Book Review - The Final Truth of God,Soul and Salvation Demystified

Book Title - The Final Truth of God,Soul and Salvation Demystified
Author - Dr Vyankatesh Katkar
Genre - Self Help
Publisher - Author Paradise
ISBN - 8944571548382

Are you seeking The Almighty? Do you want to know more about The Cosmos, The Spirit, The Soul:Jivatma, The Eternal Truth, The Freedom, Misery and Sorrow, The Karma and Maya, Salvation, False Paths, True Path Of Salvation, Attainment of Salvation.

If your answer is yes for the above, all you need is to buy the book and go through the contents which is more than satisfying and self explanatory. Good thing about the book is that it does not support any particular region but has delved deep into how one can go about self realisation.

What is even more interesting is the format in which the book was written. It isn't written in paragraphs but it was written in Q&A format where author has put across his views in the above format which is more appealing to me as a reader. We may have our own perceptions but when you go through this book, you will find a connect with those.

You wouldn't become a GOD by reading this but can surely become a refined soul with a visible transformation in your behaviour and attitude towards others.

The book is available on Amazon