Bahubali Thali at Ponnusamy Restaurant, Nungambakkam

Complete Thali - It has both Veg & Non-Veg.

You would get to be informed about the stages and the sequence in which you could have it - to make it a complete meal.

Each and every dish was cooked with perfection. There is hardly anything you would find it in excess - be it oil, masala & spices.
Chicken & mutton were cooked so well that they almost melted in our mouth. They also have variety of goli soda apart from fresh lime juice.
Ambiance was pleasant. They have underground parking space for 2/4 wheeler. Restaurant is on the first floor & is spacious. Prior appointment would be good if you’re going on weekend as it is jam packed.

Best part about this Thali is, it is served even in the evening. You’ll be left with such a dilemma as to which one to eat since all of them taste real good.

Do not forget to try their special omelettes (the one which is stuffed with fish, mutton & chicken). A great place to hang out with ,to treat your family members & friends.

P.S. They also have Mega Biryani Thali.

Attaching the video for your better understanding


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