Book Review - Super Siblings

Title - Super Siblings
Author - Prachi Garg
Genre - Non Fiction
Publisher - Srishti Publishers & Distributors
ISBN - 978-93-87022-10-2

Prachi Garg is known for her books Super Women and Super Couples where she has brought us the stories of real life couples and women who have achieved it in their respective field, is back again with another super series called SUPER SIBLINGS.

This book is equally interesting like the earlier ones. As the title itself suggests, this book is all about Siblings who has made it BIG in their field. The book includes the stories of:

1. Swapnil and Mayur of 360Track
2. Zainali & Azra of AlphaCube
3. Ram & Laxman of AppVirality
4. Varun & Himanshu of Aspiring Minds
5. Navya & Divya of BluePrint
6. Siddhartha & Shreya of DPOL
7. Prince & Rohit Khanna of Eleve Media
8. Akshay & Arushi of Fitpass
9. Shravan & Sanjay of GoDimensions
10. Fidan & Ezan of HeadOverHeels
11. Rahul & Swati of IndustryBuying
12. Abhshek & Arushi of KreateKonnect
13. Supriya & Anand of Manzil Events
14. Onu & Oru of OnuOru
15. Rajat & Abhishek of Poolmyride
16. Ashutosh & Anurg of Purplehead
17. Divya & Pragya of Quirksmith
18. Shemayel & Shurouck of Sugar Sisters
19. Abhihek & Nishek of VoLT
20. Vinay, Shashank & Parveen of WittyFeed

Honestly speaking, I was not aware of few of the brands mentioned above but this book has made me realise as to what kind of hard work had gone in to make these brands successful. The book is a real interesting one since it talks about the life of real people which has captured the essence of their success in a subtle manner.

How the ideas were conceived, what kind of difficulties they had to face, how they stood out despite all the initial difficulties were captured perfectly. The book will serve as an inspiration for the aspiring entrepreneurs. I felt really glad when I saw he coverage of Eleve Media since I have worked with the Khanna brother and have met Prince in an event in Budh International Circuit.

The book is a worthy read. Go for it. You surely wouldn't be disappointed.

The book is available on Amazon.