pod. The very first chapter where there was a detailed introduction about Asr-Gawa and others shows how creative Abhishek is. It begins with the murder of Lifana.

There are too many characters with sci-fi names but do not worry. The author has given the consolidation of all the characters in the beginning of the novel.

There are few clans. The major ones are Valhallans and Jargantaans. They were at war with each other.

Migdur proposes a scheme to his boss Baldr. What was it? Why Baldr was skeptical of bringing Jargantaans? 

Odin - father of Baldr. There was a parallel universe. When things do not go well, a meeting was called for. Elders council did not approve of Baldr ruling Valhalla. They also want to find out about the banished ruler, Odin.
Why Asurian forces wouldn't go to Hel where Odin is believed to be? 
Odin sees it funny that the clans of Asr-Gawa which could manipulate civilizations of other dimensions could not tame the oceans of their home 
Was Odin, Oppenheimer and if not, Truman? By the way, who were they? 
If Odin is not aware as to what exactly is the thing that would save them when they go searching for it and was surrounded by drones sent to attack them, how did he and others escape?

Mathias amulet could alter matter and energy. Shows the kind of power he had.

Was Baldr shown his place?
Was the peace restored in Asr-Gawa?
Did the banished King reclaim his lost kingdom?

Read this gripping novel which gives you answers to all of these.

This book is available on Amazon

Book Review - Kindling


Title - Kindling (Prequel to Rage of the Immortals)
Author - Kanika Singhal
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - Notion Press

Kindling is the prequel to the book “Rage of The Immortals” by Kanika Singhal. Those who have read the sequel already would be surely glad about the release. When I started reading this book, I honestly felt that this book is India’s answer to “Thor” where The Gods (read it as siblings) fight with each other. The story has traces of it but the plot and the narration are completely different. Hence you need not have to be skeptical about reading this beautifully written novel.

I loved the cover, to start with. The novel also kind of rekindled my memories of watching the Amazon series “Supernatural”. What I am trying to emphasize here is, that if you are a lover of Supernatural stuff, you would surely love it.

Cifer and Atom are the protagonists of the novel who the story revolves around. Atom, the younger brother of Cifer was also the “King of Heaven”. Dave and Davie were the Parents.

Cifer was always protective of Atom being the younger sibling. He liked Ivprith, “Lady of the Wild”.

Then there are characters like Vishaad, the leader of the Queen’s guard, Asmi among others.

Ivprith gets startled by the sight of the figure emerging from the shadows. Who was it?

There are references like Shadow, Nightmare, Aurora as well.

The references to these mystical characters which are tied with present-day emotions/feelings make the novel more enjoyable.

The connection between Atom and Nightmare is the ultimate because though Nightmare is feared by all, Atom did not even bother as to what she is capable of. In fact, this helps him to realize his potential and helps him come out of the barrier to which he was bound.

Like in the movies, even in this story, God gets angry and banishes Cifer to the Underworld. Why did HE do that?

Ivprith intimidates Nightmare. How could she manage to do it?

I must say that this is a perfectly knitted mythical character that is not only engaging but also entertaining. Can be a perfect one for the book reading session in the café or elsewhere. Do give it a read and find out what caused enmity between the brothers and what this had led to in the end. Not the usual novel which you would read….

This book is available on Amazon from 30th June 2022 onwards and you can pre-order now

Book Review - Kavi Kurripedu


Title - Kavi Kurripedu
Poet - Selvaa Arumugam
Genre - Poems
Publisher - Chandrakala Publications
Offset - Royal Graphics
Price - Rs.100/-

This is a collection of Tamil poems by poet Selvaa Arumugam. Selvaa is known for his quirky lines and witty poems which make the readers retrospect. The poems brings out the emotions of a commoner and I am sure, we all would have also got to thought about various aspects in similar lines. I will update the Online Availability link, once it is made available on eCommerce sites. In the meanwhile, if you want to purchase this book, you can reach out to me by phone/WA or via email. 

I have given a few of the poems which I liked instantly.

Colour of White - Anyone can describe as per their knowledge/understanding but it would get its true meaning only when a blind person can describe it. How true are these words....

Sunday - Most of us feel the weekend is not enough, especially Sunday which gets over even before we realize it. Have you not had the same feel as the poet?

Trees - beautiful rendition of them

End of the month - As we await our salary, the moment it comes and disappears, we start to wait for the next month-end. How true these emotions are particularly for the middle-class people...

