Dear Zindagi

Dear Zindagi,

You have always been kind to me. I had seen various ups and downs in the past 35 years but I consider them as a learning point from time to time. Gone are the days I use to rejoice when there was a victory and sulk down when there was a defeat. Time has given me that much needed knowledge which has helped me to consider both of them with the same weightage.

I know that I have just 1 life to live and I also know it is the same for everyone. No one gets to live twice in the same birth unless otherwise they escaped the so called death miraculously. In this birth, I might have offended some and I got offended too. While I do not care about those who offended me or curse them any more, I may not expect the same from my counterpart.

I feel it is good to spread the love and warmth all around us because it should start from us and only then, it would spread across the globe. There should not be any difference when it comes to culture, customs, color, gender, religion etc which makes this Zindagi worse.

My birth was not decided by me but I am lucky to have found a caring mom who has allowed me to do what I wanted to without forcing me to pursue her dreams. She did allow me to dream what I wanted to become and seen it becoming a reality. My dad was and still used to be a good friend. I need not have to talk about my sister but if I do not mention it here, I am committing a major sin because it is she who has always been a good companion for me till she got married. I had shared all the things with her without giving a second thought and has always got the best advice from her.

My friends were another good thing happened to me. I have not made hundreds and thousands of friends - though my facebook wouldn't say so but what ever bunch I have made, they are always there, thick and thin with me making me feel that I am blessed. They are there at the time of bad things and would disappear when good things happen. I would say, this is the real essence of friendship. We friends, use to rewind our past from time and time and rejoice on those golden days and memories.

Last but not the least, I would talk about my better-half. She was born in the same hospital as I am but 4 years later else would have reflected that famous bollywood movie's starting scene. She roamed in the same area where I was brought up for 25 years though she belonged to a neighboring state. She is well educated but always maintains a very low profile which I would say is a rarity in the present world. She has always supported me in all my endeavors.

Dear Zindagi, you have given lot of good memories and I would say I am blessed with so much of good memories and achievements but not to forget that I still have a long way to go. Be with me, till the end. I know you will because without you, I do not exist.

A soul

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