CARS24 Customer Protection Policy

What is CARS24 Customer Protection Policy?

Hassle-free RC transfer is CARS24’s USP.  Your RC is on us” is their tagline. Despite their assurance of easy transfer and hassle-free paperwork, customers often report that the process takes several days or even months to complete.  This has resulted in criticism and negative mentions across the online space.

In response to customer complaints on this issue - CARS24 states that the Regional Transport Office, registers and keeps track of all the vehicles that haven’t completed RC transfer.  Sometimes, they respond saying they have transferred these complaints to the concerned division. 

After much deliberation within the organization, they realized the need to do more to earn the confidence of their customers.  CARS24 Seller Protection Policy is an outcome of CARS24’s commitment to its customers.

CARS24 Seller Protection Policy: What is it?

The Seller Protection Policy at CARS24 protects the customers selling their cars from unforeseen circumstances that arise post the sale. This policy coversany issue that may arise until the RC transfer is complete. If any incident occurs during the RC transfer process, the legal experts at CARS24 will extend full support to cover all financial and legal obligations.

Who is Covered Under CARS24 Seller Protection Policy?

The CARS24 Seller Protection Policy covers those customers who have availed the RC transfer facility or those who’ve physically delivered the vehicle to CARS24. Those customers who make a sale directly to the end customer without availing the RC transfer facility have to sign a waiver form and are not covered under the policy.

CARS24’s Seller Protection Policy provides three benefits post the sale of your car:

● The policy provides assistance and information at every step until the registration certificate is transferred to the new owner.
● When there is an issue with the vehicle while the RC transfer is in process, the policy  provides full legal support without legal fees or charges.
● Comprehensive coverage of expenses incurred because of accidents, or untoward incidents with the vehicle

However, many people think that CARS24 Seller Protection Policy provides insurance coverage for their car. Rather, it safeguards the sellers from any legal troubles they might have to face until the RC transfer is complete. This policy is not a  substitute for vehicle insurance.

Policy Cost

Whenever customersell their car to CARS24 or utilisesthe CARS24 RC transfer facility, they are automatically covered under the Seller Protection Policy. The policy is applicable from the date of physical delivery of vehicle to CARS24 or the date mentioned on  RC Transfer Facility Form, whichever is earlier, until the transfer of RC ownership to the buyer. Seller does not have to pay a premium for the warranty.


The introduction of CARS24 Seller protection policy will not only improve customer loyalty and sales but it will go a long way in building customer trust on CARS24.