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Book Review - Captain Khadoos


Title - Captain Khadoos

Author - Arjun Hemmady

Genre - Fiction

Publisher - Treeshade Books

A beautiful novel which would keep you captivated from the beginning till the end. 

It all begins with the Captain of the Indian Cricket Team fighting depression. I loved the words “Depression is a disease that is managed and NOT fought”. It conveys such a powerful meaning. 

“Never ever be ashamed if you’re suffering from depression. See yourself as a source of inspiration” are the other lines which has found its place in the novel is the Need Of The Hour. This book is a combination of the game - Cricket & a trait which a human finds it difficult to address - Depression. 

The story was set in the year 2027 but with some rewind to the past. 

These are the important characters in the novel: 

Suraj - Indian Cricket Team Captain

Aditi - Psychologist

Sanjeev - Suraj’s father 

Varun - School Cricket Team captain

D’Mello - Cricket Coach

By 19, Suraj the protagonist finds his place in the Mumbai Cricket Team & Indian team by 21. Vikrant - Indian team captain

Struggles faced by a cricketer in his life especially when he is at his Prime and goes down in no time and how he bounces back is beautifully captured in this novel 

A 360 degree coverage of the life of a cricketer from being no where to become the Captain of the Indian Cricket Team and winning series & championships. 

I felt like seeing the life of a real cricketer through this book which would go on to serve as an inspiration for the aspiring cricketers apart from those who are fighting depression. 

Cricket 🏏 lovers will surely rejoice reading this book as I’m sure that they could connect this with the life of their role models who too would have saved a similar kind of situation in their lives…

Book Review - Long Run : A Paradise Augmented


Title - Long Run : A Paradise Augmented

Author - T Sathish

Genre - Fiction

A beautiful novel by Sathish.

The glitzy life of hugely successful fund managers comes with a cost, most of the times. 

What sort of turmoil they undergo or face in their personal life to be successful in their professional life couldn’t have been explained better than this.

I have not read a story with this crux till date. 

It all begins with Anjali deciding to reach out to Raghu Santhanam, a blind fund guru. 

Life was so colourful with Ram, Eshwar, Niranjan, Anuradha(Anu) & Raghu joining NIM. The life of college days would surely make you remind of those days you had whole you were in college. It is during this time that Raghu & Anu fall in love with each other. 

While this romance story seemed strong and eternal, things take a different turn when Anu & Raghu decides to join different firms in contrasting fields. 

The dreams and goals conceived by Raghu becomes a villain in their otherwise conceived beautiful love story.

The dilemma faced by a just passed out Management Graduate as to which offer to accept and the one to reject and the discretionary meeting with one of the investment gurus would surely remind you of your previous years, if you had also undergone a similar situation.

I would say that this is a lesson which is valid and universal for all the aspiring fund managers who were also into love relationships. Not that everyone will end up the way Raghu did but many of them for sure. 

Who is the hero of this story?

Is it Raghu or Anu?

Pick up your copy to give a read and decide yourself. 

This book is available on Amazon in both ebook and paperback formats

Author Focus - G B Prabhat of Maximum Person


1. What has motivated you to come out with this book that is not a conventional one?

 [GBP] The decline in the quality of life and specific concern for the coming generations coupled with what I see as a huge opportunity for individuals to dramatically improve the quality of their lives motivated me to write this book.


2. Is there a specific reason for naming your book?

[GBP] Most of us do not exploit our full potential for pursuing a high-quality life. The nomenclature Maximum Person is emblematic of the aspiration to become the maximum person one can be.

3. What was your own reaction after you finished writing the book? 

[GBP] Anxiety and overwhelming hope. Anxiety that the book’s message shouldn’t be overlooked since the theme of the book is indispensable to the future well-being of humanity. Hope that my ideas would be embraced and would cause betterment to many lives.

4. Where do you write from? Did you write this book in one go? 

[GBP] I write at my desk in my home office. I did not write the book in one go. It took me 5 years of alternating between research and writing to complete the book.


5. How did you manage to write this book despite your busy schedule? 

[GBP] If you badly want something, the waters will part. I don’t see this book as distinctly different from my professional engagement. I see it only as an extension of my pursuits in Consulting.

6. Your book received some great reviews from various walks of life and mainly from academicians. How did you feel? 

[GBP] I see the reviews of doctors and academicians as endorsements of the methodology I have propounded for improving the quality of life.


7. What other profession apart from consulting excites you the most?

[GBP] Genetic Engineering and research in Quantum Physics.


8. How would you measure the success of this book?

 [GBP] If the book causes even the slightest shift in the reader’s thinking about the quality of his/her life, inspired the confidence in him/her that the quality of his/her life was significantly in his/her control, and persuaded him/her to try an idea or two from my book, I would consider the book to be successful.


