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Book Review - Night Watchman Pvt Ltd


Title - Night Watchman Pvt Ltd
Author - Naveen Kundra
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - Notion Press
ISBN - 978-1-63781-401-7

When I saw this title, I was totally intrigued as it evoked immediate interest in me. The cover page is designed perfectly well to complement the story. This is a story of a maverick who chances upon an idea and invents something. Sanjay Dhingra floats a company called Night Watchman Pvt Ltd, after resigning his VP job from Shyam Tech. He had a troubled married life.

He meets Ruhi who takes his confidence for  ride.

On the other hand, his close confidante, Chandra, who was his ex-colleague from his previous company joins him. He refuses to take salary despite having EMIs to pay. Sanjay finds out that he was conspiring with his ex-boss to bring him down.

Then there is Ahuja, his ex-boss and Kshirsagar, a shady builder who trains their guns against him.

Budhiraja, Deputy Director of forest department, Dhan Nagar who was very supportive in the beginning backtracks.

All were done to get hold of his prized innovation JB.

What is this JB all about?
Who could Sanjay trust?

While a murder case was lurking over his head with Deputy Commissioner Nand Kishore and Inspector Ganpule behind his back, will he able to prove his innocence?

Read this fast paced story which has the combination of love, lust, treachery, arrogance, struggle would make you captivated from the beginning till the end. Loved the book since it had an unusual plot which was handled well by the author making it interesting and keeps you guessing...

This book is available on Amazon

Book Review - Leadership and Wisdom in Uncertain Times (SAGE IIM-Kozhikode Series for New Managers)

Title - Leadership and Wisdom in Uncertain Times (SAGE IIM-Kozhikode Series for New Managers)
Author - Debashis Chatterjee
Genre - Analysis & Strategy
Publisher - SAGE Publications
ISBN - 978-93-5388-695-0

The book begins with a realistic and powerful phrase "Leadership cannot be learnt until it is taught

The foreword by the renowned Peter M Senge of MIT, Cambridge, Massachusetts is a testimony to Prof Chaterjee’s accomplishments. He highlights “The implications of this book stretch beyond development of hierarchical leaders”. 

From being a probationer to sitting on the board in the same organisation, author has come a long way and credits his success to the guidance he has received from the stalwarts in the field.

This book is divided into two parts namely:

Karma &

Sutras (Insights)

Author recommends to read the book in Silence & Solitude.

Karma has 5 chapters which are as follows:

  1. Wisdom of Uncertainty 
  2. Managers and Leaders
  3. Power and Authority
  4. Culture and Technology
  5. Decoding Work

Sutras has 9 chapters which are listed below:

  1. Personal Mastery
  2. Consciousness
  3. Workship
  4. Organisation
  5. Communication
  6. Human Values
  7. Love
  8. Nature’s Manuscript
  9. Epilogue: The Sacred Path of Leadership

What is Dweck’s “growth mindset”?

Listening to Speaking = 3:1 (Three times more listening than speaking)

Warren Buffet said “The chains of habit are too light to be felt until they’re too heavy to be broken”. How true it is when it comes to the middle level managers 

Some headers that captured my attention: Leaders don’t hit targets ; they grow people who hit targets

Managers have subordinates; Leaders have followers

How and Why is Mayo Clinic successful?

The differentiation between the Managers & Leaders are put up with such a brilliant precision that you would be surprised.  

“If you are dedicated, you might add some value, but if you are devoted, you will multiply value”

The day I received this book, I had been to a theme restaurant called “Dig In” and coincidentally I found a reference to California gold digging in the book as well(page no.18)

Illustrations used in the beginning of each chapter is thought provoking.

Author has cited the sayings of many famous personalities at the appropriate place.

How to deal with conflicts would surely be an eye opener for many.

The self analysis to find out whether you’re a manager or a leader is stunning. 

As the noon progresses, it touches upon various aspects like power, authority, culture, technology to name a few. I wouldn’t be going deep into it as it is you who should pick up a copy, if you’re really serious & is looking to groom yourselves. Remember, you will not find a willing and helpful leader who would groom you all the time but a book like this will teach you the nuances and the differences between two aspects which co-exists and it is that ability to differentiate between the two, will determine your ability, capacity and most importantly take you to the leadership position.

Impressive stories of Indra Nooyi, Jacinda Arden, Sheryl Sandberg and others makes the book even more interesting.

The second part of the book is more of psychological in nature and has references of Gautama Buddha, Mahaveer. The mention of "Zero" and its implications will surely make you read that over and over again. The kind of approach which a wannabe manager needs to take finds a clear mention making it a perfect guide for the aspiring leaders.

