Mother Sparsh Baby Water Wipes for your baby

Babies needs lot of attention from their mother(Father is mostly busy and away for work - I am only speaking about Home Maker here or the one who is on maternity leave and not otherwise). They require constant cleaning to keep them supple and fresh.
Babies do not know much about handling things especially when it comes to food and eat them at their wish and will. If it a chocolate, one need not have to say as to how they pounce upon it eating them but more than that, spilling it on their dress and most importantly on their face. While the spill over on the dress can be taken care by the detergents, it is the spill over on their skin which needs immediate care since we cannot leave it as it is which would not only invite houseflies but when it dries up, it becomes real difficult to wipe it clean thereby resulting in rashes on the skin.
Here is where the wipes comes into play. 
Why should the wipes be used?
Listed below are some of the benefits a wipe could offer
1. Monsoon wouldn't be the best time to keep washing your baby especially when it has spillover of food, chocolate among others.
2. You may not use a towel all the time since it is bulky whereas a wipe can be carried easily even on a handbag.
3. The wipes are tested clinically which means you are giving the best care to the baby by using it.
4. Using them is safe and convenient for the mother.
5. A wipe offers various benefits - it not only acts as a savior by cleansing the baby but would also act as a supplement in keeping their delicate skin free from rashes. It is a safe bet.
6. It can also act as a substitute against the normal toilet rolls since they may not have been tested as is it majorly used by adults. Hence do not compromise on your toddler's safety going for them..
7. A wipe can be used to remove oil, make-up, spillovers and what not - from your kid's skin effectively.
8. Last but not the least, a wipe can be used to clean the overall body parts of the baby.
There are many things, a mom should consider before going for the wipes since it is directly associated with your baby's skin care. Hence lot of care should be taken while selecting the wipes because not all of them would be doing good to your baby's skin, let alone protect it.
A wipe should essentially have more water content than a lotion but unfortunately most of the wipes available out there consists of lotion which comes along with preservatives. Lotion based wipes must be avoided. Hence before buying the wipes, one must check as to whether a wipe is water or lotion based. Here is where Mother Sparsh Wipes comes into the picture. The Mother Sparsh Wipes are water-based wipes and free from harmful preservatives. It is made with 98 % of water and has 100 % biodegradable fabric which means your baby's skin is free from harm without compromising on the care.

Few reasons as to why I would recommend Mother Sparsh Water Wipes:
1) It is polyester, paraben and alcohol free.

2) It is dermatologically tested.

3) 98% water component which is hypoallergenic with pH balanced pure water.

4) The product is free from plastic which means it is eco-friendly.

5) The wipes are 100% biodegradable and hence you are protecting the planet yet again inline with point 4 mentioned above.

6) It is easy to carry and the packaging is done in such a way that it keeps the moisture intact.

7) The product is as soft as a velvet. The baby will only feel it good when the body is wiped with this.

8) It costs just Rs.175 for 80 wipes with an effective cost of Rs.2.19 per wipe.

9) Loaded with goodness of Aloe Vera and Vitamin E which is known for its goodness on skin.

10) The wipes smell good and does not leave any stick residue. They are As Good As Cotton & Water.

Do I need any further reason to justify the fact as to why I would prefer or recommend this?

Go for it and give your baby, the utmost skin care. Happy Parenting!!