9. How is the response so far for the book? 

 [GBP] Initial sales have been encouraging. Reader feedback is extremely positive.

The review of the book can be found here

Book Review - Miles Apart : To Friendship, Love, and all that!


Title - Miles Apart : To Friendship, Love, and all that!
Author - Pratichi Sanaye
Genre - Fiction(Romance)
Publisher - Notion Press
ISBN - 978-1-68538-860-7

A brilliant novel that revolves around two main characters - Shruti and Simran. The ups and downs they go through, the treachery, the disappointments, Love and Lust and all the human emotions that one could face in their life has been vividly captured in this beautiful novel.

Irrespective of the age of the reader, this novel would take you back to your college days where you surely would have had the maximum fun enjoying the carefree phase of your life. I could surely relate to some of the incidents mentioned in this book that had happened during my college days. Though I studied in all men's colleges back then(which is a Co-Ed) now, I have never had any regrets since those were the golden days in my life.

Shruti was a Chief illustrator in a newspaper. She was in a living relationship with Raghav, son of a builder. Then there is Gautam and Krithi. They all decide to go in search of Simran who was once a good friend of Shruti but had to break up due to a misunderstanding. 

What had happened back then?

They go to Darjeeling first but was told that Simran is in Shimla. On their way to Shimla, they get to meet Ayush. Ayush's father was also as rich as Raghav's dad. He helps the gang and ends up having a romantic relationship with Shruti.

I particularly loved pages 123 to 129 since it was full of heated romance which was captured raw(as it is) that would make your senses feel refreshed. Hence I advise you not to gift this book to kids(on a seriousnote).

Did Shruti meer Simran and mend their ways?
Was there more in store for these two souls?
Who was at fault?
How was it sorted?

Please note that what I have mentioned here is just the gist and the story has many unprecedented twists and turns which would make you pleasantly surprised. I am sure you would enjoy the novel as much I enjoyed reading it.

You may pick your copy from Amazon by clicking here

Book Review - Maximum Person

Title - Maximum Person
Author - G B Prabhat
Genre - Management
Publisher - Productivity & Quality Publishing P Ltd
ISBN - 978-81-953281-0-9

This book is an intense read. Though the content is compressed into 160 pages, the quality and the takeaways this book offers is immense. Prabhat has made a non-conventional approach to lead a quality life taking into consideration all the day to day activities which we take it lightly without knowing the fact that each and every one of these has got some irreversible effects on the quality of our life.

There are many books in the Management genre. They teach us how one could excel in the role of a Manager or how to transform a non-performing company or an organisation into a successful one. Has any book that you have read so far talked about improving the quality of your life and becoming a MAXIMUM PERSON


You are correct.

This is where G B Prabhat's "Maximum Person" comes into the picture. 

The author has used simple language to facilitate a better understanding of the concept. 

Why management?

What effect does it have on our life?

Think this way. If management could transform the functioning of a department or a company, why not an individual and why not his/her life.

This book is divided into four parts which have a few chapters in each of them which are given below:

Part 1: Why the Maximum Person?

Chapter 1: Preamble

Chapter 2 : The decline and fall in the quality of Life

Part 2: Maximum Person - The Individual Imperative

Chapter 3: The concept of Maximum Person

Chapter 4: Tools & Techniques

Part 3: Maximum Person - The Institutional Imperative

Chapter 5: Profits and Highmindedness

Chapter 6: Th substratum of Corporate Wellness Programs

Chapter 7: Institutional Reforms

Chapter 8: Reengineering Education

Part 4: Maximum Person - The Future


This book is only a guide as to how one could achieve happiness coupled with other qualities to lead a self-content life. This does not deal with giving advice to those who have medical ailments or those who have anxiety/depression. This book has a reference to the Happiness Index in which our neighbouring nation Bhutan excels. 

We have seen the longevity of our lives extended by many years. People tend to longer these days but at what cost? 

How things that were invented to make our life easy is ruining it in real?

Observations made in this book are good not only for the present scenario but also for the years to come....

We have always talked about PPM when it comes to industrial production and output but have we ever thought about implementing the same in our lives as well to see where we lag and how we could improve it drastically?

It is an undeniable fact that everything these days including food, technology, gadgets have made our life convenient and keep us on par with the fast-moving world but what are its aftermath effects? This is something we need to consider. Don't you agree?

I completely agree with most of the points which the author has mentioned in this book which includes deprival of sleep, overworking, online engagement 24/7, zero privacy, FOMO(Fear Of Missing Out)Fall of the family as an institution( remember we once had Joint Family system in our country), political correctness, global warming etc which are alarming and needs our immediate attention to fix things on an emergency basis.

