WeeBeeSocial –Providing the Mojo for Digital Marketing Initiatives

A long time ago, the quest was to discover new lands and habitats. And now, as humanity has travelled far and wide, we search for new experiences in the digital world. The digital space is where brands and customers meet, communicate and interact to forge new relationships. The success of these interactions depends on the experiences that brands create for their target audience. This is no easy task and there are only a few that have mastered the art and science of digital marketing. One such entity is WeBeeSocial, a leading digital marketing agency based in New Delhi. The folks at WeBeeSocial breathe digital and their one and only goal is to help brands create super-rich experiences for theircustomers.

A full service creative digital agency, WeBeeSocial is where creativity and technology merge to create powerful, immersive experiences in the digital space. WeBeeSocial is the first choice for many leading brands, as it offers a comprehensive range of digital marketing services –everything from digital strategy & planning to digital design and production, website design & development, social media marketing, content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), analytics, and media planning and buying. In essence, WeBeeSocial is a one-stop-shop for all types of digital marketing initiatives. The agency assists brands throughout the digital journey, starting with ideation and strategizing and moving towardsconceptualization, content creation, campaign management, and analytics.

WeBeeSocial's unparalleled success in creating super-rich experiences online can be traced back to its team of experienced and hardworking professionals, who are adoringly referred to as social bees. It is the prolific imagination and creativity of these social bees that has helped WeBeeSocial become a leading name in the world of digital marketing. The amazing responses and feedback receivedfrom clients is a true measure of their immense talent and dedication towards their work.

The credit for WeBeeSocial's success also goes to the founders, who have been instrumental in providing the right guidance, support and motivation to the entire team.Co-founder Soumya Sharma heads the creative strategy team at WeBeeSocial and she has been assisting top brands to get their messaging right in the digital space. Before starting WeBeeSocial, Soumya had worked with several of the top agencies such as Genesis, OgilvyOne and Dentsu Webchutney. Co-founder Shubhendu Jha heads client services at WeBeeSocial and he fits perfectly in his role, as he is a digital enthusiast. 

Creativity is a way of life for Shubhendu and not just a hobby. Before launching WeBeeSocial, Shubhendu had worked with leading agencies such as OgilvyOne, Webchutneyand BC Webwise.

WeBeeSocial has executed a wide variety of digital marketing projects for several leading organizations. Its esteemed client list includes top brands such as Honda, Mahindra Rise, Bharat Petroleum, SanDisk, DuPont, ISKCON, ACMA, Equinox, Conliva, Eastman, etc.With such a diverse clientele, it can be said that WeBeeSocial is where brands go to get the mojo they need for their digital marketing initiatives.


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