One person gets disabled every minute in India: Ratna Nidhi

8 year Yash Chaudhri was one of the persons waiting for an extension to his unstable foot; before crowdfunding helped  Ratna Nidhi Trust fit him with prosthetic limbs.

Yash’s parents are just one, among many worried parents; whose children are born with a disability; and cannot afford to treat them.

Rajiv Mehta, Trustee Ratna Nidhi, who helped the family says, “ Yash was very confident about his abilities. He got engrossed in books, thought he was just like anybody else& did not want anybody to pity him for his condition. That's how all people with disabilities are. They need our understanding and support, not our pity. Conservative estimates of the World Bank and World Health Organization suggests that there are about 70-100 million individuals with a disability in India. How do we mainstream them?”

Rajiv Mehta’s Ratna Nidhi has received a grant from to develop 3D scanning software to scan residual limbs and print proper-fitting sockets for people in rural areas of India. Long before this grant, Ratna Nidhi’s mobility camps have been distributing callipers, Jaipur Foot, hearing aids and wheelchairs all over the country. Some of these camps have been in terrorism inflicted regions like Afghanistan and Leh Ladakh as well. 

Experts say that one person gets disabled in India every minute. It is for these mobility camps that Ratna Nidhi uses crowdfunding to help as many people as possible. As per a 2014 report by SaveLIFE Foundation in 2014, Five million people were seriously injured or disabled in road accidents in India in the past decade. Thats about one person per minute,” explains Rajiv Mehta. 

Adds Rajiv Mehta, “Ratna Nidhi is forward to raising Rs. 1260000 to help about 500 people, over the next one month.”

Equipment’s to be provided are
1.      Fitting callipers to polio-affected children/youth
2.      Fitting of Jaipur foot prosthetics
3.      Distribution of hearing aids

The link to the crowdfunding website is


Ratna Nidhi was founded by Mahendrabhai Mehta, declared Humanitarian Rose by the US Senate, a personal beneficiary of the world bank with a special consultative status at the UN. He was born in Antwerp, Belgium. 

Over two decades ago he initiated the Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust with financial resources from his own family and friends.Since then he has been a worldwide force to help children across the globe in a multitude of ways. 

    • Ratna Nidhi Founder Mahendrabhai was the India Chair for Safe Kids foundation.
    • In just India, Mahendra Mehta is credited for helping over 2 million children through an assortment of educational, medical, developmental and various other initiatives. 
    • India is not the only part of the world that has benefited from Ratna Nidhi. He has helped tens of thousands of children in Kenya, Afghanistan, Burundi, Honduras, Dominican Republic.
    • Ratna Nidhi is one of the largest donors of orthotics and prosthetics in the world.
    • They feed 4500 children in Mumbai every morning- over the last. 15 years, this would amount to about 2.3 crore free meals.
    • They have distributed over 2.48 lac mobility aids, like Jaipur foot, polio callipers, wheelchairs and crutches. 
    • They have distributed over 1.10 million garments to the poor and needy.
    • Ratna Nidhi is also an integral part of the Mission Million books, in association with Alibaba, Kotak bank etc;

Tourism Australia unveils version 2.0 of the Great Australian Airfare Sale!

Tourism Australia unveils version 2.0 of the Great Australian Airfare Sale!

After a successful round one of the Great Australian Airfare Sale in November 2016, Tourism Australia has unveiled the second chapter of its industry first initiative, Great Australian Airfare Sale 2.0. Launched in partnership with eight leading airlines, the campaign is aimed at bolstering inbound tourism from India to Australia. Leading airline partners such as Air India, Air Asia, Cathay Pacific, Malaysia Airlines, Qantas, Scoot, Singapore Airlines, and Thai Airways have come on-board and are offering potential Indian travellers with top airfare deals to travel to Australia.

A testimony to the success of the phase one of the campaign was the achievement of over 10,200 bookings within a three-week activity period. The next phase of the campaign will kick-off on May 22 and will last till June 11, 2017 and will be launched across digital, social and print media platforms. The advertised fares will be valid for travel until March 2018.