The QoL or the Quality Of Life depends on various aspects which could be implemented in an effective way. The Yin and The Yang processes and what attributes are connected to QoL is well explained. Kudos to the author for that.

I have also learnt something new from this book which is PDCA Cycle where

P stands for Plan

D stands for Do

C stands for Check and

A stands for Act

Do not miss Chapter 4 - Tools and Techniques

Sounds interesting?

Do pick up your copy. I have given the link to the book on Amazon here

Book Review - SEE GLASS


Author - Ido Graf
Genre - Political Thriller (Fiction)
Publisher - Amazon Kindle

This is not the usual review you would see from me. There is a reason behind it because this novel warrants me to adopt a different approach to my review. As you have guessed it from the description, it is a political thriller.  This is a 343 page novel which has chapters that moves from one country to other. As the story progresses, you would feel the pace and the heat brewing up making you to The review goes like this:

Chapter 1:

Franck(no one knows his real name and is taken from the legion).
Claudine - Wife

Elodie - Child

Adam - security guard. Legion. US Marine Scout Sniper

See Glass - name of the yacht

WWII period. Germany. Hitler suicide.


“Der Schatten” “The Shadow”

Chapter 2 - England

Adam. Codes Red & Blue.

His friends Luke, Franco & Oscar were killed. Only Rebecca - Oscar’s grand daughter survived. Who killed them & why? Adam was friend of Oscar.

Chapter 3 - Northern Germany

Herr Muller 


Frau Vogt - not much was known about her but the gang tolerated her

Chapter 4 - England

Escape of Rebecca & Adam from the house. A real thrilling one. 

Chapter 5 - Germany


4 men. 30 to 45 years old.


Stefan, Heinz, Kaspar & Klaus (from UK)

Chapter 6 - England

Kaiser - the dog

Rebecca learns more about her grandfather from Adam. But is that all?

Chapter 7 - Argentina

Herr Schwartz 

Spider’s Web gold

Castle zbiroh- where gold is believed to be stashed

The final statement he makes at the end of the chapter was eerie.

Chapter 8 - Russia

Viktor Ivanov - President, Russian Federation 

What is his connection with Herr Schwartz?

Process of establishing Fourth Reich

Carl Brown, President of the USA πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ 

Chapter 9, Israel


Ariel Mandler

Ezra gives info about the happenings.

Chapter 10, England

As Adam & Rebecca were recuperating at the patter’s farm house, the deadly killers arrived - thanks to the help of the detector planted on his Land Rover. 

Adam manages to escape. 

Chapter 11, Germany

Chapter 12, Argentina 

Apart from Germany & US, even leaders from Scandinavia, France & UK were working in tandem with this group. Plans hatched to set up their people in upcoming elections in Sweden & Spain. 

Chapter 13, England

Adam reaches out to Peter, an ex-SAS. 

Rebecca reads her grandfather’s letter. They were very vital. What was written in that letter?

Chapter 14, Russia 

Ivanov to Yevgeny

Chapter 15, France

Juliette DuPont - Interpol

Eirik Jensen

Gets signals about increased activity among the Neo-Nazis.

Chapter 16, Germany

The killers plans to take Peter. They also planted a tracking device on Audi Q4 which Adam & Rebecca borrowed from Peter.

Chapter 17, USA

President of USA gets apprised about the situation

Chapter 18, USA 

John Murphy, Director of CIA who apprised the situation to the President starts pondering as to why the new President was more interested in the event happening in Europe

Tom Miller gets the assignment from Director Murphy to conduct a secret investigation about the happenings in Europe.

Murphy gets framed and was replaced by Paul Shultz in no time.

Chapter 19, England

Kaspar & Stefan enters Peter’s house. While he gets tortured for information, Yosef, the Israeli agent watches it and summons Ori, to tail other two Germans. Peter dies.

Chapter 20, USA

Murphy starts pondering about the connection of the President with the incidents

Chapter 21, Germany

Plans are hatched to take Adam & Rebecca and retrieve the secret from them.

Chapter 22, England



I am not giving any further chapters because I have given enough to evoke interest among you as I have given only a fraction of the story. Now you would have got a gist about the novel. This is a political espionage story which is written beyond your imagination by the author Ido Graf.

I must admit that I have not read such an intense novel in this genre to date and would surely love them to see it on big screen as a full time movie or even as a series on Amazon OTT.

You would not feel bored even once an if you love thriller or political genre or International politics, you shouldn't miss to pick this book. If you are on "Kindle Unlimited" plan, this book is available for FREE. If not, an eBook would cost less than a dollar(US) and is just Rs.49. Trust me, you would not feel bad that you have spent your time or money because the story is unputdownable and is a perfect entertainer.

This book is available across the globe on Amazon. In India, it is available on eBook and paperback formats. Also available on Audible.