Food Review - VEJ Restaurant

vejindia is a cozy restaurant which could fit 6-8 people. It is located in the Arya Gowda Road. Use @localguidesindia map to reach this place accurate.

The restaurant is in operation for little over 2 years. They specialise in power meals. They use 100% wheat. It is 100% Natural & Friendly. They also have “Jain Food” option.

You can opt for dine in or take away. They also deliver food through @zomatoin & @swiggyindia

I ordered their famous 7-in-1 meal box aka Fusion Box. You can check the pic attached in this post which gives you an idea as to what kind of combo you could go for. I went for Paneer Overload with Butter Jeera Rice coupled with Creamy Beans & Momos Chutney.

It also comes with mint yogurt & sliced veggies along with 2 Chapathis.

I then ordered 2-in-1 pizza (this pizza comes with two different tastes - Tangy Tomato & Spicy Chillies). This was followed by noodles.

I then ordered Coconut Water and ended with their super good butter milk which was thick.

Their dishes are cooked to perfection with no extra spice. I thoroughly loved the dishes that were served hot & quick
Order yours today to feel the difference #AreYouVEJ