Commenting on the campaign launchMr. Nishant Kashikar, Country Manager, India & Gulf, Tourism Australia, said, “Since the beginning we have identified aviation access as the key to the success of a destination. We are immensely proud to be the pioneers in introducing campaigns like “Great Airfare Sale” in the Indian market. The first phase of this campaign presented Indian travellers with a unique opportunity to travel to Australia at unbelievable airfares. We are confident that version 2.0 of the Great Airfare Sale will surpass this set benchmark. The sale allows Indian travellers to secure great deals while providing them sufficient time to plan their holiday well-in advance. We will continue to partner and work closely with our airline partners to accelerate market demand and create more enticing opportunities hereby encouraging Indians to visit Australia”.

Deals offered by the airline partners for the Great Airfare Sale 2.0 are as below:
Return fares, per person, on economy class, starting from:
Rs 22,000*
Air Asia
Rs 32,300*
Malaysia Airlines
Rs 45,200*
Rs 49,600*
Singapore Airlines
Rs 50,000*
Air India
Rs 54,000*
Thai Airways
Rs 55,500*
Cathay Pacific
Rs 56,050*

India is currently Australia's 9th largest inbound tourism market, with over 260,000 visitors spending A$ 1.24 bn as at December 2016. Over the past three years, Tourism Australia has recorded a strong double-digit growth in tourist arrivals, an indicator of the growing preference of tourists to choose Australia as a travel destination.

Visit to enjoy unbeatable fares for the most unique holiday.

*Terms and Conditions/ Disclaimer: The fares are indicative only and may vary from actual fares on respective airline websites. Fares quoted are per person on return economy class. Tourism Australia is not a travel agent and is not responsible for providing, controlling, or facilitating bookings of the offers stated in this campaign, as the same are provided by individual airline operators and are subject to the terms and conditions imposed by those parties. Sale, travel validity and black-out period differ for all airlines. Fares may not be valid for travel during peak periods such as Christmas/ New Year, Chinese New Year, etc. Please visit the airline operator’s website for full terms and conditions and to avail the offer.

About Tourism Australia
Tourism Australia is the Australian Government agency responsible for promoting Australia to the world as a destination for business and leisure travel. Tourism Australia’s purpose is to increase the economic benefits to Australia of tourism, supporting the industry’s Tourism 2020 strategy, which aims to grow the overnight annual expenditure generated by tourism to over A$ 115 billion by 2020.

The organisation is active in around 30 key markets, where it aims to grow demand for the destination’s tourism experiences by promoting the unique attributes which will entice people to visit.
Tourism Australia’s activities include advertising, public relations and media programs, trade shows and programs for the tourism industry, consumer promotions, online communications and consumer research.

Book Review - Butterflies,Parathas&The Bhagavad Gita

Title - Butterflies,Parathas&The Bhagavad Gita
Author - Dr S Hariharan
Genre - Self Help
Publisher - Amaryllis
ISBN - 978-93-81506-93-6

Many of us would have read Bhagavad Gita. I have read 2-3 different versions including the famous Bhagavad Gita - As is by Shri. Srila Prabhupada of Iskcon. I have always cherished the knowledge that the book imparts on any of its readers which has universal approach and appeal making it to be considered beyond any religion, culture and customs.

When I got this book, little did I knew that I would be going through a different discourse altogether. The book is not just another version of Bhagavad Gita. By incorporating couple of protagonists namely Venkat aka Venky and Santhosh aka Sandy, the book talks in great detail about some of the important verses mentioned in the Gita.

These guys who were into medicine viz Dermatology and Psychiatry respectively gets entrusted with a job of translating the Gita by their beloved master Bharath sit. Until he was alive, they did not took much interest in the only job assigned to them but once he passes away, they regretted for not able to deliver the simplest of job assigned to them.

Little did they realise by then it is not as simple as being construed. The book through these characters and the events happening in their life, talks about various aspects like Vishaada Yoga(connected with World), Sankhya Yoga(connected with Life), The Yoga of Karma and Dhyaana(connected with Karma and Mind), The Yoga of Bhakthi and Jnaana(connected with Bliss and Knowledge) and finally Saranagthi (which is nothing but Surrender).

