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Mortgage Calculator - An engaging website

 We come across various websites from time to time. As a kid, there were no computers, let alone laptops. During those days, I use to read a lot of books and play games through hand-held games or on TV by connecting the deck with the cartridge. Those were the days when PSP or X-Box was unheard of.  As and when the day progress, we see a shift in technology that has shrunk the world. This has made things that were considered impossible, possible.

We do not see handheld video games these days. Due to the cheaper prices for the Internet, the so-called "Internet Cafes" is almost extinct now. To recall, when the internet was first introduced, I use to connect to the internet through a dial-up connection. Then came the direct connection. I am an internet user right from when they were in 2G. Thankfully, we now have 5G. One can even download a movie in no time. As you could see, I have always loved playing games. When I use to wear Video Game watch to school in the 90s, I use to give it to my friends in my class as well.

When it comes to games, I loved various genres which include simulation games, games that involve money like Trade, and other fun games. This is when I stumbled across an excellent site that not only offered various games but also information on mortgages in general.

The name of the site is Mortgage Calculator. Let me share a couple of games that I liked the most of all. Firstly, it was Cash Back. So, you get to see an inquiry on the left side where the shopper purchases a product and you have to return the change. This is a time-bound game and the faster you play, the faster you earn. There are three levels - Easy, Medium, and Difficult.

As you could see on the top, I got out faster and I earned only $11 with 2 sales but on the next attempt, I scored $77 with 13 sales. This helps you to sharpen your brain and help you in making calculations faster. 

The next game is Cashier Simulator

In the above-mentioned game, you need to consider yourself a cashier. A shopper will come and buy a few products. We need to calculate and get the payment/make the payment. 

What I liked about these games:

1. Easy to understand and play.
2. Does not occupy much memory while you are playing and can be played on a basic laptop too.
3. Since these are online games, you need not have to download them.
4. Colorful visuals.
5. Nice music and it differs for each game.

Doesn't this sound interesting? I am sure you would like it since it has various games under various categories. Indulge yourself during your free time and do introduce the same to your family and friends.

How will I not mention the website which gave me so much pleasure and joy?

 Click Mortgage Calculator to go to the site.

Press Release - HiPi and &Pictures announce their latest challenge #DanceFullOn to commemorate World Music Day


HiPi and &Pictures announce their latest challenge #DanceFullOn to commemorate World Music Day


New Delhi, June 21, 2021: This World Music Day, HiPi, India’s fast-growing short video platform, has tied up with &Pictures to announce the latter's #DanceFullOn contest. Started on 19th June, last Saturday, and going all the way till 23rd June, the challenge presents dance lovers across the country with an opportunity to perform and recreate a 20-second hook step on HiPi. HiPi has partnered with the skilled dancer and Bollywood’s popular dance director, PiyushBhagatto specially choreograph and create the hook step, to the thumping beats of &Pictures' song - On Nahi, Full On.

This challenge will give users a chance to become instant social media sensation. The performances will be evaluated by PiyushBhagat himself and the top 5 participants will take home cash prizes worth up to INR 50,000.

Commenting on the collaborative initiative, RohitChadda – CEO, ZEE Digital Publishing and CBO, HiPi, said, “We Indians love to dance and hum to the tunes of Bollywood music. On the occasion of World Music Day, we wanted to surprise our audience with a challenge #DanceFullOn that sees them recreate a unique hook step on our platform. With this challenge, we look forward to witnessing the best dancers from India express and impress one and all. We, at HiPi, are constantly looking for new ways to enhance our offerings and engage with our users”.

Commenting on the association, Ruchir Tiwari, Cluster Head, Hindi movie channels, ZEEL said, “Music connects us in more ways than we can imagine. It often goes to represent and define a generation. The energetic and addictive beats of all the new &pictures brand song ‘On Nahi, Full On hai’ will definitely connect with the youth. The #DanceFullOn challenge set to the song is a great way to engage our viewers, and it's aptly amplified by our collaboration with HiPi.”

