Completely bowled over by the set-up and the ambiance #SpiceIt

Do wait for my pics on their food options. Though it is a upscale restaurant, prices of food items are on par with a regular restaurant which is surprising 😍

Coming to the food now. It started with Classic Tomato Basil Soup followed by Abergine and Feta Salad. Then we were served with Phulka Soft Tacos with Peri Peri Soya(you also have Chicken for non-veg), Chur Chur Paratha,Dalmakhni, Absolute Classics, Chicken Tikka Biryani, Dal Makhni, Bondi Raita, Cheese Cake.

I also ordered Lemon Juice, Mocktail.

Classic Tomato soup, as they say was a classic.

It tasted really awesome. It had a tangy taste and I could vouch that it tasted really different compared to the ones, I had before, elsewhere.

I loved Pasta which were filling and topped with Olives and Garlic Bread.

The feta salad was different(in a good way).

Dalmakhni Chawal is something which shouldn't be missed.

Bondi raita was love.

Love the Black Currant ice-cream, Gulab Jamun and Cheese Cake which were served in the end.

Do not miss it!! You will love it for sure.