Red Aloe Vera: 22 times more powerful than green aloe

 Red Aloe Vera: 22 times more powerful than green aloe


23 March 2022: The fleshy and curly leaves of Aloe Vera vary in color, from green to bright copper-red. Red Aloe Vera, sometimes called Red Aloe, a temperature-sensitive succulent, is a native to Africa. The plant that is characterized by its vibrant copper-red leaves is grown in a very small geography, in the hot and arid regions, of India. This makes Red Aloe Vera, a much sought after and very expensive plant in India.

Why is it that Red Aloe Vera is so sought after? Red Aloe Vera is also called the king of the aloe vera family. Red Aloe Vera leaves are rich in antioxidants like Vitamin A (β-carotene), Vitamins C and E, B12, and Folic Acid. Aloe-emodin and aloin, the two phytochemicals found in red Aloe Vera provide powerful anti-inflammatory benefits- making it a potential treatment for superficial first-degree burns, other skin conditions like atopic dermatitis, or rashes. Red Aloe Vera is rich in saponins and sterols known for their cardio-protective effects.

High concentrations of salicylic acid and polysaccharides with powerful painkilling and anti-inflammatory properties, help relax tight muscles and provide a soothing effect. Aloe Vera is also indicated for use in headaches and migraines. Aloe gel calms the nervous system of the body, stimulates metabolism, and removes toxins from the body.

It is because of these properties and higher concentrations of the over 75 medicinal compounds that make Red Aloe Vera 22-times more potent as compared to its commonly found green variant.

The moisturizing effects of Red Aloe have also been studied in the treatment of dry skin associated with occupational exposure. Red Aloe Vera gel improves skin integrity, reduces the appearance of wrinkles, and reduces erythema. It also has anti-acne effects. It can help treat skin conditions and improve the appearance of the skin. An article published on the website of the National Eczema Association suggests that the anti-inflammatory properties of Red Aloe Vera gel may help relieve eczema flare-ups too. Red Aloe Vera contains collagen, which prevents aging and regenerates the skin.

Red Aloe Vera has been found useful in treating burns, scrapes, psoriasis, and even insect bites too. Red Aloe Vera promotes scalp health and the antifungal elements in the gel are known to eliminate dandruff. The combination of vitamins and minerals in Aloe can soothe reddened skin from breakouts and acne.

A 2016 Indian study evaluating eight clinical trials concluded that oral Red Aloe Vera significantly improved fasting blood sugar levels in people with prediabetes, but had limited effects in people with type 2 diabetes. Red Aloe Vera is taken orally as a supplement in the form of crushed leaves, juice, powder, or extract to improve blood sugar control in people with prediabetes and type 2 diabetes.


Clensta International, a new-age start-up was founded by Puneet Gupta in 2016. Clensta is preparing itself to take on the established and legacy brands in the personal care segment. With its R&D center at the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, the company is making a foray with its range of highly innovative products. These scientifically developed products are delivered through the patented transdermal STAR Technology, which enhances the absorption through the skin.

Clensta is set to commercially launch an innovative range of personal care products using red Aloe Vera as the principal ingredient. Red Aloe Vera is about 22 times more powerful than its common green variant, has higher concentrations of beneficial phytochemicals, and the amino acid content of Red Aloe Vera is double that of the common green Aloe Vera. All of them make Red Aloe Vera the principal ingredient for a wide range of highly innovative products.