The book would now be able to connect even with a commoner because it portrays their life but entangled with the provisions from the Gita which makes it unique and the one which shouldn't be missed. I liked the book a lot though it took sometime for me to complete reading this book and I must honestly confess that I could grasp hardy 10% of the contents but as they say, knowledge is an ocean and no one could master it....

The book is available on Amazon.

Book Review - A Leap Within

Title - A Leap Within
Author - Ameya Agrawal
Genre - Self Help
Publishers - Kalpaz Publications
ISBN - 978-93-5128-121-4

I was surprised when I read the book. This was or the fact that the author is just 21 but when he started writing this book, he was just 19. I could see a great amount of maturity in Ameya Agrawal who has meticulously presented the facts with some brilliant short stories, examples and anecdotes.

Many of you would have red the short stories and examples cited in this book in some place or the other but what I liked the most about the book is the usage of such stories. It was used at the right place making it blend with the information, that author wanted to put forth.

The book can be classified under self help coupled with management as it talks in great detail about the management aspect as well. It gently touches upon worldly behaviour and with few poems here and there, it would be a breeze for the literature lovers too.

Though this should not be compared with the books written by wizards and veterans, this book will stand out among them for sure.

P.S I liked "I have learned" and "Handy Tips" in particular which came at the tad end but making it an interesting read to finish this book with a smile.

The book is available on Amazon.

Book Review - Quarter Life Crisis

Title - Quarter Life Crisis
Author - Anshuk Attri
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - pblishing
ISBN - 978-81-93324-82-0

The book has a story which would serve as a learning factor for many of the youngsters who commit a mistake during their teens and repent later. The story touches upon the raw factor of being in relationship at a young age and getting pregnant on top of that.

While this may be a common scenario in western countries, we in India are still not moved towards that phase. The protagonist, Prachur liked and was in love with Neera. Their parents knew about this in little and did not show any negative signs towards it. Prachur had a loving parents and a sister - Innaya who always supported her younger brother.

Prachur had some friends in college. Neera's friends Yukti and Yashika played some role in the story both in the beginning and also in the later half. What they did is something very relevant to the flow of the story.

Prachur was shocked to find that Neera got pregnant but had n other option but to marry her against the will and wish of her parents. Thankfully he got a supporting parents who stood with him during the ordeal. Their baby girl Aadhya arrives but after that Prachur does something which puts a massive blot on his married life. What did he do? Would he manage to reconcile with his love life?

Read the story to find out where the author has beautifully narrated the incidents which makes this a worthy read. You can also get some free boos by joining Readers Cosmos

The book is available on Amazon.

Book Review - The Break-Up Clinic, A Novel

Title - The Break-Up Clinic, A Novel
Author - Dr Govind Sharma IAS(RETD)
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - NotionPress
ISBN - 978-1-947137-66-0

The book wouldn't come under self-help says the author. Dr Govind Sharma is a Medical Doctor who retired from the Indian Administrative Services in Feb 2016. No one could write a book like this which went deep into one of the trouble which our society is facing - SUICIDE.

Through this book, by weaving a short novel comprising three characters - Ajay, Karan and Nisha, the author has meticulously made it clear the main reasons for the cause of tendency to commit suicide and how it gets treated in the clinic.

The three protagonists comes from a different background but failed in their respective love life. I also came to know that there are six different reasons - 3 for men and 3 for women for causing the suicide and also came to know about Freud Analysis which would serve as an eye opener for any one and every one. With the tendency to commit suicide is on the rise and the Government of respective State and also from the Centre taking drastic steps to bring it down by establishing helpline, one of which is SNEHA which functions in Tamilnadu, this book would go a long way in saving some precious lives though the treatment and counselling is required to a greater extent.

A well written novel which ends on a happy note because this is what is expected when the affected approaches or gets referred to the clinic/helpline. Be the Change yourself and firmly believe that YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE, but if you do it right, ONCE IS ENOUGH....

