Book Review - Divine Nectar

Title - Divine Nectar
Author - Ganesan OLV
Genre - Personal Development(Mind,Body and Spirit)
Publisher - Thejus Foundation

An excellent compilation of various facts and figures coupled with lot of self realization anecdotes which makes this book a real interesting one. The book is divided into 13 heads namely

1. Love
2. Silence
3. Life
4. Mind, Thoughts and Tendencies
5. Sadhana
6. Being Spiritual
7. Miracles
8. Being Happy
9. Form and Formless
10. Who am I?
11. Disciplehood
12. Master and
13. Grace

It was really surprising for me when I came to know that the content was not born overnight but has been meticulously gathered from time to time as these were forwarded in a group on WhatsApp. Each section has dates on which the content was shared among others. This particular aspect makes this book unique.

Most of them are mentioned as pointers, some in question and answer format, some in the form of short poems which ensures that you do not feel monotonous when you start reading this book. For effective grasping of the contents, I would recommend to read 1 chapter a day(max), preferably few pointers in each chapter so that you could feel the gravity of the points being mentioned in the book and you could also get to feel those settling inside you.

I feel that this would also come under "Self Realization" and the chapters covered in this book which was mentioned above are Universal and can be applied to people of all race, culture, customs and religion, effectively.

This book is available on Amazon in both paperback and kindle formats.