Traveling Do’s & Dont’s in 2021


Why do we travel? How does it help us?

I am not sure about what your view point is when it comes to travel but I travel for the following reasons;

1. It helps me learn about the new place, the people of that place, their food, their culture and other things.

2. It keeps me updated with regards to diversified culture and customs that exists in this world.

3. It also helps us to make new friends and acquaintances.

4. It helps to relieve us from stress related to work and other aspects.

5. Travel rejuvenate one’s body, mind and soul.

The above mentioned are the most important aspects as to why I travel. Destination isn’t important but what is important is the takeaway you get it from that place. I also make it a habit to share the best things about the place once I am back from the travel. It helps like minded people and fellow travellers to plan their travel in the n near future. 

Now let us see as to what are the Do’s and Dont’s one should follow before planning to travel.


1. Plan your travel well in advance.

2. Draw up an itinerary with regards to the place you have intended to travel so that you will not mess it up once you are there.

3. Make a note of the important contact details of the place you are visiting as and also keep your family members informed about your travel. This will come handy when there is an emergency.

4. Pack your things properly. Do not miss out of any. If it is related to trekking on high altitude, ensure you have your thermals, thinner tablets, Sun glasses, gloves, denims, trekking shoes and gear. 

5. Do the research thoroughly before you are visiting a place or a new country so that you will not do something which is forbidden in that place and end up paying hefty fines or penalty.

6. Keep the required currency in required denominations and also keep your plastic cards handy.

7. Ensure that your travel is insured which includes baggage insurance, medical insurance as these would be critical especially when you are travelling abroad.

8. Do not post updated about your travel with enthusiasm especially when you stay in a remote area as this e hours give information to the culprits who may be having an eye on you back in your home town and they may strike it conveniently.

9. Stop the subscription of milk, newspaper and other essentials when you’re out as these would give information to any passerby when they see newspapers lying around your home unattended.

10. Inform your nearest police station so that they will keep an eye on your house during their regular patrolling.

11. Do reach the airport on time.

12. Do web check-in always.

13. Carry your mask, sanitisers, RT-PCR test results (not later than 48 hours) and your vaccination certificates.

14. Keep your id proofs ready and safe.


Some of them have already found a place in Do’s and here are few more.

1. Do not engage in any activity with the strangers in the unknown location.

2. Do not accept any packs given to you in the airport by a stranger.

3. Do not carry explosives or any sharp items on your hand baggage.

4. Do not hand over your passport to anyone.

5. Do not try to take things for granted. Ensure that you follow the procedures of the destination you’re traveling to.

6. Do not accept food items or any drinks from a stranger even if he or she seems to be nice 

7. If there is a trouble, do not try to sort things out yourself. Report to the travel agent or concerned authorities.

8. Do not travel without your vaccination certificates and RT-PCR test results.

9. If you’re travelling all by yourself, more care should be exercised. Check the refund policy before booking an accommodation.

10. Do not travel without getting necessary information about the place you’re planning to travel.

I have always considered my nation as the best place to live and work. Apart from that, I have always had these two countries where I would migrate, if given a chance.

1. Singapore and 

2. Canada

These two are in my list for various reasons like the Work culture, Happiness Index, Standard of Living etc to name a few. When the right time comes, I would surely go to any of these place to settle and if it is the latter, I would surely purchase a home for myself through Ottawa homes for sale

Book Review - Captain Khadoos


Title - Captain Khadoos

Author - Arjun Hemmady

Genre - Fiction

Publisher - Treeshade Books

A beautiful novel which would keep you captivated from the beginning till the end. 

It all begins with the Captain of the Indian Cricket Team fighting depression. I loved the words “Depression is a disease that is managed and NOT fought”. It conveys such a powerful meaning. 

“Never ever be ashamed if you’re suffering from depression. See yourself as a source of inspiration” are the other lines which has found its place in the novel is the Need Of The Hour. This book is a combination of the game - Cricket & a trait which a human finds it difficult to address - Depression. 

The story was set in the year 2027 but with some rewind to the past. 

These are the important characters in the novel: 

Suraj - Indian Cricket Team Captain

Aditi - Psychologist

Sanjeev - Suraj’s father 

Varun - School Cricket Team captain

D’Mello - Cricket Coach

By 19, Suraj the protagonist finds his place in the Mumbai Cricket Team & Indian team by 21. Vikrant - Indian team captain

Struggles faced by a cricketer in his life especially when he is at his Prime and goes down in no time and how he bounces back is beautifully captured in this novel 

A 360 degree coverage of the life of a cricketer from being no where to become the Captain of the Indian Cricket Team and winning series & championships. 

I felt like seeing the life of a real cricketer through this book which would go on to serve as an inspiration for the aspiring cricketers apart from those who are fighting depression. 

