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Press Release - TCL is back with 2021 #YouBuyWePay Campaign

 TCL is back with 2021 #YouBuyWePay Campaign

The campaign has 3 phases: Win up to 100% Cashback; Rs 1 Spin Wheel; and Share & Win – making shopping more exciting and rewarding for customers

New Delhi , April 22, 2021: TCL, a global top-two television brand and leading consumer electronics company has launched the 2021 #YouBuyWePay Campaign, giving consumers an opportunity to win TCL’s latest 4K TVs at great discounts and cashback. The 6-week campaign is already live on the brand’s social media handles and official website.

It is divided into three phases: Up to 100% Cashback (week 1 and 2); ; Rs 1 Spin Wheel (week 3 and 4); and Share & Win (week 5 and 6).

1st stage: Win up to 100% Cashback

For online buyers
Customers who recently bought or are going to buy any TCL product online need to share their receipt(invoice) via a Google Form (link available on the contest post on TCL social media handles). Participants can also share their product experience in the comment section. Once it’s done, they can share the contest post and tag 3 friends/relatives.

1st winner holder will get 100% cashback on the recent purchase, followed by 75% and 50% cashback for the 2nd rank and 3rd rank holders, respectively. Please note that the product’s MOP should be within INR 1 lac.

For offline buyers
Customers who bought a TCL product from an offline Reliance store will also be rewarded. Those who bought or planning to buy a 4K or any QLED model will get a free 1-year Prime Video subscription worth INR 999. And to get the aforementioned prizes, they will be required to share their experience of TCL product(s) on the offline channel partner social media handles.

10 runner-ups apart from the top 3 winners, who purchased TCL product offline will also get the chance to win 20% cashback. Again, do not forget that the product’s MOP should not exceed INR 1 lac. (The prizes can vary with offline partners)

2nd stage: Rs. 1 Spin Wheel

Register yourself as a TCL Member by clicking on the campaign’s social media post link or by directly going to the TCL website. Participate in the spin wheel and get a chance to win and make a purchase of big sized 4K products on TCL’s official online brand store (storeindia.tcl.com) at Rs. 1
Customers also get discount codes to buy TVs and ACs on online brand store.

3rd stage: Share & Win – Promote Mini LED, Win big with TCL

In this round, customers need to promote any teaser of Mini LED on their social handles. The top 3 customers with the highest likes or shares or quality posts will be the winners of this contest and will be rewarded TCL QLED TVs. Winners also need to pay Rs. 1 for claiming their prize.

Mike Chen, General Manager, TCL India, said, “At TCL, we have always looked forward to making shopping as rewarding as possible for our customers. Our latest campaign is designed in sync with this vision. We are happy to offer our best smart products to Indian consumers and delight them with an exciting shopping journey that comes in the form of several interesting contests. The campaign will also allow us to engage and connect deeply with our customers and provide them with stunning offerings at great discounts and cashback. We hope this event brings joy and value for money to our existing as well as prospective customers.”

About TCL
TCL Electronics (1070.HK) is a fast-growing consumer electronics company and a leading player in the global TV industry. Founded in 1981, it now operates in over 160 markets globally. According to Sigmaintell, TCL ranked 2nd in the global TV market in terms of sales volume in Q1- Q3 2019. TCL specializes in the research, development and manufacturing of consumer electronics products ranging from TVs, audio and smart home products.

Give your baby, the sparsh of mother with Mother Sparsh Plant Powered Natural Baby Face Cream

 Have you ever asked this question - Why should you use Plant based products for babies??

For a baby, the utmost care given is by the Mother. Usually, a mother takes a great care when it comes to selecting the products since it is applied over the delicate skin of the baby. She always ensures that the product is safe on all aspects. Don’t you agree? This is where Mother Sparsh comes into the picture. With wide range of gentle baby products in their array, they have been doing a fabulous job when it comes to baby care. The product we are going to discuss here is the Natural Baby Face Cream whose ingredients.

What makes is special is that the ingredients are sourced from plant, essential oils & herbal extracts. This ultimately makes it a “Natural choice for the baby” without a second thought.

Why should you use Mother Sparsh Natural Baby Face Cream?

