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Book Review - பயம் தேவையில்லாத மர்மங்கள்


Title - பயம் தேவையில்லாத மர்மங்கள்
Author - K. Chakravarthi 
Genre - Fiction

You would have come across books of various genres namely crime, thriller, fantasy, and sci-fi within the broader aspect called fiction/non-fiction but I am sure you wouldn't have come across a collection of short stories like this.

To start with, this book is a collection of 16 short stories. The approach taken by the author is a novel and noteworthy one. It's been a while since I read short stories and when I started reading this book, I was in awe. This was because of the approach mentioned earlier. Please be informed that this book is written in Tamil. If you are a lover of Tamil books/languages, this is something you wouldn't want to miss.

Well, what is the unique approach taken by the author?

The book tends to create interest in various day-to-day topics that we would encounter/face. It may be about parents suspecting their kids of having an affair, the arrival of a new family member, an old lover returning during the marriage making the bride think that he has come to blackmail, and much more.

The author has not made life complicated by using numerous characters in his stories. They were few which makes it easy to remember. When I say this, there is a story even on "remembering". This fresh approach makes all the stories more compelling and intriguing. When you were expecting something different as the outcome, that doesn't happen. As the title itself says, it is "Fear coupled with unwanted mystery". Though the author has used the posters from yesteryear movies, they do not have any connection with the story but was merely used since they were the title(Movie names) for each of the story.

If you are also having some unique ideas like the author and want to see your ideas take shape as a paperback, you may refer to the Walnut Publication page.

Author Info:
K. Chakravarthi is an engineer by profession who started writing in his early 40s. Although his passion is to write a full-length novel for a movie, he is currently focusing on short stories. With two books already under his belt, he is now working on his third. K. Chakravarthi is an avid reader and movie enthusiast, and he plans to spend more time on writing in the future.

Book Review - Never The Butterfly


Title - Never The Butterfly
Author - Ankur Ashta
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - Good Times Books P Ltd
ISBN - 938404385-0

A unique novel that gives importance to the language namely "English". Though the story may seem like a usual one, it isn't one. I loved reading this novel for the kind of approach route it has taken which I have not come across to date.

Mohan, the protagonist was an English wizard. Burkha Singh was his close friend. He initially falls in love with Saanjh but when he meets Aaradhya, whom he nicknamed "Ms. Beautiful Legs", he gets distracted. However, this was short-lived since Aaradhya moves out of the country, after the demise of her father.

Their first date at Bawaji Coffee Shop was so beautifully described that it would connect to many of us out there, who had fallen in love, at least once. The introduction of Mohan itself was unique.

A few English words that give a different meaning altogether, if not used in the right context are given below:

Crack Vs Crank
Amazed & Disgusted
Oxymoron. The plural is not Oxymorons.
Baklava Vs Balaclava

The scene of Mohan eating non-veg for the sake of Saanjh reminded me of the scene of Madhavan eating it in the movie "Minnale"

Emotions played a vital role in this novel. These were captured so vividly. Gestures and teasing would be much welcomed by the present generation, who I feel, is mostly in Love.

I wouldn't call this a triangular love story since Mohan was in love with Saanjh who in return was in love with Burkha but Aaradhya who Mohan liked initially was in love with him.

Who finally succeeds in getting who would have been a usual story line. This is where Ankur differs since the story has an unexpected ending. Pick your copy to know how the story unfolds. 

This book is available on Amazon

Chennai loves new book on Sivaji Ganesan's friend, actor Sanjeev Kumar


Maestro Sudha Raghunathan presided over a talk on author Reeta Ramamurthy Gupta's book 'Sanjeev Kumar- The Actor We all Loved' at Crossword Chennai. The discussion was around Sanjeev Kumar's deep personal connection with Chennai and the music of his films that lent him a perennial appeal across the country. A question posed by Sangita Kalanidhi Sudha Raghunathan was about  why Sanjeev Kumar is compared to Sivaji and not any other stalwart actor of his time – MGR, Gemini Ganesan, etc; 

To answer this, Gupta outlined several reasons; for eg., the Tamil film  Bharatha Vilas (1973) in which Sivaji Ganesan and  Sanjeev Kumar were seen together. To the delight of the audience, Sudha Raghunathan sang a line of the song 'Indhiya Naadu' from the movie and said, "Sanjeev Kumar's music continues to be loved in the South".  

Gupta added that Sanjeev Kumar's yin and yang with Sivaji Ganesan is well known.  Sanjeev Kumar enacted a character role in Ganesan's home production Gauri (1968) which was a remake of Ganesan's own Shanti (1965). Sanjeev Kumar's Mausam was remade in Tamil as Vasanthathil Oru Naal featuring Shivaji Ganesan. Both were super hits. Sivaji Ganesan's 'Avan Thaan Manithan' was remade as Shaandaar, and Gnana Oli was remade as Devata - both featuring Sanjeev Kumar. 