This book is available on Amazon

Book Review - Signposts : Life Simplified in 100 Quotes


Title - SiGNposts : Life Simplified in 100 Quotes
Author - Tapan Ghosh
Genre -
Publisher - BecomeShakespeare.com
ISBN - 978-93-5438-545-2

Tapan Ghosh is a multi versatile person who is an Engineer, Entrepreneur, Technocrat, Writer, Thinker, Film Maker and more. This book is a very quick read but the message it conveys is powerful which is valid for Life!!

The book begin with a bang "You cannot create a quote. You have to live through a situation to pour your experience into one". How true it is....

I loved the cover page which is more appropriate. The size of the book is just the size of a CD Box which makes it travel friendly.

Since the quotes have arisen out of real life experience as was mentioned earlier, these are literally applicable to anyone and everyone who reads this. It teaches us the nuances of life in a subtle manner. This is not preachy but we tend to absorb the deeper meaning, each and every quote portrays. I am going deep into the quotes as they are good enough to make you understand and the meaning, author is trying to convey.

Though I loved all the 100 quotes, I would like to give few examples;

1. Friends preach, enemies teach - Those who were deceived/cheated by their friends would certainly vouch this.
2. Sometimes, humility is ego in disguise - Mostly applicable in case of Celebrities
3. A goal has limits, but a passion has none
4. Fiction is nothing but non-fiction couched to conceal the identity of the writer
5. Ideas strike you when you are not looking for them - Remember the "Eureka" moment by Archimedes?
6. Self-Discovery is the gateway to knowledge
7. The only thing you can own forever is yourself
8. Truth is better felt than perceived
9. Truth is plain vanilla, do not color it
10. You are in love if someone's name is your password

As you would have noticed by now, author has touched upon most of the emotions and expressions which we come across in our day to day life making it Universal.

You may read one quote a day as well which will make it even more appealing and refreshing.

This book is available on Amazon

Book Review - Tattva - An Aspect of Reality : Spiritual Colouring Book


Title - Tattva - An Aspect of Reality : Spiritual Colouring Book
Author - Anaida Parvaneh
Genre - Painting
Publisher - Prakash Books India Pvt. Ltd.
ISBN - 978-9354400520

Anaida needs no introduction. After ruling the Pop Music in the 90's, She is an award-winning celebrity chef, artist, inspirational speaker and healer. This is an amazing book which I felt is applicable for all ages.

Do read the "A Note from the Artist" before proceeding with the book as it gives a detailed insight as to what has made the author to come up with this unique book.  There is a lot of science which is associated with colors. Harvard based Dr Herbert Benson has mentioned in his study that coloring mandalas help the mind to relax. It can even help in lowering your heart rate and blood pressure. There is a lot more to it.

Author mentions an apt sentence "Repeated thoughts becomes a belief in time'. 

What made the author healthier and lead a fulfilling life despite being told by her doctors that she will face death, on more than one occasion. 

Some of the colors which is connected with our life are:

Pink - reduction in physical strength and aggressive tendencies
Red - Raise the heartbeat
Blue - Lower the heartbeat
Do you know?
The installation of Blue Light in 2009 at the end of platforms on Tokyo's Yamanote railway line helped in reducing the suicide instances by 74%?

There is more to all the colors which is explained in detail and the best part is, you get to test these colors yourself by coloring yourself on some of the amazing drawings/visuals given in the book. 

You would get to use the colors like


It doesn't end with this. You also have something which is related to
Tree Of Life
Shree Yantra
Lotus Flower
Chakras - further divided into various other chakras
Sun and Moon
Butterflies and a few more.

I must admit that this is a great attempt which is novel and at the same time is very much connected to our life which is beyond language, religion, culture and customs.

A perfect gift for people of all ages. Gift your loved ones, the uniqueness which is also interconnected with your body and soul.

This book is available on Amazon

Book Review - Nanda Devi and her chaaya-maaya


Title - Nanda Devi and her chaaya-maaya
Author -Sandeep Madadi
Genre - Non Fiction(Climbing and Mountaineering)
Publisher - Amazon Kindle

A different genre I had come across in the recent times. This is a memoir of the author who is interested in climbing and mountaineering and he has brilliantly combined his experiences with the real life stories of prominent British Mountaineers.

While we always talk about the summit of Mt. Everest, not much is spoken about the much tougher peak to summit - Nanda Devi. Since this is entirely in the Indian sub-continent, it can be considered as the highest peak in India surrounded by mighty Himalayan ranges.