To redefine the meaning of fun and entertainment, HiPi is already running a month-long #EntertainmentKiBaarish campaign that features tie-ups with renowned brands and allows users to engage with mind-blowing challenges across different genres and contests. The Dance Bangla Dance challenge is already live on the HiPi app that grants creators and viewers to win weekly prizes by performing a unique hook step as per the weekly dance theme, which is curated by the jury and mentors of Dance Bangla Dance. The #DanceFullOn contest is another addition to the overall #EntertainmentKiBaarish campaign, which gives users a chance to exhibit their delightful dance moves.

Whiz Co is the official talent partner for this collaboration.

Link: https://www.instagram.com/p/CQTl7r-hvFi/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

About HiPi

Founded on 15th August 2020, HiPi is India’s fastest growing short video platform designed to offer engagement in numerous manner. It allows content creators to showcase their talent and rise the ladder of fandom. Meanwhile, the viewers can watch short videos across multiple genres and support their favourite stars on the platform. The platform even empowers brands to harness the power of storytelling and interact with their audiences via music tracks, filters, hashtag challenges, and more. HiPi intends to engage with young and curious minds across India, covering all four corners of the country. 

Press Release :: National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI) announces "Gaon Gaon Scheme"

Press Release :: National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI) announces "Gaon Gaon Scheme"

 National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI) announces

              “Gaon Gaon Scheme” 


Lucknow, 28 April 2021: National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI) today announced the “Gaon Gaon Scheme”, a one-of-a-kind scheme aimed at the adoption of Digital India by India’s rural areas. This scheme provides a 50% discount on .IN/.भारत  domains. This offer is available till 14th May 2021.

The scheme is open to all Indians residing in villages which are defined by the Government of India from time to time. This scheme is open to all accredited Registrars (Dealers).

The discount as mentioned is applicable for one year from the new creates of.IN/.भारत. Book today your unique .in domain.

About NIXI

National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI) is a not-for-profit organization working since 2003 for spreading internet technology to the citizens of India through the following activities:

i)       Internet Exchanges through which the internet data is exchanged amongst ISPs and CDNs.

ii)      .IN Registry, managing and operation of .IN country-code domain and . भारत IDN domain for India.

             iii)     IRINN, managing and operating Internet protocol (IPv4/IPv6).

Press Release : The Times Of India Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary Of Android & iOS App Launch

Press Release : The Times Of India Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary Of Android & iOS App Launch

 New Delhi, April 1st, 2021: The Times of India, the nation’s largest news brand, is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its presence on Android and iOS platforms. One of the first Indian publications to have mobile apps for readers, this landmark comes at a time when hundreds of millions of Indians are choosing the smartphone as their primary source for news, information and entertainment everyday.

Over the past decade, the TOI app has grown every year to reach more than 10 million users from 100+ countries who have spent over 50 billion minutes on its platform. The app has also garnered global acclaim, winning both Apple App Store and Google Play Store Editors Choice Awards and featuring consistently among the most downloaded news app charts on both Android and iOS. 

Building on the Times Of India’s legacy, its dominance in digital has been achieved on the back of innovation that has consistently appealed to users across age groups, interests and geographies. Most recently, TOI Digital has unveiled ‘TOI+’ for involved news-readers who demand a premium news experience on digital. With daily exclusives, analysis, and a clutter-free reading experience, TOI+ looks to redefine its relationship with the Indian reader and the global reader. 

Harnessing the power of local journalism from a substantial pool of talented journalists, the TOI has consistently reported in depth local & regional news from multiple cities & states, bringing the latest and most relevant city news & information to its readers across India and around the globe. Most recently, the publication refreshed its UI and unveiled a multi-lingual interface, offering trustworthy news across 14 languages. 

Puneet Gupt, COO - Times Internet said, “The Times Of India has been a source of the most authentic and reliable news, offering latest and unparalleled views, honest facts, incisive reportage and more for over a decade now. Our decade-long effort to power its digital transformation has coincided with the  shift in Indian consumer behavior in favor of digital products & services. We thank our 10 million strong community of users for being a part of this incredible journey, and promise to continue to hold our core values at heart as the medium for delivering news takes on new avatars based on advancements in technology.”