Mother Sparsh Plant Powered Baby Face Cream has been formulated with the ingredients sourced from natural products as we have seen it earlier. With certified organic ingredients, the baby cream has a blend of Organic Herbs, Plant Extracts and Essential Oils which stands as a perfect choice for the babies. I can say it with confidence because, I, being a father of a 1-month-old baby is using it and has seen its effectiveness when it comes to preserving the soft and supple skin of the baby. It can be applied on your baby’s skin right from the day of birth. I have also seen quite a lot of parents using it widely (P.S. I am a part of few parent groups)

The product has some amazing composition which includes the likes of Jojoba Oil, Coconut Oil, Wheat germ Oil etc. The beauty of the product is, it keeps the skin hydrated and keeps the moisture intact. You can see the visible difference on your baby’s skin as it helps the skin to remain Soft. The product is not only natural but organic as well

Another highlight of the product is, it is non-greasy. This cream ensures there is no sticky substance and it is quickly absorbed by the skin, keeping the baby’s skin soft & supple for a longer period of time.

The next question that arises here is – What type/kind of skin does this adhere to?

The answer is normal to sensitive skin.

As mentioned earlier, Mother Sparsh natural baby Face Cream has organic ingredients which not only ensures the safety and protection but also serves in so many other ways for the baby. When you apply it regularly, you could see the visible difference wherein this cream prevents the skin of your baby from becoming dry by ensuring the moisture being intact on the skin.

As a parent, my duty is to ensure that whatever product I use, it must be made out of pure and natural ingredients apart from being organic. I am sure beyond any doubts that Mother Sparsh adheres to all these aspects and requirements. Using it for close to 2 months, I can say it with confidence that it is the best, non-toxic & natural skin care solution for our babies. The brand claims that as soon as they were named, they ensured that Mother Sparsh adhere to the quotient “purity of love and power of nature”.

Now let us look at some of the key features of the product

1. Safety:

Mother Sparsh Plant Powered Natural Baby Face Cream is is prepared from 100% plant-based extracts. The ingredients are Shea Butter, Bees Wax, Aloe Vera Extract, Apricot Oil etc. Each of them has its own properties which gives ultimate protection to the skin.

2. Organic:

The product is free from harmful chemicals such as silicon, parabens, dyes, phthalate, formaldehyde, PEG, SLS/SLES etc. Hence you need not have to worry about your baby developing rashes or allergy.

3. Essential Oils:

Mother Sparsh Baby face cream comprises of essential oils like Jojoba Oil, Coconut Oil, and Wheat Germ Oil. They not only provide relief from skin irritation / redness but also helps in maintaining the moisture level of skin. Now let us look at the properties of these oils, in brief.

a. Coconut Oil:

Coconut oil possess anti-bacterial properties which protects and maintains the moisture level of baby’s sensitive skin.

b. Jojoba Oil:

Jojoba Oil has hypoallergenic properties. It also helps to soothe skin irritation & redness (which is caused by dryness).

c. Wheat Germ Oil:

Wheat germ oil is the infusion of Vitamin A, B & D and antioxidants that work together to keep the delicate skin of the baby healthy, supple and moisturized. As you know Vitamin D is a quintessential one which is recommended by doctor for all ages. It protects the skin from psoriasis, eczema to name a few.

The other ingredients which this baby face cream comprises includes DM Water, Olive Oil, Orange Oil, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Glycerin, Fucus Vesiculosus Extracts among others.

4. Extra Dry Skin:

Mother Sparsh Baby Face Cream keeps the moisture on the skin, intact. It helps in protecting the skin from rashes and other issues. The presence of coconut and jojoba oil are a rich source of inflammatory ingredients which could act in an effective way by maintaining and providing long-lasting nourishment and hydration which is effective on the dry skin.

5. Natural Fragrance:

Mother Sparsh Baby Face Cream has a natural and mild fragrance. This will not cause any irritation to your baby’s sensitive skin and is hypoallergenic. It also ensured that there is no itchiness as they are made from natural and organic ingredients.

6. Non-Greasy and Travel Friendly Pack:

One of the most important aspects I have liked about this cream is its non-sticky formula. It doesn’t clog the pores. This baby face cream keeps the moisture intact for good few hours on my baby’s skin.

This is easy to carry as it is travel friendly. Keep it with you all the time to ensure your baby’s skin is under best care.

To sum it up, the product is allergen free and does not have any harmful chemicals. The products comprise of natural and organic blend which is non-sticky and helps retaining the moisture on the baby’s skin for longer hours without clogging the pores. It is travel friendly and is enriched with Vitamins A, B and D. It has anti-inflammatory properties which keeps the skin soft and supple. Try it to feel the difference. Continuous usage will show/yield desired results.


Apply in dry and delicate areas like cheese, nose, elbow and knees gently and spread it. The product has a shelf life of 2 years.