The book is available on Amazon

How I pepped up my day With 7UP Revive

Being a freelancer, I have all the time in the world. However, having said that I must also admit that it comes with a lot of responsibilities. I would not call it a daunting task unless you tend to take things personally.

To the world, we are a happy couple and I would not deny that. The fact that I have been married for 7 years without any hiccups stands as a testimony to that. Since we are yet to become parents, most people tend to think that we are recently married, which we never deny unless they pose some specific questions.

Let’s quickly go through my To-Do List for the span of 24 hours in a day. Do make a note that I mentioned 24 hours because some of my friends think that I have more than 24 hours in a day - regarding which I have nothing to say. :-) There are Pros and Cons in my profession too but as they say, "the grass is always greener on the other side".

Today's Agenda: 
Wake up at 7AM. My clock starts ticking from then. The previous night I slept at 1AM as I work in the 9PM TO 1AM shift. It isn't easy to wake up early the next morning but my life demands it.

What do I do?

I quickly freshen up and after helping my better half with packing her breakfast and lunch (she is an Assistant Professor in an Engineering College and she has to catch her bus by 7:45AM), I drop her at the bus stop and return home.

Once home, I quickly arrange my clothes in the closet and read the newspaper as I browse through various channels to figure out what the trending news is that morning. As I work for a news portal during the day, my work is to provide them with some viral news.

Once that’s done, I quickly have my breakfast and head out. I live in a gated community and my only respite is the availability of a convenience store with no other store in the vicinity for at least 3 km. Even the one inside our compound would be 1 or 2 Km away. I usually go on foot since I prefer it as a way of keeping myself fit. After buying milk, curd and other products including vegetables for the day, I head back home.

By this time, few books would get delivered. Yes, you are right. I review books and the fact that I have reviewed close to 100 books in the past 6 months alone, shows my passion and desire to read. Though it may appear easy, but reading 200 to 300 pages everyday is a tiresome job as you need to concentrate on the content else you would end up reviewing it incorrectly and wouldn’t be doing justice to your job.

While reading is one thing, reviewing it is an equally important aspect. A survey says that one burns lot of calories by reading and sleeping. I do the first bit predominantly. A little later I received a call on my phone. It’s a call from Lions Club. I am an active member of Centennial Heroes and being its Deputy Secretary, my club always expects me to be on my toes when it comes to executing the projects and meeting up with new people day in and day out.

I live on the outskirts of the city and travelling to and fro from the city would set me aside with a good 70 Kms. Do I need to tell you about Chennai’s weather(where I currently reside) and its traffic? It’s sure to take away most of my energy.

Being an Alumni member of my school, I also have to attend some important meetings from time to time, which is another 30 Km from my home and located in the city. So, if I have to cover all of this, I’ll have to travel at least 100 Km and that is no joke.

What is the end result?

I end up sweating a lot losing essential electrolytes & fluids in the form of sweat. As I shall be carrying a bottle of 7UP Revive in my backpack, I wouldn't have to worry about my losses through sweat as 7UP revive helps in replenishing some of it You might have heard that sweating helps in cleansing the body of impurities but at the same time, excessive sweating can make you feel exhausted due to the loss of fluids and electrolytes. So, I end up sipping on my bottle of 7UP Revive.

The day has not ended yet. I have to ensure that I am back at my place by 4PM at the latest since I need to pick up my wife from the main road as my gated community is 1 Km away from it. From there, we go straight to the park which is spread across a massive area of not less than 500 M in length.

I end up walking in the heat for a while. With more sweating, what else other than 7UP Revive could help recharge me? :-)

Since I  carry a bottle with me in my backpack, I don’t have to worry about the sweat or about losing essential electrolytes & fluids from my body. I end up downing the entire bottle by the end of the day, especially when I am outside because it helps me to beat the heat and also recharge my body.

When you are recharged, you feel active and refreshed and you can execute all the work with ease. I have found the easy and the effective way to do it with 7UP Revive. How about you?

