Book Review - Get Your Next Promotion


Title - Get Your Next Promotion
Author - Manbir Kaur
Genre - 
Publisher - Sage Publications India Pvt Ltd
Genre - Management/Personal Develpment
ISBN - 978-93-53884-772

A fresh approach is what I realized when I finished reading this book. There are 100's of books out there which helps you in personal development. Most of the books were written by the author based on his/her pwn experience whereas some of them were taken outright from the words of an established management gurus or accomplished individuals. 

"Get Your Next Promotion" by Manbir Kaur is a combination of both. While the content was sourced from various reference books, author has also made it interesting by getting the insights from some of the top minds in the industry. The best part about the book is, not many of them were in the limelight as far a my knowledge goes but have made it BIG in their own sector. I found this approach unique since the inclusion of these profiles, who probably may not have found their names, if not their experience in great detail in any of the other books out there.

The book spans around 255 pages but trust me, each and every page gives you a fresh aspect of how to approach in your work place, in order to be successful. Promotions have evaded many. I was not an exception. I was on the same role for almost 8 years until I decided to quit the job, one fine day. I have no regrets today because I chose my own path and I am traveling in that. Had this book was released a decade ago, I am sure to have got my promotions, as and when they were due or at the bare minimum, I would have moved horizontally in my organisation which may have charted my success in that field.

The book has the likes of

1. Arindam Haldar, CEO - SRL Diagnostics
2. Malur Narayan, VP -TCS
3. R Mahalakshmi, Head-HR, Mondelez
4. Tapan Sahoo, EVP - Maruti Suzuki India Ltd
5. Amandeep Gupta, MD - Trident Group
6. Steve Alexander, CTO -Ciena
7. Apurva Purohit, President - Jagran Group
8. Kulmeet Bawa, COO - Resulticks
9. Ravinder Dang, VP(Commercial Excellence of Asia-Pacific) & GM, Baxter India and
10. Ashley Passow, Global Leader - Accenture

As you could see, each one of them are from various industries/background and even in their own life, they had worked hard in various roles to reach where they are, today! They discuss about the key ingredient to the success - read it as PROMOTION which covers various aspects which includes:

1. Setting of Goals
2. Horizontal Growth
3. Making an Impact
4. Building Relationships
5. Conversations(Great)
6. Personal Branding
7. Learning and Development on a continuous basis
8. Ask
9. Diversity and
10. Emotional Intelligence

Do not miss out on "Message for Millennials" and the quotes by famous personalities which are refreshing and serves as a ready reckoner. 

I particularly liked the comparison table at the end of each chapter which categorizes/differentiates "Fixed Mindset Vs Growth Mindset" and the few questions which would enable you to evaluate yourselves.

Remember, these came from the experienced professionals who fought the odds and stood out amongst their peers in their own field. Manbir did a great job by capturing the essence of what would transform to a success - read it a PROMOTION which I am sure, would help you in breaking the mind block or other hindrances that has eluded this, till date....

This book is available on Amazon and on Sage Publications portal. 


I have read this book and i recommend this book to every individual who aspire to be a part of team, manager, leader and above all a better professional.
Must read!