Durga Raghunath, Digital Head - Times Of India said, “With Indian audiences gaining exponential access to connectivity and cheaper smart devices, higher digital ad spends are set to propel the online media sector to new heights in the coming decade. Further, seamless digital payments, telecom APIs and cutting-edge media analytics will enable digital-first journalism to thrive. At TOI, we welcome this new era for digital media, and our team of tech, product and editorial experts will continue to ensure we are able to offer the most personalized and relevant news experience as more of our users start using our apps to stay updated and demand a richer news experience, anywhere and anytime.”

Check out the new and refreshed TOI app on iOS and Android today!

Empower and Enrich your knowledge with IBM


Image Credit - IBM

IBM is one of the few companies in this world which engages in empowering the knowledge of its end users. They are constantly innovating thereby adapting themselves to the ever-changing world. They invest heavily in the technology which includes the likes of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Block Chain, Machine Learning (ML), Data Science to name a few.

Why is this so important?

Technology has been the frontrunner across various sectors wherein it has helped not just the company which is deploying it but the entire Nation/World to reap the benefits that is arising out of it.

Consider the following examples:

1.    Constructing a building with the help of 3-D Print technology. This has enhanced the speed and the capability of the engineers. The output is more accurate and appealing

2.    Weather Forecasting. Unlike earlier, countries were able to predict the weather and its aftermath more accurately. This helps in averting major disaster by making the nation equipped with all the requirements to combat the storm/floods.

These are just couple of examples which flashed in my mind as soon as I thought about the usage of technology which augments the human life and behavior.

There is a famous saying “Change is Constant”. Since companies like IBM are in the Technology space, it comes to them naturally where they invest heavily on it. By doing this, they not only help themselves but the World as a whole.  Speaking about technology and its uses, I am sure you would have come across their famous “Call for Code” campaign which sees some of the brightest minds from across the globe competing actively to prove their mettle and see them bagging the coveted title along with the cash prize of USD5,000. The theme for each year gets changed as per that particular year’s requirement and this year, the winner who bet on AI Farming has bagged the title. You could see more about this by clicking here

The ideas that were incubated found its light through this campaign which otherwise would have remained a dream. When you get a platform which only recognises your idea but also help you in achieving it, will you not be taking the first step to move towards it? Technology is playing a vital role wherein the developer could come out with most sustainable and actionable solutions for a greater support to the mankind.

Having discussed about all the above, we should also look into some ground level reality. Not all could afford to undertake courses to sharpen their skills due to their financial commitments or otherwise. To make this process simpler and affordable to all, IBM is also offering FREE Courses.

YES. You read it right!

They are offering courses on:

  • 1.    Cloud
  • 2.    Data Science Foundation
  • 3.    Python for Data Science
  • 4.    Deep Learning
  • 5.    Setting Up Your Own Chatbot
  • 6. Introduction to Containers, Kubernetes and Open Shift

Doesn’t this sound interesting to you? If yes, all you need to do it to enroll yourselves by heading over to this website

IF you ask, why you need to do this and what is in it for you, consider these pointers.

  • a.     These courses are offered absolutely FREE of cost.
  • b.    These are self-paced courses which means you can progress at your own pace.
  • c.     Certification from IBM which is recognized globally.
  • d.    Empower yourself with the practical knowledge.
  • e.     Implement them and make your dream become a reality.

When there is such an opportunity available right in front of you, would you think twice to grab it? You do not get something of great value for FREE but when there is one, you need to grab it before it is gone. Do you agree with me?

Spend your holidays in a  productive way by enhancing your skills with these beautifully curated courses.

All you need to invest is just one important aspect – Your T-I-M-E.

