Minutes of the Board Meeting - 5th August 2017

The club meeting conducted today decided to conduct Installation and Induction meeting. The President is Authorised to see the various possibilities at minimum cost. The President will get back in a few days. 

The President in his address dealt on the various projects done in the month of July. He also  informed the members that two accounts have been opened. Henceforth, members can give cheques in the name of these accounts. 

An Estimate of revenue collection and expected expenses was submitted. 

All the members are requested to give the subscription amount of Rs.7000  immediately as international dues and District dues are to be paid.
The President also explained the thrust areas of Service of the International and the District. 

Those who like to contribute 20, 50, 100 dollars to LCI Foundation are free to contribute. One can opt for MJF Award too for which there is 50% discount offered by the District.

The President informed the members that this year he has taken up free distribution of Sanitary Napkins to poor girl students in govt schools. He will be promoting the project as DC Women Hygiene too.

A contribution of Rs 600 would help in 2 girls getting 10 Napkins every month for 10 months. Lns Sarath Babu, Senthil Raj Babu contributed 600 each. Thanks to the two Lions.

The meeting pledged to increase membership on a priority basis. All the members are requested to focus on membership and that too quality members.