Cricket ๐Ÿ lovers will surely rejoice reading this book as I’m sure that they could connect this with the life of their role models who too would have saved a similar kind of situation in their lives…

Book Review - Long Run : A Paradise Augmented


Title - Long Run : A Paradise Augmented

Author - T Sathish

Genre - Fiction

A beautiful novel by Sathish.

The glitzy life of hugely successful fund managers comes with a cost, most of the times. 

What sort of turmoil they undergo or face in their personal life to be successful in their professional life couldn’t have been explained better than this.

I have not read a story with this crux till date. 

It all begins with Anjali deciding to reach out to Raghu Santhanam, a blind fund guru. 

Life was so colourful with Ram, Eshwar, Niranjan, Anuradha(Anu) & Raghu joining NIM. The life of college days would surely make you remind of those days you had whole you were in college. It is during this time that Raghu & Anu fall in love with each other. 

While this romance story seemed strong and eternal, things take a different turn when Anu & Raghu decides to join different firms in contrasting fields. 

The dreams and goals conceived by Raghu becomes a villain in their otherwise conceived beautiful love story.

The dilemma faced by a just passed out Management Graduate as to which offer to accept and the one to reject and the discretionary meeting with one of the investment gurus would surely remind you of your previous years, if you had also undergone a similar situation.

I would say that this is a lesson which is valid and universal for all the aspiring fund managers who were also into love relationships. Not that everyone will end up the way Raghu did but many of them for sure. 

Who is the hero of this story?

Is it Raghu or Anu?

Pick up your copy to give a read and decide yourself. 

This book is available on Amazon in both ebook and paperback formats

Press Release - Krea University holds webinar on โ€˜R&D and National Prosperity

Press Release - Krea University holds webinar on ‘R&D and National Prosperity

 “Krea University holds webinar on ‘R&D and National Prosperity”


Chennai, 9th December 2021: Krea University conducted an online webinar as a part of the ‘Krea Science Talks’ series on December 8, 2021, at 3:00 PM. The webinar titled ‘R&D and National Prosperity’ was led by eminent researcher Professor Deepak Pental, who was the former Vice-Chancellor and Professor of Genetics, University of Delhi. Professor Pental will highlight the significance of research and development (R&D) in meeting national growth and development goals.

Commenting on the webinar, Vice-Chancellor Mahesh Rangarajan of Krea University said, “Through the Krea Science Talks, noted scientists share their research that has impacted our understanding of Indian society and the world in general. We are delighted that Professor Pental will be delivering the first lecture in this series. His insights and ideas for reforms will help our students and research enthusiasts get a better idea of the ways in which science and innovation can intervene with national prosperity.”


About Krea University

Krea University, with a pioneering approach to Interwoven Learning, is located in Sri City, 55 km North of Chennai. Instituted by a team of global academicians, business leaders and scholars with a vision for the 21st Century and beyond, Krea is an effort to reimagine the education system, aiming to enable students to become agile, ethical and purposeful leaders in this fast-changing world. Krea University currently houses two Schools and provides strategic oversight to globally acclaimed Research Centers. The School of Interwoven Arts and Sciences currently offers 3-year BA (Honours) & B.Sc. (Honours) degrees, with an option to do an additional year i.e. fourth year of Advanced Studies. The IFMR Graduate School of Business offers PhD, MBA and customised Management Development Programmes.

Press Release : Women-run food brand Naario raises pre-seed funding from a group of women angel investors & entrepreneurs


Women-run food brand Naario raises pre-seed funding from a group of women angel investors & entrepreneurs

The group of Angel Investors also include Sairee Chahal of Sheroes, Harshita Singh of Times Prime, Ankit Mehrotra of Dineout, amongst others


New Delhi, December 8th,2021 In its bid to build scale and a diverse pan-India presence, women-led and run organic food brand Naario has raised an undisclosed sum in pre-seed funding from a group of angel investors led by women entrepreneurs.

Started by a young and dynamic Anamika Pandey, 24, Naario is India’s first women-led and run food product brand that offers organic cereals, condiments, and beverages. An engineering graduate from NIT Warangal and a Booth School of Business and BigBasket Alum, Anamika started Naario in January 2021 out of her hometown, Gorakhpur, in eastern Uttar Pradesh, over a cup of tea with her mom.

Some of the notable members of the group of Angel Investors included Sairee Chahal of Sheroes, Harshita Singh of Times Prime, Ankit Mehrotra of Dineout, amongst others. The pre-seed funding will help Naario invest in brand building, develop tech-based solutions to scale operations and expand distribution channels as it chases growth in a highly fragmented D2C market.

