My Filmy Mom - who does my mother resemble?

My mom has always been my support when ever I needed. I have admired her qualities in more than one way. What makes her unique is her character. When I was a kid, I use to compare her with an actor in Kollywood film industry - Ms. Saroja Devi because my mom somewhat resembled her. So, going with the resemblance, it is the yesteryear actress.

On the other hand, if you ask me who she resembled to me for her character, it is undoubtedly Mary Kom because of her undying spirit and attitude to fight the world. My mom has seen so many ups and downs and if you ask me how would I know that, the answer is simple. I have seen it along with her for almost 20 years because my mom was just 16 when she gave birth to me. Hence it is just 1 generation that I missed.

I have seen her fight the economic troubles all by herself though we were from a we to do family and our family finances ran into trouble with couple of failed business which my dad did. As I would not want to look back at the past, I have learnt a lesson which is enough for my life.

What did I learn from her?

There are few vital character that I learnt from her which included speaking the truth at any cost. Initially I was skeptical to practice it and it brought some disasters too but having stuck to it, I found it brought more pleasures later as I need not have to fear for anything or anyone.I guess this is an unique aspect with universal effect because anyone who stick to it need not have to struggle later in the life.

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