Further, in an article called 'Naan Sivajiyan Maanavan' ( I am a student of Sivaji's), written by Sanjeev Kumar, the late actor said, "I first met him when I was an extra on the sets of Gauri. One look at me and he said, ' In the future, you will be a very accomplished actor.' His words were like God's own words and he blessed my career. Whenever a Sivaji Ganesan movie had to be remade in Hindi, all of us actors would worry plenty. His prowess inspired fear. We would see the Tamil print, again and again, to observe his performance and learn! At a personal level, whenever I visited Chennai, I would seek his blessings. I am grateful for all the love he has given me. If he sees me as one of the finest actors in Hindi Cinema, it is my honor."

Sudha Raghunathan, a Padma Bhushan awardee who believes in the power or all art added, "they were different in their 'style' and yet the same in their ‘power.’ She also expressed that Sanjeev Kumar’s songs continued to be popular in Chennai as ringtones. 

Profile of author Reeta Ramamurthy Gupta

Reeta Ramamurthy Gupta is a prolific biographer, reviewer for Network18, and a bibliophile. She is credited with the acclaimed Red Dot Experiment, a decadal six-nation study on how culture impacts communication.  She has been a part of several public health campaigns such as "beti bachao beti padhao " and "Ek chammach Kam." A polyglot, she speaks five languages. In 2018, she wrote ‘Rescript Your Life’, a self-help autobiographical narrative. In 2021, she released ‘The Stranger In the Mirror’ the biography of BAFTA-nominated filmmaker Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra. Thereafter, 'Sanjeev Kumar- The Actor We All Loved was released in 2022.'  Her fourth book "Savitri and Fatima" is to launch in July 2023.
Social media handles: Instagram: @OfficialReetaGupta I Twitter: @OfficialReetaRG I LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/reeta-ramamurthy-gupta-33774948/
Here's an extract from the book that testifies to the deep relationship between Sanjeev Kumar and the south.
The Southern Connections
In the late 1960's, a very important relationship in Hari's life started taking shape.
It was one of mutual respect with the legendary actor of Tamil cinema, Sivaji Ganesan. Hari was given a character role in Ganesan's home production Gauri (1968) which was a remake of Ganesan's own Shanti (1965).
An article of unknown provenance titled 'Naan Sivajiyan Maanavan' ( I am a student of Sivaji's),  obtained from Hari's family archives quotes him as follows.
I first met him when I was but an extra on the sets of Gauri. One look at me and he said, ' In the future, you will be a very accomplished actor.' His words were like God's own words and he blessed my career. Whenever a Sivaji Ganesan movie had to be remade in Hindi, all of us actors would worry plenty. His prowess inspired fear. We would see the Tamil print, again and again, to observe his performance and learn! At a personal level, whenever I visited Chennai, I would seek his blessings. I am grateful for all the love he has given me. If he sees me as one of the finest actors in Hindi Cinema, it is my honor.
The mutual admiration between Sivaji Ganesan and Hari and the latter's own quiet, easygoing nature eventually played a major role in Hari's success. When South Indian producers and directors wanted to remake their Tamil or Telugu films in Hindi, they often chose Hari. These remakes typically had long dialogues and demanded good histrionics and this further augmented Hari's 'actor' tag.
For example, Sivaji Ganesan's Avan Thaan Manithan was remade as Shaandaar, and Gnana Oli was remade as Devata - both featuring Hari. Among the Telugu films, Takkar was a remake of N.T. Rama Rao's Devudu Chesina Manushulu with Hari in the lead role. The winds blew the other way too. Hari's Mausam was remade in Tamil as Vasanthathil Oru Naal featuring Shivaji Ganesan.
The other important southern connection was L.V. Prasad. Hari scored a hat-trick of hits with him - Raja aur Runk (1968), Jeene Ki Raah (1969) and Khilona (1970).

Book Review - Manwaan : The Awakening


Title - Manwaan: The Awakening
Author - Abhishek Krishnan
Genre - Fiction(Sci-Fi)
Publisher - Notion Press

A captivating story that would give the feel of watching a perfect sci-fi movie which is no less than a Hollywood genre. It begins with the introduction of Usur who ruled the underworld. He was just 5 feet but wielded enormous power. He gets an assignment from Mihaara, a fallen angel. Usur commands a few asuras to invade and annex Earth. They had resistance in the form of Manwaans who were half human and half God. At any given point, there were 108 of them. 

The introduction of how these Asuras get into the physical body of humans made me feel the rewind of sci-fi movies. They first capture a vegetable vendor and a customer of his. 

The feel of asuras when they encountered traffic was captured candidly. They did not eat food. Feel the weather. However, they liked the sweat of humans and since the event is set to happen in Bandra and the surrounding areas, it also had the mention of vada pav with chili. 

Rinad, a copywriter at the creative agency “Copy That” was 26 years old. Vinay, Param & Jogi were his friends.  When he gets abducted by Asuras, Jaffer comes to rescue but gets wounded by the Asuras. Calls up Guruji and informs him. 

Who is this Guruji?