Book Review - The First Trillionaire

Title - The First Trillionaire
Author - Sapna Jha 
Translation - Alok Jha
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - The Write Place
ISBN - 978-9-38443-995-8

An excellent story that I have read in recent times. I was surprised in the first place that the story was written in Hindi by Sapna Jha and has been translated by Alok Jha. While I have not read the Hindi Version, I am sure, the English Version has produced the story intact.

The story begins with Sahil, a simple girl who clears IBPS exams and joins East India Bank. She is a devotee of Goddess Durga and wanted to donate big amount to Vaishno Devi and other temples for which she wanted to earn and become the first Trillionaire.

The idea was sparked in her mind after she reads about the total wealth of the World and she wanted a portion of it. She had a tough childhood with no memories about her Father since he was dead even before she was born an her mother faced all difficulties as a single mom to raise her.

Things took a different turn when she befriend a stranger on Facebook who started pouring money as and when Sahil wanted. Who was she? Why did she start sending so much money to Sahil?

On the other hand, Sahil confronts a local don who kidnaps her for ransom. Only then the World comes to know who Sahil was. A rescue mission was underway on the behest of Kran who was the founder of "Near Earth Miners and Space Voyagers". 

Why would Kran get into the rescue mission being a multi billionaire himself and who this Facebook friend of Sahil?

Read this story which would keep you hooked from the beginning till the end.

The book is available on Amazon.

Project Thiramai by Pepsico & SMILE Foundation

When the floods devastated Chennai in December 2015, it had literally shut down the source of income for many household. The effect was felt throughout Chennai as it did not spare even a single area. Lot of individuals and companies involved themselves towards the upliftment of the affected class.

SMILE Foundation was one of the organisation that took the initiative to bring back the lost hope among the families. Though the organisation is working across various geographical areas, this time they established training centres in Mammandur, Salavakkam, AP Chatiram & Nelvoy road. Some 235 deserving women candidates from across 12 villages were identified and were given stitching training under Project Thiramai.

As a part of the project, an event was organized on 10th May 2017 where all these 235 women were given certificates and sewing machines to self sustain and support themselves. The event was attended by dignitaries from the State Government. The members who were present in the event were:

Mr M C Sampath - Minister for Industries, Govt of Tamilnadu
Mr P Thangamani - Minster for Electricity, Excise and Prohibition, Govt of Tamilnadu
Mr Sanjeev Dham - COO, SMILE Foundation
Ms Poonam Kaul - Vice President-CSR, Pepsico India

The event saw the participation of all the 235 women being present at the venue with great  enthusiasm.4

Speaking about the initiatives, Mr Sanjeev Dham-COO, SMILE foundation thanked Pepsico for their support in supporting the initiative which saw how the women whose families were affected by floods and other natural disaster willingly came up to take part in the drive thereby enhancing their capabilities to stand up on their own legs. He further added that the initiative was unique and saw the participation from physically challenged women too. Through Project Thiramai, training has been given to women across the four training centres and n successful completion, certificates and sewing machines were given to the candidates.

Poonam Kaul, Vice Preisdent - CSR, Pepsico India noted that the company feels proud in supporting such an initiative which has seen the rise of women from economically weaker section. Pepsico has joined with SMILE foundation to support these women across Kancheepuram district from various villages and by making women learn stitching, it would enable them to join the garment factory companies which are in abundance in the area. The decision was taken after considering the employment opportunities post training which has helped hundreds and thousands of families. The foundation has been doing three initiatives namely Smile-on-Wheels healthcare vans, School Cleanliness and Project Thirami.

Under Project Thiramai, the women not only gets trained to stitch but also were given training to repair the and maintain the sewing machine themselves. The training period is for 3 months. Along with the training, these candidates were also taught about Yoga, Meditation and also given awareness training on obesity and nutrition which would help in eradicating the poverty.

Pepsico India has been taking part in the growth of Tamilnadu since 1989 which has 5 manufacturing plants across the State. Through Production, Sales and Distribution it supports 15,000 families and for the better yield of food grains, the company has already joined hands with more than 400 farmers and working with them. By doing this, the company has helped them save more than 30% of water and the highlight to this is the savings of 1.5 billion litres of water that has been saved in the year 2015 alone by these initiatives.