Commenting on the pre-seed funding, Anamika, Founder and CEO, said: “Naario is a brand built for women whose passion for cooking goes unrecognized. It was built with the mission to touch the lives of millions of women who have talent but no resources to realize their dreams. Ever since the launch, Naario has grown fast and this round of funding will help us to move rapidly in a highly competitive market,” explains Anamika Pandey, Founder and CEO, Naari

Commenting on the investment, Sairee, said: “Our strategic investment in Naario is in line with our endeavour to create a wide and diverse ecosystem of women entrepreneurs, who are working towards supporting women’s and their aspirations. In a short period, Anamika and her team have built something truly commendable.”

Within a few months of launch, Naario has expanded its product range from four to seven and its reach from Gorakhpur, a small city in Eastern UP, to more than 10 states across the country. The current product portfolio includes everyday favourites like 9-in-1 flour mix, South Indian Filter Coffee decoction, All Rounder Garam Masala, Lucknowi Masala, Classic Muesli, Jaggery powder with Chai Masala, South Indian Filter Coffee decoction and Rose Sherbet to name a few.

Naario combines the essence of two words- Naari and Opportunity - happens to be one of India's first women-led and run food brands. Naario is democratising good food while building a community of women who are more than ready to tie their creative talents to their identity. Naario, as a brand, comes in at a time when health has become an average Indian’s prerogative and women have realised that they need their own identity and financial freedom.

Press Release - ABP Studios' Marathi Film ‘Karkhanisanchi Waari’ to premiere on SonyLIV on Friday


ABP Studios internationally acclaimed Marathi feature film ‘Karkhanisanchi Waari’ premiers on SonyLIV on Friday, December 10 


New Delhi, 8th November 2021: ABP Studios’ co-producedMarathi feature film, Karkhanisanchi Waari (Ashes on a Road Trip), will stream exclusively on SonyLIV, December 10th onwards. Previously, the film was invited to prestigious screenings in New York, Los Angeles, Shanghai, Toronto, Stuttgart, and London after receiving praise and acclaim from international film criticsIt won an award as one of the Best 5 films at the Tokyo International Film Festival. The film was also a part of the Indian Panorama section of the 51st edition of the International Film Festival of India (IFFI), held in Goa on 23rd January 2021. 

The film features a star-studded ensemble cast of some of the most popular and respected actors in the world of cinema – Dr Mohan AgasheAmey WaghMrunmayee Deshpande, Geetanjali Kulkarni, Vandana GupteShubhangi Gokhale, Pradeep Velankar and Pradeep Joshi. 

Speaking on the premiere of the film on SonyLIV, and other significant achievements of the film, Senior Actor, Dr Mohan Agashesaid, "The purpose behind any film shouldn’t only be entertainment, it should make you think or ponder upon situations around you and that’s what this film does in a brilliant way.  

The film, directed by Mangesh Joshiis a funny, heartfelt story about a dysfunctional last joint family of Pune, which takes a comic look at death. The film's plot is crammed into a Maruti Omni on a road trip from Pune to Pandharpur to fulfil the last wishes of the family’s beloved patriarch. 

The famous Marathi film actor Amey Wagh, who is highly acclaimed for his role in the web series ‘Asur- Welcome to your Darkside’ said, "All the characters in the film are relatable to all age groups. Viewers can easily relate to the situations in the film with their day-to-day conflicts amongst families." 

The film is produced by Archana Borhade (Nine Archers Picture Company) and the co-producer of the movie is Zulfia Waris (ABP Studios). ABP Studios is a production house based in Mumbai. This company enabled ABP Network to venture into entertainment, in order to increase the network’s long term value and offerings. 

In keeping with its brand promise ABP Studios is on a quest to find, nurture and bring to life Indian stories that transcend ‘beyond blacks and whites’ and celebrate the ‘grey. ‘Karkhanisachi Wari’ will be the first of its many offerings that reflect its ethos.   

Driven by a team of multilingual storytellers from across the country, the studio has had an impressive run in its first year of business. Significantly, they’ve picked up book rights for best-selling regional authors like Lila Majumdar and Smaranjit Chakravartyco-produced a Marathi film that glued audiences across the world, produced the Indian version of “Say Yes to the Dress (a popular global format being done in India for the very first time) and bagged commissions from Google, Facebook, Universal Music, National Geographic and Discovery Plus. Additionally, they are collaborating with promising national and international talent, as well as National Award-winning writers and directors to achieve their larger vision of creating and distributing local stories to a global audience that come alive 

About ABP Studios 

ABP Studios specializes in content creation and production. It falls under the purview of ABP Creations, ABP Network’s content innovation arm. With a collective experience and knowledge of India since 1922, they are a robust team of 'multilingual and platform-agnostic storytellers' with a demonstrated flair for creating innovative solutions for all business needs. The studio provides wide-ranging services, including IP creation, production, and co-production of fiction and non-fiction content across multiple platforms, licensing and syndication, brand solutions as well as interactive content.