Book Review - Intern Abroad This Summer

Title - Intern Abroad This Summer
Author - Aniket Singh
Genre - Self Help
Publisher - Notion Press
ISBN - 978-1-948352-51-2

Have you ever wondered as to how your counterpart in college/university was successful by getting the internship abroad?

Have you ever felt being let down by your GPA which may have acted as a leg puller which has prevented you to applying for universities abroad?

Have you ever cursed yourself for not being able to live your dream or being successful?

If the answer is YES to any one or all of the above questions, you are at the right place. Yes. This book revels the secret of how a very few were successful which we may otherwise consider them as fortunate.

In this book, the author has clearly given steps right from the beginning till the end as to how one can go about applying for an internship abroad and what are the steps involved in it. This includes finding out th right opportunities at the right time and also how one can go about applying by drafting the proper mail which includes cover letter, cv and the content that needs to go in it. Author was also kind enough to include his own mail and cover letter which has fetched him internships in UK, Italy and Switzerland during his college days despite not having higher GPA like that of his classmates.

Not all will reveal the secrets. But by revealing some of them, author has proved that he is there to help you out which would come at probably the 1/10000th of the cost (by purchasing the book) which you might have incurred otherwise by paying a consultant.

I can say that this book has got details that covers almost all the aspects which according to me can be compared to a ready reckoner or to be more precise I should say that this is almost like spoon feeding to a baby who is not sure about anything. The book would be really useful to high school and college/university students who would want to stand apart by doing the internship(be it paid or unpaid) overseas in a reputed university or concern.

Give it a try. It is certainly worth the time and money. Like there is a saying "Success never comes to you. You go towards it"....

Aniket Singh is an alumnus of IIT Madras. Having studied in India, England, Italy and Switzerland and travelled across the world he has settled in California, United States. He currently works for Apple in Cupertino, California. He is also the author of "Intern Abroad This Summer"

Author Page :  www.aniketsingh.com