Make your child Fall in Love with Learning with BYJU’s

 Education is the quintessential requirement in everyone’s life. It is placed above everything. A person with a proper educational background can survive in any place irrespective of language, culture and creed. We are living in the testing times where even venturing out can put one’s life at risk. Having said that, we cannot stay put at home, all the time. We have seen Governments from all over the world actively promoting various aspects like Work from Home, Study from Home etc.,

Major corporations across the globe have asked their employees to work from home until June 2021. This highlights two aspects: 1. How serious this pandemic is. 2. The companies prioritizing the safety of their employees. I would say that there is no appropriate time than this to start preparing your kids to be tech savvy and make themselves equipped with all the knowledge that is available out there, through a proper channel.

I still remember, as a kid, traveling to various places to gain that knowledge which invariably resulted in wastage of time and money. Money which is lost could be earned at any time but NOT the time. Yes. I used to travel for at least an hour one way to get coached in Accountancy while I was in the 12th standard. Even though I scored almost 92% in my main subjects, if the travel and commute time was saved, I might have secured higher marks. The same goes with my graduation preparation. I secured a University Rank in 1 subject but if I had saved the time I wasted to travel to the coaching/tuition centre, this might have been 2 or 3 subjects.

Travel exhausts most of your energy and by the time you reach the place, you may not have that josh which you had when you started from your home. Moreover, your attention may also be diverted due to the presence of your friends in the classroom. Do note that I am not against the coaching centre but expressing my opinion as to what may not work in your favour.

Do you get a one-on-one attention?


These places will usually have big hall/room where in the speaker(teacher) would stand in the one end and would be taking classes with the help of a mike. What would be the outcome when this is the scenario?

There is no individual attention. People might get picked up at random for answering the question and most of the time, you may not get the opportunity despite knowing the answer. If stars aren’t lucky that day, you may be asked to answer wherein you wouldn’t have even heard the question properly.

What are the advantages of learning from home?

1. Your concentration is not diverted.
2. As a result of point 1, you tend to grasp the subject faster.
3. Saving in travel/commute time.
4. As a result of point 3, your energy levels are intact. You are not exhausted.
5. Saving in money. You may ask how. Click here to find out more.
6. As a result of point 5, you may invest that in acquiring a smart phone or a tab.
7. The combined result of above leads to saving in time, energy and money. What more do you need?

With close to 14.5 million downloads on the Play Store and an impressive 4+ Star Rating, this shows the kind of support and welcome BYJU’s has garnered already.

Some of the advantages of using BYJU’s:

Parental Control – This helps the parents to monitor the progress of their kids on a regular basis. A staggering number of parent’s have admitted that the performance of their kids had improved while studying from home.

Study with Fun: The kids have the option to take part in the quiz and also challenge their friends to play along with them and better their score. You could also see your scores reflecting on a real time in India and across the Globe.

Progress Report: Parent’s would get to see the performance on a real time basis. Hence, they can take preventive measures in advance, in case they see the performance dipping.

Picture Credits: BYJU’s App
Information Sourcewww.patrike.com

My takeaways from this topic:

1. It is not advisable for the kids and the elders to venture out during this time of pandemic unless otherwise required.

2. Kids would feel more comfortable and happy preparing for their subjects at home. Though they get taught by their teachers and parents, an additional coaching would surely go a long way in helping them excel in the subjects.

3. Since experts have prepared and presented the subject in the video format, 10 minutes of video is equivalent to 1 hour of book reading time. This means, subjects can be learnt and grasped faster by the kids making them to read more at a shorter time.

4. The saved time would give the parents the leeway to allow their kids spend the rest of the time on sports/entertainment.

5. A trusted platform is what the kids require. When it allows them to take part in quiz, compete with their friends, these fun quotients would naturally encourage them to do it more often.

6. Parent’s need not worry anymore since the kids are right under their watch. Progress of their kids can be tracked real time giving them the complete peace of mind.

7. Learn. Save Time. Save Energy. Save Money. All these savings can be invested elsewhere making it a win-win situation for all – be it the Students or the Teachers or the Parents…

I would like to know as to why you think ed-tech is essential for children. You may take this small survey by clicking the survey below which would hardly take a minute to complete.