Book Review - The Doer


Title - The Doer
Author - Rekha Nair
Genre - Spirituality
Publisher - Olympia Publishers
ISBN - 978-1804394953

The book begins with a powerful note - "Everything we do is Spiritual". I couldn't agree more since most of us believe in GOD who is called by different names under different religions. We also believe that there is "Unseen Power" above us which decides our fate and Karma.

The book is divided into 12 chapters namely:

1. Have we forgotten? 

2. What have we forgotten? 

3. What is Love? 

4. What is the nature of the soul? 

5. God is? 

6. Why is freedom important? 

7. What is the relevance of cyclic events and things that exist in pairs? 

8. What is the toughest thing to overcome? 9. What is a choice, and does it exist? 

10. What does connecting mean? 

11. What do you value the most? 

12. You rather experience and know or do you want to know and then experience. Also, why?

Each of these has a powerful message to convey. Author focuses majorly on EGO which she explains beautifully "Act of cosmic energy that determines input and output and NOT the EGO".

Letting go of ego can bring lot of good results. How true are these lines.

Author amphasises on Path laid down by the cosmic force and we all travel in that.

What do you give and what do you get in return?

When there was a mention about handwritten letters, it was a Rewind of the past. “So, anytime a person walks into your life, understand the purpose they are here for”.

A purpose is a purpose. When I read statements like these, I felt I was reading a book which is not only spiritual but also a guide that reiterates aspects that were laid/preached by our ancestors.

Suffering is an indicator that someone’s life is going to change”. - This is a motivating factor and should be used in the right sense as it is intended to be.

Love and freedom are complimentary. If you love, you are free. If you are free, you love” - a statement one needs to be retrospect 

There is an interconnection between each chapter which you will realise when you read this book. These are universal concepts that will apply to one and all irrespective of race, religion, culture and place. 

What is ego?

Often ego is looked upon as the bad guy. If used and tamed properly, ego can be the biggest instrument to show you the depth of who you truly are. Realization is a relative process”. How true this statement is :)

Don’t seek validation which is also a form of divide. Use this at your workplace to see how it transforms your otherwise unpleasure work in a pleasure.

Right and Wrong - both are needed to progress in this strange process called Life. Agree?

Purpose was a thoughtful chapter. 

How life played across various stages of the author and how it shaped her up of what she is today. Though this book is a quick read, the message it conveys and the crux it has will travel with you for life.

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