Press Release - NeobankFi Launched in Partnership with Federal Bank

Press Release - NeobankFi Launched in Partnership with Federal Bank

Chennai: 22nd April 2021Bengaluru-based neobank for salaried millennials Fi has announced its launch today. Fi was established with a strong purpose to help people get better with money and to create an intelligent bank layer that helps millennials understand their money, save more and spend intelligently. Fi has partnered with Federal Bank to issue an instant savings account, equipped with a debit card, in under 3 minutes. 


Founded in 2019, Fi is the brainchild of ex-Googlers who pioneered Gpay, Sujith Narayanan and Sumit Gwalani. It offers an interactive, personalized, and transparent digital banking experience. Users gain access to a new-age savings account and money management tools with features that help users know their money, grow their money and organize their funds. Fi aims to assist a consumer’s financial journey beyond digital payments to other services — insurance, lending, and investment opportunities.


Commenting on the launch, Sujith Narayanan, CEO & Cofounder, Fi, said, “We are excited to introduce a proposition that reimagines the way digital-first millennials perceive and interact with their money. Fi aims to be a meaningful partner in their money aspiration journey, enabling them to simplify finances and de-mystify savings. Our platform leverages cutting-edge tech and data science for deriving actionable insights that empower users to take control and do more with their finances. We look forward to delivering a first-of-its-kind, personalized, flexible and transparent banking experience and building long-term customer relationships.”


Speaking on the occasion, Ms. Shalini Warrier, Executive Director, Chief Operating Officer and Business Head - Retail, Federal Bank said, “We are delighted to be the sole partner Bank for this innovative neobank, Fi. The entire proposition brings together the best of what both entities have to offer.  The slick customer experience via the app is complemented with the stability, safety and technological prowess of Federal Bank.  We are confident that the salaried millennial will welcome this unique digital experience. The best of both worlds – fintech and banking – will be served on a platter to the customers”.


The app listens to customer needs, understands their wants, and gently nudges them to achieve their money aspirations. Every aspect of Fi's design minimises friction for the digital-first generation. The Fi app is one-of-a-kind in its approach, as its users will earn rewards for saving money as well – unlike the market.





Some of Fi’s unique features include:


o AskFi: An intelligent financial assistant that answers financial questions, provides nudges, reminders and is enabled to do money-related tasks

o Fit Rules: Automatically save, pay or set reminders based on external events, triggers and the user’s terms

o Stash: A flexible deposit product that pays higher interest and allows users to withdraw money at any time. A combination of RD / FD without the usual restrictions

o Pay Protocol: No more choosing between UPI, NEFT, IMPS or IFS code hunts. All intelligently managed

o Money-Plant: Built on the premise of ‘choice’ and rewards for better financial habits

o Smart Statements: A simple, visual statement of the user’s money


Fi’s team of experts – from Google, Netflix, PayPal, and others – distil decades of tech & banking wisdom into Fi. The company had raised $13.5 million in its seed round led by Sequoia India and Ribbit Capital.


About Fi

Fi is a neobank created for working professionals. Fi's innovation lies in creating an interactive, personalised, and transparent digital banking experience. The Fi app listens to your needs, understands your wants, and gently nudges you to achieve your money aspirations. Every aspect of Fi's design minimises friction for the digital-first generation. It's a secure digital platform built in partnership with banks.


As an integrated financial services platform, Fi's users gain access to a new-age Savings Account and money management tools with features that help users know their money, grow their money and organise their funds. The Fi app is one-of-a-kind in its approach, as its users will earn rewards for saving money as well – unlike the market. 


The fintech company, founded in 2019, has already raised $13.5 million in its seed round led by Sequoia India and Ribbit Capital. Fi is the brainchild of ex-Googlers who pioneered Gpay, Sujith Narayanan and Sumit Gwalani. Their team of experts – from Google, Netflix, PayPal, and others – distil decades of tech & banking wisdom into Fi. All of whom want to change the way people perceive and interact with their money forever.


Join the Fi waitlist: https://fi.money/waitlist


About Federal Bank

Federal Bank (NSE: FEDERALBNK) is a leading Indian private sector bank with a network of 1,289 banking outlets and 1,957 ATMs/Recyclers spread across the country. The Bank’s total business mix (deposits + advances) stood at ₹ 3.05 Lakh Crore as on March 31, 2021. Capital Adequacy Ratio (CRAR) of the Bank, computed as per Basel III guidelines, stood at 14.35% as on 31st March 2020. Federal Bank has its Representative Offices at Dubai and Abu Dhabi that serve as a nerve centre for Non Resident Indian customers in the UAE. The Bank also has an IFSC Banking Unit (IBU) in Gujarat International Finance Tec-City (GIFT City). Federal Bank is transforming itself, keeping its principles intact, into an organization that offers services beyond par. It has a well defined vision for the future as a guidepost to its progress.

