Book Review - Keepers Of The Kalachakra

Title - Keepers Of The Kalachakra
Author - Ashwin Sanghi
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - Westland
ISBN - 978-9386850645

The new book on the Bharat Series is a perfect information trove. It made me wonder whether I am reading real account of incidents though it is a fiction. I have read few reviews and I did not take it seriously until I myself read this book completely. The information given referring back to Ramayana and Guatama Buddha has been supported by valid references of close to 60 books which is mind boggling. I seriously wonder as to where would Mr Sanghi find all the time to read so many books to get the content. 

Getting a content isn't a big task but putting them across together to stitch a perfect story is where the story stands apart. I felt there were too many characters and references but if you delve yourself deep into the story, you would find a perfect connect. 

What according to me makes a story a real interesting one is to start it with a bang and retain it till the end which is the case in this novel as it begins with few leaders across the world losing their lives mysteriously despite being under huge round of security. While there were many assumptions to these incidents, a shadow group called Minerva has been behind these occurrences. Why were they doing this? What was their ultimate motto?

While this was happening in one end, there was another highly secretive group called IG4 which vowed to crack the mystery of the deaths but they themselves gets into deep trouble.

There was a super intelligent Indian Research Scholar who gets hired by a relatively new company which agreed to pay double that of what he was promised from SpaceX,Google etc., Why was he been paid so much?

Probably the first time ever in Ashwin Sanghi's book, the book had lot of pictorial references which has made this an interesting read. Buy the book today, if you haven't bought it yet.

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