Incorporation made easy with Vakil Search

India is a growing economy. We see hundreds and thousands of companies being registered each month. Most of them are startups and they struggle a lot in the initial stages due to credit crunch. Adding to their woes, is the charges of incorporating the companies. These charges varies from one company to another - depending on their size and the service provider they reach out to. The charges can vary anywhere between as little as INR15,000 to as high as INR150,000 or even more.

Indian startups are growing in a pace much faster than ever. We have seen how lot of companies have become a Unicorn in a short span,surpassing the expectations.

What made this possible?

Firstly, it is the ease of doing business. This has underwent a major makeover in the recent days wherein lot of bottle necks have been removed.

Tedious procedures were either removed or made easy.

Govt is encouraging the young and aspiring minds to become an entrepreneur rather than being employed under some one else.

All these have their own plus and minus. What makes them click is their aspirations and the hard work these ignited minds put into work.

To make this work easy, VakilSearch, a popular online consulting firm which specializes in Legal,Tax and Compliance services has launched an initiative called Swadeshi Startup Movement. It is through this, they are inviting aspiring entrepreneurs to realize their dream by breaking away from their routine lifestyle and register their freedom. 

Through this programme, they have made the process of processing of setting up businesses and registrations simpler. VakilSearch is enabling young entrepreneurs to register their startups with quick turnaround time by breaking the tedious legal processes. This invariably results in saving of time and making the complex legal procedures simple for budding entrepreneurs and alike. They have swetened it further by offering first 500 GST registrations and first-month subscription-free on Compliance to the new customers.

Announcing the launch of the Swadeshi Startup movement, Mr Hrishikesh Datar, CEO of VakilSearch said “We have seen tremendous growth in the start-up culture post the Startup India programme. Therefore, Vakilsearch in line with Startup India’s vision has ideated the Swadeshi Startup Movement to facilitate 10,000 company incorporations free of charge. We at VakilSearch are constantly aiming to boost the startup culture by enabling and nurturing entrepreneurs to register their businesses with confidence and ease.”

What are you waiting for? If your dream is have your own startup, it cannot come at a better time than this....