Press Release - IOB appoints Digital Consultant for the Bank.

Press Release - IOB appoints Digital Consultant for the Bank.

IOB appoints Digital Consultant for the Bank

Chennai, 22.04.2021: INDIAN OVERSEAS BANK (IOB), as part of its growth strategy, intends to transform its banking services into a DIGITALIZED FORM with an aim to increase its  DIGITAL SHARE in the market. Towards achieving this goal, the Bank has appointed M/s. Ernst & Young as its DIGITAL CONSULTANT.

The DIGITAL CONSULTANT, the Bank believes, would help the Bank to stay more focused on leveraging and adopting new technologies and to enhance the service quality and service delivery to its customers.  This initiative would also help the Bank to accelerate DIGITALIZATION in all the areas of Banking  including its Assets and Liability products and services.

According to MD & CEO of IOB, Shri Partha Pratim Sengupta, with this new initiative, the Bank is poised to attract Millennial customers who are  tech savvy. Bank will now be confident of providing all customers a hassle free and seamless Banking experience. 

Press Release - TCLbrings 4K UHD and QLED TVs along with AI-Ultra Inverter AC at exciting prices as part of Cricket Special Offers


TCL brings 4K UHD and QLED TVs along with AI-Ultra Inverter AC at exciting prices as part of Cricket Special Offers

·         The TVs feature Quantum Dot Technology, Dolby Vision, HDR 10+, Dolby Atmos and DTS Smart Audio processing, etc.

·         The AC sports AI-Ultra inverter compressor technology, providing strong cooling up to 18-degree Celsius in 60 seconds with 50% energy saving

·         All products are backed by Bajaj Finance benefits, and AC comes with free installation charges

·         Get soundbar free worth INR 8,990

New Delhi, April 20, 2021:As part of its official partnership with Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) for the second consecutive year, TCL, a global top-two television brand and leading consumer electronics company has rolled out Cricket Special Offers on 4K UHD and QLED TVs along with AI-Ultra Inverter AC that comes with free installation charges. TheTVs on offer are P715, C715 and C815, starting at INR 33,990.

To make shopping more convenient and affordable, the brand is also providing Bajaj Finance offers on both TVs and ACs. All these products will be available in the nearby physical stores.


A 4K UHD model, P715 comes equipped with advanced display technologies like Dynamic Color Enhancement, Micro Dimming, and 4K Upscaling, delivering stunning video and picture quality to users. It also offers Hands-Free Voice Control for better control of the device, where users can operate and play their favorite TV shows and movies or open apps using simple voice commands. The device supports Dolby Audio for an enhanced audio quality and superior entertainment experience. Available in 43-inch and 55-inch, the models are priced at INR 33,990 and INR 47,990.


A QLED model, C715 features Quantum Dot Technology, Dolby Vision, HDR 10+ and IPQ engine for truly immersive video viewing. It also supports Dolby Atmos and DTS Smart Audio processing for unmatched audio output in addition to Hands-Free Voice Control, enabling users to operate the device by giving direct commands. Available in 55-inch and 65-inch, the models are priced at INR 54,990 and INR 60,990, respectively. Along with this variant, the TCL soundbar comes for free which is worth INR 8,990.


Another advanced QLED TV, C815 offers Dolby Vision, Quantum Dot Technology, HDR 10+, and MEMC for crisper content viewing experience, especially action-packed shows and movies. In terms of voice, the device sports integrated ONKYO soundbars placed at the bottom and supports Dolby Atmos for a powerful and superior audio quality. It also has Hands-Free Voice Control, giving users a better control of the device using direct voice commands. Available in 55-inch, the TV is priced at INR 79,990.

All the aforementioned models come with TCL’s in-house AI-IN feature built-in, which ensures smart interconnectivity at home by allowing users to connect other smart home devices with their TV and operate all of them simultaneously through one medium.

AI-Ultra Inverter AC

Backed by artificial intelligence, the device comes with AI-Ultra inverter compressor technology, ensuring up to 50% of power saving and reduce the room temperature to 18-degree Celsius in 60 seconds. It supports Google Assistant and TCL Home app for hands-free control. It also sports Titan Gold evaporator and condenser for their increased efficiency and life, along with Silver ion filter to keep the living area completely safe and bacteria-free. Some of the other features are digital temperature display, four-way airflow, ‘I Feel’ technology and R32 eco-friendly refrigerant.

