An Inspiring Real Life Story

Well, we all would have come across some inspiring story or the other. It would have inspired you for various reasons. I too have an inspirational story which is a real life incident that was shared with me by the person concerned himself.

I am not naming the person for privacy reasons. He was invited to give a motivational talk when I was preparing for the civil services preliminary exams. Though I did not clear it since I had a single attempt, the talk that was given by this person has inspired me the most making me to take a vow that I too would accomplish something in my life.

It was a jam packed session as usual since the place where I studied gave free coaching for the UPSC aspirants. The person made a sudden appearance. He started talking in a casual way saying that he too was just like us few years back. He hailed from a rural area and kept attempting to clear the civil services. He then went to Delhi as it was well regarded for better coaching and higher chances of clearing the exams. Unfortunately, he did not clear. But he did not lose his hope. Since he had age and attempt, he kept trying. 

In the meantime, he mastered the subjects and started giving training in the institute where he once joined as a student. The irony was, those who got coached by him cleared the exams leaving him behind. Few even started making fun of this person. However he had full support and encouragement from his parents. He gave the final attempt - which was the 7th one and he eventually emerged successful. He also got the post he wanted all this while. Yes. He got into Indian Police Service. He is currently posted as SP in Jharkand. 

The best part of this officer is his simplicity where he replied to my mail wishing me good luck and that he wanted to see him on the other side along with him as a civil servant. Though I was not lucky, I still felt contended that I made a good friendship which is still continuing....

There are two more inspiring stories in the same line but I guess I would end it here. If you would want to know about them, kindly leave your comment. I would come up with a new blog post.