Natural(nature) Beauty & Artificial’s Metaverse - a poem that needs to be given a deep thought 

Marappachi Toys - our traditional toys which are long forgotten despite their medicinal effects

Calendar which remains idle when we go out of station

Worship Nature 

Easy-chair - the memory associated with it.

Absent-mindedness - Forgot to take the Peacock feather from the old book while it was sold in the old book shop. Have you not come across this situation?

Be kind to all(Uyir Anbu) - removing cobwebs. A sad but a true incident which happens day in and day out at all our homes

Disappearing God’s - Rain on wall paints which erases the portraits of Gods

Family Photo - Generation Gap which persisted then and even today

Summer - Lake becoming a Pond. Affects the fish living in it. 

Prasad - referring to cheap items becoming divine but not the corrupt human mind

Fish in temple pond - lives in hunger when the God Almighty Deity is supposed to take care of all

Shadow - that shows the true colors of a human (Dark)

Sacrifice - how hens/goat sacrifice their life for someone’s prayers/commitment 

News - Uprooting of 300-year-old tree but nothing about various bird nests that were destroyed along with it

Like I have mentioned, each and every poems makes you to think as it conveys the deep meaning of those aspects which are connected to the objects/emotions that were mentioned above making it a perfect one to read and to present it your family and friends and to all those who love reading poems.

Book Review - The Smiles Behind The Mask: Heartwarming Stories from Apollo Hospitals

Title - The Smiles Behind The Mask: Heartwarming Stories from Apollo Hospitals
Genre - Non-Fiction
Publisher - Harper Collins
ISBN - 978-93-5489-733-7

This is a collection of heart-touching 50 real stories that happened across various Apollo Hospital branches in India. While there is some notion about various hospitals in general with regards to the costs involved, not many of the good deeds which these hospitals do has ever come into the limelight. It is really a worthwhile effort for the Apollo Hospitals themselves to come out with a book that had the compilation of 50 such real-life incidents. 

I have given a glimpse of this book by mentioning some 10 incidents. These were narrated in an interesting way just like a story which makes it an interesting read and yes, those who were responsible to go out of the box to help the ailing patients and the hospital as a whole needs a definite appreciation for all the good deed since 50 is not a small number and I am also sure there are more than those which had made its way to this anthology.

Kolkata - Kavita Saraf hoisted the flag in the morning when her operation was scheduled for noon. 

Nashik - Baby Anushka. The orphaned baby got operated on after the Apollo team - Rashmi, Yamini & Sandeep Shinde(PRO) arranged for funds. ₹2.5L came from CM’s Relief Fund & the rest of ₹1.7L was waived off by Dr. Sanjay Vekhande & the Apollo team.

Vanagaram, Chennai - Dr. Ananth Natarajan. Covid -19. Had multiple complications but the team rescued him. 

Vinita’s final wishes were fulfilled before her demise. 

Apollo BGS Mysore - Ganesh. Patient with hearing disability. How he was treated is a story in itself.

Kamini - despite being involved in an accident, delivered a healthy Baby boy. The baby shower happened inside the hospital - at Ganapathi temple. First to get the privilege. The management has decided to do it for all 8-month pregnant women 

Anupama Ramesh - visiting Chamundeswari temple despite being operated. 

Mahesh Mohite - Guitarist. Missed it during his covid times and how this was determined and he gets the help.

Chennai Apollo, OMR - Mr. Rajan Pillai was Overdue of covid-19 dose by two days. The team made a visit and administered it without charging extra for the home visit. They do this to terminally ill & elderly patients on non-crowded weekdays without affecting other patients. 

Chinthan - gets help from Sister Pushpalatha, Director of Nursing(Apollo Children’s Hospital, Chennai). Arranged the critical Remdesivir. 

This book according to me is not a PR gimmick but a true account of so much that has happened all these days without anyone of us knowing about it. As they say, unless and until things are highlighted, they would always remain in the dark and the effort to bring the true account to the limelight and how it has helped or brighten or brought in a change in the lives of many is an appreciable one.

This book is available on Amazon


Book Review - 5000 Years Back : A timeless conversation


Title - 5000 Years Back: A timeless conversation
Author - Neetika Maheshwari Kasat
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - Notion Press

Mahabharat needs no introduction. It is one of the two greatest epics of India which conveys a lot of undeniable messages/truth. What forms the crux of this epic is the evergreen conversation that took place between Lord Sri Krishna and Arjun(one of the brothers of Pandavas and the greatest archer of all time).