Rescue arrives in the form of a giant winged man and a slick female with a bob cut when the abduction happens for the second time.

Then there is an introduction of cops.

Virat Pawar - S.I.

Manohar Deshpande - Inspector

Kamat - ACP 

How their best gets killed in front of their eyes and makes them believe the presence of the supernatural. This leads to the formation of the best squad of 30. Starts investigating. 

Maya, Yuva , Ash, Nivi were some of the angels 

Ash & Nivi draw their lineage to Ashwini Twins. They will never die. Healing capabilities in their blood. Doctors. Creates unique weapons including audicapitator.

Milaayak- one of the seven worthy angels rescues Rihad. Uraavati, Gurgaan - other angels. When things go out of control, Jaffer - Leader of Musafir clan, and a confidante of Guruji come to the rescue.

Shaanti- sis of Guruji comes at the tad end o the story.

Najasuras & Najakshas - commanded by Nagdor join hands with Asuras.

Emakeni - Sister of Mihaara.

Did the Manwaans defeat the Asuras? What did Asuras actually want?  What happens to Guruji, Usur, and others?

Give this story a read. You will fall in love with this.

This book is available on Amazon in eBook and Paperback formats.

Spotlight - Fashion Drift Magazine

Being a book/lifestyle reviewer, I have read books of various genres and have also attended various events, online and offline. A few of my friends have taken part in various pageant contests and some are even in the direction of short/ad films. Those who knew me well also know that I handle a veteran Singer who is known across the Indian film industry.

I was browsing the internet and it is then I chanced to see this beautiful magazine. 

This magazine is the "Brainchild" of Ms.Shymala P Gowri who is also the editor-in-chief. This magazine was founded in Jan 2021 along with C Pandikumaran and has now released its 5th edition. Yes. You heard it right. This magazine gets published once a Quarter. The book is available in two formats namely:

1. eMagazine and
2. Hard Copy.

Hard Copy is priced at Rs.400 per edition.

What makes it special?

I was in awe of the design. It is bright, colorful, and most importantly attractive and appealing. The crispy sound of the page when you swipe the content adds more authenticity to it. In this edition, there is a feature of your favorite star Makkal Selvan Vijay Sethupathi on "The Artist through an Artist" where you get to see VJS in 12 different avatars(one for each month in a year). I found this Unique.

The magazine starts with the introduction of various luxurious brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Dior, and Hermes to name a few. A perfect one for NIFT students and those who are in love with fashion and the latest trends. The mention of brands for men like Armani, Ralph Lauren, and Giorgio Armani makes this a perfect magazine for both genders.

Dr. Aishwarya Selvaraj's article about skincare is a must-read. The detailed coverage of Hansika Motwani's wedding is like ice on the cake. There is an article about Diet, Make-Up, and whatnot.

A refreshing read is what I would say. Since I discovered this magazine just now, I will bookmark its previous editions page and will check it out leisurely this long weekend.

If you are a fashionista or wanted to let your talents reach out to a wider audience(since this magazine will be placed/positioned in boutiques and star hotels), you can reach out to them who will help you in getting your talents discovered by the people of like mind.

Do take a look at this beautifully designed magazine here

Book Review - The Caduceus Fundraisers


Title - The Caduceus Fundraisers
Author - Mathiraj
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - Awoo To That
ISBN - 978-93-5777-436-9

This novel is truly an inspiring one and is a perfect tribute to the selfless doctors who have dedicated their lives to the welfare of the public. We would have heard/read or even had the opportunity to meet some of these doctors who charged a meager Rs.5/10/20 to the public. I could only relate the protagonist of this novel to those legends who live even after they have passed out. In fact, I also had the privilege to be given consultation by one such Doctor who use to charge Rs.10/20 when others used to charge 3-5 times more on those days.

The novel comprises characters that include Dr. Jennissa, Petricia, Philip, Anjali, Sylaja, Madhusoodanan, Jagan, Sujadha, Thowrak among others.

This is an emotional novel that also has a spiritual connection. How Dr. Jennissa revives the clinic of her demised grandfather with the help of her juniors coupled with events that unfolds post that has been vividly captured in this novel. Though Mathiraj is into creative writing and English literature, the way he narrated the novel and the characterization of all mentioned above, need to be given applause. I felt like watching a perfect North Madras movie in the form of a novel.

The difficulties faced by the team and how they overcome them and what happens post that including a miracle and the protagonist's encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ in the end will certainly be appreciated not only by the readers of the Christian faith but also by all those who are not an atheist.

This is not the first book by the author. He has written 9 more books prior to this. The list is given below:

1. The story of two hearts
2. The Hustlers
3. Blck Mamba
4. Effective traits of really GOOD bois
5. Vendetta
6. Legends Never Die: Conflict of Cultures
7. Lullaby to the dying wolf
8. BlackJack
9. The Russian Barista

Who knows? I may get a chance to read and review some of th books listed above. Keep a watch out on my page....

This book is vailable on Amazon