When the floods devastated Chennai in 2015, Pepsico had deployed its Sales unit and those who are employed in their production unit to take part in the rescue operations. The company has also supplied more than 1.4 litres of Aquafina purified water along with 38,000 kilos of Quaker oats.

Minsters M C Sampath and P Thangamani spoke about the initiatives  wherein they lauded the company and the foundation for doing the great work. They said they look forward to their contribution and continued support enriching the lives of many families.
The event concluded with the distribution of sewing machines to all the 235 women who has completed their training.

Team of personally attended the event and the post is in collaboration with PepsiCo India.

Mynoo Maryel, Visionary Founder at The PoEM Foundation conferred WEF Award of Iconic Leaders Creating a Better World

Mynoo Maryel, Visionary Founder at The PoEM Foundation (PoEM=Palace of Extraordinary Miracles) and author of deeply inspiring international bestseller 'The BE book’ was conferred the Women Economic Forum’s prestigious award of Iconic Leaders Creating a Better World for ALL to recognize her contribution in the philanthropy space.

Mynoo was conferred the honor in a gala event on Friday in the capital. Some of the other awardees included Dr. Marissa Pei, Life Coach & Positive Talk Radio Personality and Suchitra Kaul Misra, President - Community Services of Bangalore.

“I am honored to accept this recognition. Our focus at the PoEM foundation is on the 'full spectrum well-being' which includes physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, environmental, social, occupational and financial well-being. At the foundation of all this is dignity and enriching lives,” said Mynoo.

Mynoo further added, “I dedicate what we are doing here to motherhood and mothers. They play a very big part in connecting us to dignity.”

Speaking at the event, Dr Harbeen Arora, Founder and Global Chairperson, ALL Ladies League (ALL) and Women Economic Forum (WEF) said, “WEF is a supportive platform where women from all walks of life can come and empower their skills, attitudes and networks. This year, almost 18 Women Economic Forum events would get organized across the world; with the purpose of giving women worldwide greater voice and visibility.”

The gala Annual Women Economic Forum gathers women leaders from 100+ countries at its mega marathon spectacular conference in New Delhi spread over 6 days.
About Mynoo Maryel 
Every millennium, there are a few voices that capture the collective imagination of the world; with their powerful presence and effortless persuasion!
Harbinger of miracles, spiritual oracle Mynoo Maryel has sparked a global movement of restoring dignity and enriching lives.
An erstwhile specialist advisor to key leaders throughout the United Kingdom, as well as the boards of several Fortune 100 companies, Mynoo represented the UK in major EU policy development for information and communications technologies, as well as some pioneering economic regeneration initiatives in London. 
Mynoo subsequently experienced a series of spiritual awakenings and connected with the true mission of her soul.  She wrote her deeply inspiring international bestseller 'The BE book', in the solitude of her POEM Foundation resort in Bali. The book was celebrated in India, via the revered Speaking Tree as a guide to self-liberation.
She has written columns for some of the world's leading publications on how to live a life of balance and prosperity.

I would like to end this with a note that I had an opportunity to write a review for one of her book in September 2016, the link of which could be found hereby clicking here

Grow with Fivestar

I along with fellow bloggers had an opportunity to visit the Five Star outlet in Besant Nagar. The showroom is located in Besant Avenue near Royal Enfield showroom.

Unlike other places which operates on kiosks model, this place is a dine-in place. It has a facility to accommodate even 15 people at a time.

What items did we get to taste?

1. Crunchy Masala

2. Thai Crispy

3. Hot 'n' Smokey

4. Chilli Nuggets

5. Spicy Fingers

6. Chicken Popcorn

7. Hungry Bird Burger

While we see about the food items in a while, I would talk about the store. The store offers a free wi-fi and payment can be made via JdPay. The store is available on Swiggy which means one can place online orders too.

Needless to say, the store is present on Zomato as well.  Do leave your review about the store.