This epic has been presented or recreated to us in various formats. What makes this epic interesting is how the authors present it to us. Without moving away from the crux, Neetika has recreated this great epic which is more relatable to the present-day scenario. Yes. You read it right! The "Bhagavad Gita" which is an integral part of this epic is recreated in this novel.

The story is set to happen between Yudi and his brothers when they get cheated by their uncle, after their father's demise, depriving them of their rightful properties. 

Characters other brothers are given below:

Bobby - Impulsive

Aarj - Fighter at Heart but with full compassion 

Nick & Dave - Youngest brothers 

Maternal cousin brother Kris supported them - when they wanted to claim their share of property from their uncle. Duro, the eldest brother was not happy when Kris, a well-known personality was involved in this process.

A dual was decided wherein the winner gets to take the property of the loser and the loser may not live at all. While Aarj was initially excited as he saw this as revenge against his hateful-minded brother Duro, things take a turn at the ring. This is when Kris comes into the picture again.

The characters may sound modern but this is how they are rechristened:

Yudi - Yudhishthira 

Aarj - Arjun

Bobby - Bheem

Nick - Nakul &

Dave - Sahadev

Duro - Duryodhan

Kris - Lord Krishna

After the initial first part, there are 18 chapters where Kris speaks to Aarj who was in the dilemma of fighting against Duro. Do I need to say that he succeeds in convincing Aarj to take up the dual and the outcome of it?

If you have read Bhagavad Gita, you can relate to each & every chapter precisely. If not, do give this a read and you will get the gist of it in a precisely packed nutshellThe way how Mahabharata was explained with a completely new set of characters from the present age makes it really interesting to read. Kids of the present age may not show interest in reading the actual epic but for sure would be glued to this novel. So, without letting them know that this is Mahabharat(assuming they have not heard or read the epic earlier), one can go ahead and present it because the information that this novel consists is applicable to all ages irrespective of place, religion, caste, and creed.

This book is available on Amazon in both Paperback and Kindle formats.

Author Interview - Shibu Nair of "Why Should I Worry When I Can Face The World"

Author Interview - Shibu Nair of "Why Should I Worry When I Can Face The World"

 1. What motivates you to write?

 Inspired by my fellow writers whose comforting and reassuring words have brought peace to my depressed mind. I wanted to do the same for others who live in the scary world of anxiety, worry, and overthinking.


2.   How did you feel after publishing your books?

Felt happy that finally, I could do something which can contribute to the happiness of my fellow beings.


3.   What are some of your favorite books and authors?

The secret by Rhonda Byrne, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, and The power of positive thinking by Norman Vincent.

4.   Is there a specific reason for naming your book?

Most of us run away from problems in our life without being aware of the fact that we have the power to face and overcome the setbacks in life. When we are confident that we can face the world and its numerous twists and turns then why should we worry ?

5.   What inspired you to write the books(in general)? Any tales to tell…

The dark and depressive world I was in after my son’s untimely death and my successful battle to come out of it. Felt sharing my journey with people who suffer from similar painful experiences can bring happiness and peace back to their depressing lives.


6.   What was your biggest learning experience throughout the writing process?

The more simple and straight from your heart you communicate with your readers, the easier they understand and appreciate your thoughts.


7.   Looking back, what did you do right that helped you break in as a writer?

I spoke from my heart with an immense desire to help my readers walk through the path of happiness and peace by giving them anecdotes they can easily relate to.


8.   Any best piece of writing advice that you would like to share with new or struggling writers?

Talk to your readers through your writing in a way they can relate to what you are talking about and take away some positives which can make their lives better and happier.

9.   Something personal about you people may be surprised to know?

I have been teaching literature for the last 27 years and I love doing it for many more years to come.


10.   Any future books that you would like to discuss now?

My next book will be a collection of poems and a series of real-life inspirational journeys of some extraordinary students I was fortunate to teach.


11. What other profession excites you the most? 

The teaching of course.


12. Any special mention about your reader (be it with reviews/feedback or anything else)

One person who was suffering from severe anxiety and depression told me that the book has been a lifeline to her. She sincerely follows the suggestions and tasks given in the book and now is back to work after two years.

13. Do you write the story at a stretch or do you take your time to complete it? 

If you take a longer time, wouldn’t you be forgetting the story? How do you tackle it?

I take a long time mostly because of the busy lecture schedule I have for students as well as government departments. Since the book is basically about my own experiences, it was easy for me to recollect.


