Book Review - The Rule Of 5 : Leadership and The E5 Movement


Title - The Rule Of 5 : Leadership and The E5 Movement

Author - Paul Dupuis

Genre - Business

Publisher - Jaico Publishing House

ISBN - 978-93-81345-65-4

An unusual book in the usual genre. Once I started reading it, I felt deeply engrossed with the content since it was refreshing because of the amazing content. The perspective brought in this book was different and showed a different kind of approach.

The book mainly focusses on 5 "E"s which are given below:




Enable &


There are others like engage, energize, enlist, empower, embody, encourage etc., which are equally good and complements with the above characteristics. The book has some ultimate examples which includes the likes of Jack Welch, Mahatma Gandhi, Angela Merkel, Thomas Alva Edison, Konosuke Matsushita of Panasonic to name a few. 

I liked this particular reference used in the book by Paul where he says, “When in doubt, go for it” since you don’t know until you go... How true this statement is. This is more practical than being theoretical.

In one of the instance, he mentions "Would you believe if I say leaders were shy but they made it up when it comes to making tough decisions?". Though this wasn't mentioned elsewhere due to various reasons, I was really surprised when I read this. This would surely motivate many of the upcoming leaders, if their notion was different.

Why do companies hire a fresh face for the leadership position? What benefits does it bring?

This is something which you would need to retrospect. By reading the book, you would get to now the answers for the above mentioned questions.

The detailed analysis on HP success story is surely an inspiring one. Most importantly, the story seen in the eyes of the author brings a different perspective to the story.

Do you know what is S.T.O.P?





Robin Sharma in his 5AM Club talks about “Early to bed, early to rise brings impact”. I am sure many of you would have read this. The specialty of the book is using some power wordings and phrases like this in appropriate places which brings additional value to the content and makes it even more interesting.

Leadership is a combination of both - Art & Science. If you do not agree, read it to know how this is justified in the book.

The reference of Abdul Kalam in fourth chapter made me feel real happy, as an Indian :)

Many a times, we would have heard about "There is no “I” in the team" and this power word gets further enhanced since he goes ahead and mentions "but there is an “I” in ignite, impact and win".

What does Thomas Alva Edison & Steve Jobs teach us? This is yet again an important analysis which is mentioned in this book and I am sure you wouldn't be disappointed since it teaches some very important management lesson which could be implemented irrespective of time, place, business etc.,

Why is asking the right question, an important one?

You may have an answer ready but I would recommend you to read the author's view point in this.

Power of Language, Emphasize on words that matter, Advantage of brief window which has an apt reference from JFK’s speechwriter “Clarity, Brevity, Levity & Charity” are some of the powerful tools which if put into good use can make wonders.

“Be a story teller and make it personal” - this is the essence or mantra of being successful.

What makes this book special?

1. Different approach

2. Refreshing content

3. Deep analysis

4. Practical

5. Interesting content which makes this book a must read.

Don’t forget to read the “Golden Nuggets of Leadership” in the end of each chapter.

This book is available on Amazon