What are the take away from the event?

There were few. Firstly we had an opportunity to taste the above mentioned delicacies and needless to say the taste remains the same ever since I had it which dates back to 2015. This shows the brand's commitment towards maintaining the standard and quality.

How is this possible?

The reason is simple. The brand which is a part of the global conglomerate CP Foods which is head quartered in Thailand and has over 7000 outlets in 9 countries namely Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Malaysia, China, Bangladesh and India believes in 3 aspects:

1. Great Taste
2. Best Quality and
3. Great Value

The brand does not source chicken from outside but get it raised in their own poultry farm in Chittoor. The chicken gets distributed before sunrise to all the outlets which means whatever you eat is as fresh as they are. One should make a note that because of this, the chicken are not frozen enabling them to maintain its taste. This makes them say proudly that they adapt to "Farm to Food" methodology.

The chicken which is served is Halal Certified. Hence any one can eat it without any second thoughts.

Coming to the food:

Each and every item we ate were prepared and is unique with regards to its taste. The Thai Crispy is for those who wanted less spicy chicken an with international taste whereas hot 'n' smokey is just for Indian consumers. Chicken popcorn is a hit among youngsters because once you eat it, you will not go elsewhere.

Spicy fingers are prepared with chicken and binders are used to hold the grind which may include soy flour. Chilli nuggets are unique as they give you the feeling of eating a chicken paw. Crunchy Masala and Hungry Bird Burgers are the other delicacies which the brand is known for.

As mentioned above, the chicken would be delivered along with the ingredients/mix that would go in the making of the food item to ensure uniform taste across all the outlets. Only the preparation is done at the store.

We took few snaps inside and outside the outlet.

What makes Five Star special?

The brand operates on its own not depending on raw materials from other vendors hence making it possible to price their products low. A birthday party can be host for as less as Rs.1,000 covering 8-10 people either at the store or at your home.

The brand is also looking at expanding its base in Chennai and other parts of South India. The new model which they have come up will enable any one who is willing to put in their hard work and with a small investment of 6 lakhs onwards, can own up a franchisee where all the support like branding, staff training support, customer handling, set up of infrastructure and food items would be given by the brand.

You need not have to own a huge place. Even a mere 80-100 sq.ft space is enough to take up the franchise and at an expected profit after overheads pegging at approx 30%, one could take back their investment in 3 years max which means anything after that is just your profits, completely.

What more you are waiting for? If you do not want to work under some one and has the will to put in your hard work and want to be your own boss, join hands with the leading brand Five Star and grow with them.

MDIS - Getting to the Heart of Hospitality

Narendran Panir Selvam cuts a dashing figure as he stands in front of a class of students at Tropical Breeze, MDIS’ hospitality training centre.

At over 1.7m tall, he is imposing, easily towering over his students. His commanding presence holds his students’ rapt attention as he addresses them in a deep voice. He is teaching his students all there is to know about the OPERA system used by major hotels today.

Narendran majored in Tourism and Hospitality during his undergraduate studies. He chose MDIS to pursue his Bachelor’s in International Tourism and Hospitality Management, awarded by renowned University of Sunderland (UK).

“MDIS’ practicum curriculum stood out amongst all other tourism courses. What really attracted me was the 6-month internship opportunity, which would allow me to gain industry experience and build my network,” he shared.

The institute recently launched two new hospitality facilities – the MDIS Bakery & Culinary Studio, in conjunction with notable partner, City of Glasgow College (UK).  The launch extends the latter’s internationally recognised and practicum based programmes to students and working professionals here who wish to enter, upgrade or progress further in the hospitality industry. The new facilities will soon be engaging over 30 beneficiaries from Beyond Social Services, a local welfare organisation, in pizza baking workshops to extend opportunities to children aged between 7 and 16 as part of its service to the community.

A typical day of work at MDIS sees Narendran preparing materials and readying the training centre for his students. He trains students in front desk operations, housekeeping, bartending and table-setting.

Narendran also has charge of internship placements. When not in training, he spends his time liaising with hotels and other organisations to arrange internship opportunities for his students.

