Book Review - Fight With Fat

Title - Fight With Fat
Author - Dr Kamal Mahawar
Genre - Health/Fitness(Non-Fiction)
Publisher - FingerPrint! Publishers
ISBN - 978-93-8881-093-7

I have read Dr Kamal's "The Ethical Doctor" back in 2016 and the review for the same could be found here. In his latest book, "Fight With Fat", author speaks about the most pressing situation which the World is facing - Obesity.

Gone are the days where, we had healthy food and in fact, our own curd rice is touted to be one of the healthiest food in the world. As a kid, I myself had seen my mother grinding the spices, batter on her own apart from making various pastes using rock vessels(we call it Ammi Kall in Tamil and Rubbu Raai in Telugu). These has been replaced with machinery which has been rightly pointed out by the author. Though this has made our life easier by saving time and effort, it has ed to another trouble. It has reduced the burning of calories as it involves very less physical activity than the manual work.

This 260 page book is not a complete guide for you to help fight fat but it has covered almost all the aspects, as per my knowledge and the way, it has been presented to us, is really appreciable. The flow of context is smooth and so as the usage of words(in simple English).

Being a Doctor himself and a Bariatric surgeon, you cannot expect anything better than this from this beautifully crafted book. Usually non-fiction aren't that much interesting but when you start reading this book, you would fall in love with it and even if you are not health conscious, you would tend to become one. 

We are living in a fast paced world where we don't even have time to check the calories intake and this is what helps us gain weight in the long run which should be checked. Author has covered about this on various topics and this book teaches you as to "how to live healthy".

After reading this book, I came to know as to why Doctors use some specific terms which is to make a patient feel, comfortable. The words like BMI is used to politely convey the message that the person is Obese. The other term they use is Overweight. The repercussion are huge when a person tends to go overboard as it would affect lot of organs, internally. Though BMI isn't an actual indicator of one's health, procedures like Muscle Mass, Body Mass, Body Frame can be used to ascertain the actual figures(in BMI).

It is highly recommended to read the whole book and if you do not have time genuinely, you may read the Takeaways which is given in the end of each chapter which is a gist of the whole chapter, captured in a nutshell.

Author has used some real life anecdotes and examples. I was surprised to find out that Actor Arjun Kapoor was obese, once. Author reiterates on the following requirements:

1. Schools with Playground
2. Roads with Cycle Lane/Path
3. Neighborhood with Parks (P.S. I am lucky to have one just opposite to my Parent's home and even where I stay, since it is a gated community)

He has made a startling discovery which shows Evolution is failing us. There is no system,as of today, which would prevent us from gaining weight or accumulating excess fat. It  is to be noted here that Obese person has higher risk to develop the following:

1. Diabetes
2. Asthma
3. Hyper Tension
4. Acidity
5. Gall Stones
6. Heart problem
7. Liver problem
8. Few Types of Cancer

Author gives a warning that one should not go on self diet but this has to be done via a qualified dietitian who would ensure that you have a balanced and healthy intake, which otherwise would lead to malnutrition.

There are few more points I would like to highlight which I got to know through this book:

1. Do not eat until you're full
2. Drink lot of water
3. Avoid sugary drinks which also includes fruit drink as it contains more sugar
4. A cup of tea usually has 90 calories
5. Do not heat pasteurized milk as it will destroy high protein and turn it into high-fat food.

Remember, a balanced diet should have calories in the following proposition(macro nutrients)

a. Carbohydrates - 60%
b. Fat - 25%
c. Proteins - 15%

The aim of the book is not to instill fear in you but to give a clear cut idea of what can be done or what you should do, in keeping yourself FREE FROM FAT, if not FIT.

Author has given a 3 page Appendix in the end which is a MUST READ.

This book is available on Amazon