14. Traditional or Self-Publishing? Why?

Since it’s my first book, I took the help of a publisher and I was fortunate to have Walnut publications to help me in the process.


15. How is the response so far for the book?

Very humbling.Excellent sales and reviews. Most important the book is helping many depressed souls to walk back towards the happiness and peace they once had in abundance.

Press Release : Westinghouse Launches 32 inch, 42 inch and 50 Inch premium TV on Amazon


Westinghouse Launches 32-inch, 43 inch and 50-inch premium TVs on Amazon



      US  brand Westinghouse TV, carries 40-Watt sound output in both 43 and 50-inch UHD models

      The newly launched models come with the latest advancements in Picture Quality, sound technology, and smart features

       The products, 32-inch tv, 43-inch Smart TV, and 50- inch Smart TVs, are available on Amazon from 13h June onwards


10th  June, New Delhi/NCR, 2022:  After the successful debut of Westinghouse Non-Smart and Smart TVs last year in India, the US brand is thrilled to add three new models 32-inch non-Smart TV, 43-inch UHD, and the 50 inch UHD Smart TVs, to their portfolio in India which starts from Rs 7999. The newly launched models come with the latest advancements in Picture Quality, sound technology, and smart features designed & manufactured by SPPL, One of India's largest TV manufacturers, and will be available to the customers on amazon from 13TH June onwards.


The 32 - inch non-Smart TV model is priced at 7999 and comes with an LED screen, HD resolution, 2 HDMI, and 2 USB ports. The model has 2 speakers with a sound output of 20W, a digital noise filter, an automatic volume level, audio equalizer that supports mp3/WMA audio formats to assure a seamless sound experience. With a brightness of 350 nits and a static contrast ratio that provides phenomenal visuals.   

The 43 inches UHD/4K model is priced at Rs 20,999, and the 50-inch UHD/4K TV which is priced at Rs 27,999 supports 2 GB of RAM, and 8 GB of ROM, 3 HDMI ports, and 2 USB ports, which is on par with high-end TVs in the market. These models come with HDR10, and Chromecast, to ensure that users enjoy every visual in sharp details and vivid colors. With an aim of providing an immersive aural experience with deep surround sound, both the models have 2 speakers, a digital noise filter, and a 40-watt speaker output that supports Surround sound technologies. Smart TVs are powered by the Android operating system, and users will have access to multiple apps and games through the Google Play Store. To top it all off, users can access Amazon Prime, YouTube, and Sony Liv with a single touch of the remote.Going by the features and specifications, customers will receive a one-of-a-kind high audio-visual cinematic experience on 43-inch and 50-inch TVs having 500 nits of brightness, bezel-less design, 4K resolution, Google Assistant, IPS panel, dual-band wi-fi, 6000+ apps & games available, sleek design with alloy stands. 



Model IDSegment LaunchPrice
WH43UD1043 inches20999
WH50UD8250 inches27999
WH32PL0932 inches7999


Commenting on the launch, Pallavi Singh Marwah, Vice President, Super Plastronics PVT LTD (SPPL), an exclusive brand licensee of Westinghouse TVs in India, said, “With the launch of five models in India, last year, we are receiving a phenomenal response from the Indian customers as they are getting premium benefits under affordable price. To enhance our portfolio list, we are thrilled to launch three new  Competitive yet premium non-smart and smart TVs which will be exclusively available on Amazon”

“We are expecting to pave our way to become India’s top affordable online TV brand as our first range of Smart TVs was a hit amongst the consumers, especially from Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities who have long admired our affordable products. To provide the customers with great sound quality, image experience & affordable TVs has been a priority for us, we trust these three premium affordable TVs with high-end offers will be the best fit for every Indian household”, she further added.


Last year, the brand introduced five “Made in India” Westinghouse TVs in an array of sizes ranging from 24 Inch non-smart LED TV, 32-inch HD Ready, 40- inch FHD smart Android TV, 43-inch FHD TV, to UHD 55-inch models in the Indian market through an exclusive collaboration with (SPPL).

About Westinghouse: Westinghouse is built upon a tradition of dependability and innovation. Today, we strive to make everyday life a little better by offering a wide range of quality products and services you can trust. For more than 130 years, Westinghouse has stood for innovative, reliable, high-quality products and customer service. A combination of ground-breaking technology and rock-solid dependability has made Westinghouse one of the world’s most trusted brands. Since 1886, Westinghouse has brought the best to life. For further information https://westinghousetv.in/