He himself did his 6-month internship during his studies at MDIS with Hyatt Regency in Dubai. He set his goal to intern overseas and his lecturer, Mr Reza Sumali, supported and encouraged his dreams.

His internship was his first overseas experience. A charismatic smile on his face, he fondly shared of his time in Dubai, “I was apprehensive to say the least when I first arrived. Indeed, it was a lifestyle change for me but my great colleagues made it so much easier for me to adapt.”

Narendran was attached to the Rooms Division and gained a wide breadth of experience as he was deployed to front and back office as well as housekeeping. He learnt first-hand how a hotel’s front and back office was run, gained essential knowledge and skills to work the OPERA, Triton and Reserve systems, manage group and airline crew check-ins, handle guest complaints, manage night runs, handle forecasting, promotional activities and more. 

Asked what he had found challenging of his internshiphe replied, “Dealing with the shift work! It was difficult in the beginning but with proper time management and discipline, I managed to adjust my sleeping patterns. It was quite an eye-opener as with every shift, you gain exposure to different experiences.”

“I can confidently say that the six months I spent interning at Hyatt Regency Dubai were the best six months of my life! I am particularly proud to have been recognised by a guest and the hotel for exceptional services rendered and also being a part of the team that achieved the highest check-in score in the Southwest Asia region of Hyatt hotels and set a record of 97% for Hyatt surveys in a month. These achievements proved my capabilities and helped me improve myself further to serve my guests even better.”

He continued, “My time overseas changed my view of work life and also changed me as a person; it made me realise what I wanted for my life and the goals I want to achieve. I would encourage anyone to go abroad to gain experience.”

After graduating from MDIS in 2013, Narendran joined Grand Hyatt Singapore as a Guest Service Agent but his plan and passion was always for teaching.

After three years with Hyatt, Narendran made his move; he applied to MDIS as a trainer.

“I wanted to be able to impart my knowledge and skills to students who are keen to learn about the industry. Being able to make an impact in the lives of younger generations really attracted me to take up a role as a trainer.”

The most satisfying part of Narendran’s job is the relationship he has with his students. He can easily relate to them and they to him, making for a comfortable and enriching relationship. Though he admits it takes patience to deal with students today, who tend to be more streetwise and vocal in their opinions. 

“When I was a student at MDIS I always had a great relationship with my lecturers and trainers. Similarly now that I am working here, I strive to ensure that I always maintain a good relationship with my students. I believe the learning journey and experience we provide is what defines us the most as an educational institute.”
MDIS will be introducing several new skills-based diploma and degree programmes over these next two years, including in new areas such as F&B (Culinary Arts); Healthcare Support; and Leadership and People Management. These programmes will help nurture future-ready graduates who are equipped with the necessary skills and capabilities to meet industry demands. 

About MDIS
Founded in 1956, the Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS) is Singapore’s oldest not-for-profit professional institute for lifelong learning. MDIS has two main subsidiaries - Management Development Institute of Singapore Pte Ltd to oversee its Singapore academic operations, and MDIS International Pte Ltd to further its globalisation strategy.

MDIS offers internationally accredited courses from globally recognised universities in France, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. The institute has been EduTrust certified since 2010 and is one of the first Private Education Institutions to be registered under the Enhanced Registration Framework.

MDIS is one of the leading private education institutes (PEIs) to be ranked Top 2 among PEIs in Singapore, according to the Webometrics ranking of World Universities by Cybermetrics Lab in January 2017 ( In 2015, MDIS received the Enterprise 50 Award for its contributions and resilience in spurring Singapore’s economy.

MDIS set up the Management Development and Consultancy in 1995 to address the training needs of the workforce. The Service Quality Centre was acquired in 2014 to diversify the institute’s offerings in training solutions and secure its position as a premium regional provider of training solutions.

MDIS has three international campuses - Tashkent in Uzbekistan (2008), Johor in Malaysia (2013) and Chennai in India (2015). MDIS also has representative offices in China, India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and Thailand, as well as agents throughout Southeast Asia.

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