Though this is just a 70+ pages book, the content is intense and the way author has described his experience is simply amazing. One could relate to it very well, if he or she has been into mountaineering. Sandeep rightly says that this book is not about how such a hostile mountain was conquered but he story of a resilient mountain tribe who never gave up in the face of all adversities attributing any good luck to the grace of their patron goddess and misfortune to their fate

Chronology of events - do not miss it

I was thrilled by the Chronology From 1976.

Ruttledge attempted to penetrate three times and failed, said 'a place only about seventy-five miles from Almora, yet hitherto more inaccessible than the North Pole' - shows the might of this mountain which is unexplainable with scientific terms/means.

I am reproducing the same lines as it is from the book for your interest and understanding which reads as "Nanda Devi which means 'Bliss giving goddess' is widely believed by locals to be the manifestation of goddess Parvati, consort of Lord Shiva and its summit, her abode. Just short of 8000 meters, it is the second-highest mountain in India, standing at 7816 meters (25643 ft). But technically speaking, as Kanchenjunga is located on the border of India and Nepal, Nanda Devi is the highest mountain which is entirely located inside India; her snow- draped twin peaks connected by a two-mile knife-edge ridge; slightly higher 'Nanda Devi Main' with her twin sister 'Sunanda' popularly known as 'Nanda Devi East'; notoriously technical and avalanche-prone, 7434 meters (24390 ft) peak. If Everest fame Tenzing Norgay had said that the hardest climb of his life was 'Nanda Devi East' not the Everest, now that's saying something!"

People say that seven steps leading to heaven (tread by Pandavas) are visible from the Satopant lake in the majestic Choukhamba

Do you know the significance of “Nilkantha”?

We survived the scare of landslide and were on our way to Lata, enroute Joshimath. Maybe, we had just passed the first litmus test posed by Nanda Devi.

There is a mention about Skeleton Lake

Shipton’s expedition is something you wouldn't want to miss.

Death is not too high a price to pay for a life fully lived," wrote Devi’s activist mother as she reflects on the life of the father-daughter duo.

Do you know what is special about Mahadev Mandir in Niti?

Shipton who said, "A lifetime is not enough to absorb the wonder of that country." When you finish reading this book, you wouldn't disagree with his views. Great Narration coupled with real life experience makes this book more appealing. Happy reading!!

This book is available on Amazon

Book Review - The Four Elementals : The Skull Warrior


Title - The Four Elementals : The Skull Warrior
Author - Yajat Sharma
Genre - Fiction/Fantasy
Publisher - Notion Press
ISBN - 978-978-1637147047

This is the second book in The Four Elementals trilogy. I finished reading the first book yesterday and I could not start reading the 2nd one which I started it today and completed it. Having said that, I can't wait to complete the 3rd one too.

For those who have read the 1st book would know by now that the Death Lord vowed to return. He summons the much dangerous Skull Warrior using all his powers despite being contained in the 7 pieces of Arcane Crown) who comes to the Dark World and wreaks havoc.

Usually, as and when the sequels are released, the curiosity which the first book/edition has created would tend to die but it is not the case with this second book. In fact, it further triggered the interest in me to start reading the third book as well. 

Yajat has even mentioned about Covid-19 in one of the instances in this story which shows his presence of mind.

Scavanger reaches out to 4 kids in their dream seeking their help, yet again, since Skull Warrior had arrived in the Dark World. He has attacked most of the kingdoms and had won it. Those who missed his wrath were fearful and did not wanted to challenge him. He could only be contained with the help of a sword called The Slayer but in order to get that, they have to obtain

The Trident which is protected by the Hothel
The Bolt which is protected by the Hellfire and
The Poison which is protected by the Warhead

These would then be formed as the Slayer which can be wielded only by the Warrior after a Sacrifice.

This crucial information is given by The Lynx, Man of the Rock.

Urrax, a demon volunteers to help them in the beginning but betrays the group. Why?

When things were going in their favor, Lynx gets abducted to Voldmir palace by Grim which had the dubious distinction of no one making it LIVE once taken inside it.

Was he rescued?

Though they manage to get the things that is required to invoke/assemble the Slayer, the way in which they get them are given in a detailed manner. A real good imagination alone would have made this possible.

Two mighty and helpful warriors die. Who were they? Why did they sacrifice their lives?

Who is the Sacrifice?

The book couldn't get any interesting than this. I must admit that this would be a perfect gift for your kids or if you're visiting your family or friends who has a kid a their home.

This book is available on Amazon