Commenting on the new offers, Mike Chen, General Manager, TCL India, said, “At TCL, we strongly support sports, especially cricket, and this special offering themed on cricket is a testimony. We always find new reasons to enhance the entertainment experiences of our users through exciting offers on our cutting-edge TVs and other smart devices. We also ensure that consumers get the best products at very affordable rates and hence never think twice before buying a TCL product. We will continue to follow this approach and come out with more exciting offers in the coming months.”

About TCL

TCL Electronics (1070.HK) is a fast-growing consumer electronics company and a leading player in the global TV industry. Founded in 1981 it now operates in over 160 markets globally. According to Sigmaintell, TCL ranked 2nd in the global TV market in terms of sales volume in Q1-Q32019. TCL specializes in the research, development, and manufacturing of consumer electronics products ranging from TVs, audio and smart home products.

Press Release | Honda 2Wheelers India celebrates 6th anniversary of its Traffic Training Park in Hyderabad


Honda 2Wheelers India celebrates 6th anniversary of its Traffic Training Park in Hyderabad

Educates more than 1.3 lac Hyderabadis on importance of Road Safety


Hyderabad, April 19, 2021: Instilling positive awareness on road safety habits and safe driving habits in the city, Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India Pvt. Ltd. and Hyderabad Traffic Police today celebrated the momentous 6th anniversary of the Children’s Traffic Training Park in Goshamahal in the august presence of Mr. B. Koteswara Rao (Assistant Commissioner of Police, Hyderabad).


In April 2015, Honda 2Wheelers India in collaboration with Hyderabad Traffic Police inaugurated its first adopted traffic training park across entire South India at Hyderabad. The traffic park developed on the mini-city concept; simulated real road conditions from traffic signals to zebra crossings and speed breakers etc.


Driving road safety awareness in the city, Honda 2Wheelers India today announced that through its daily trainings for all age groups, over 1.3 lac Hyderabadis have been made aware of their road responsibilities in just 6 years! Firmly believing that awareness on road safety should start from young age to make a safer India of tomorrow, Honda has educated over 81,000 kids of Hyderabad. Parallelly, Honda’s safety instructors at the traffic park have also educated more than 48,000 new and existing riders, including both males & females of the city on road safety.


Sharing his insights into the impact of the Hyderabad traffic park, Mr. B. Koteswara RaoAssistant Commissioner of Police, Hyderabad said, “For us, driving responsible road behaviour is an immediate priority. Hyderabad Traffic Police is working on all 4 E’s of road safety – Enforcement, Emergency, Engineering and the most impactful – Education. It is only by spreading education on how to be safe on roads and awareness of road rules & signs, safe road habits etc. that we can build a culture of safety for all road users - be it a rider, pillion, or even a small child crossing a zebra crossing. Six years ago, Hyderabad Traffic Police in collaboration with Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India Pvt. Ltd. inaugurated the traffic park to drive road safety education. We are delighted to celebrate the 6 years of association with Honda 2Wheelers India and look forward to further spreading the culture of safe riding in the city.”


Elaborating on spreading road safety awareness Mr. Prabhu Nagaraj, Senior Vice President - Brand & Communication, Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India Pvt. Ltd said, “For Honda, spreading Road Safety awareness to all age groups has always been a priority as a socially responsible corporate. Exactly 6 years ago, we initiated the Traffic park project in Hyderabad with the full support of Hyderabad Traffic Police. Today, we are delighted to share that we have educated over 1.3 lac Hyderabadis – from 5 year-old children who will be the riders of tomorrow to existing riders, while empowering new female riders journey to become independent riders. In the new normal post COVID too, we continue to cultivate healthy road safety manners through our digital outreach program Honda Road Safety E-Gurukul. In future too, we will continue to make Hyderabad citizens safer on roads.”


Honda’s CSR commitment towards Road Safety:

For Honda globally, road safety comes first. Fulfilling its corporate social responsibility (CSR), Honda has been promoting road safety in India since its start in 2001. Today Honda’s road safety awareness initiative has already spread to nearly 40 lac Indians. Honda’s team of skilled safety instructors conduct daily programmes at its 12 adopted traffic parks across India and 7 Safety Driving Education Centres (SDEC).

Not only this, all 1000+ Honda dealerships across India spread road safety awareness. Honda’s proprietary virtual riding simulator increases the risk-prediction ability of riders; while new customers too are given pre-delivery safety advise (PDSA) before they start riding at every dealership across India.

Additionally, ensuring that learning doesn’t stop in the New Normal, Honda started the digital road safety education initiative - Honda Road Safety E-Gurukul’. Since its start in May’20, this initiative has sensitized 4 lac+ Indians on importance of being aware & responsible road users.

For more information, contact: public.relations@honda2wheelersindia.com