Book Review - Two Girls

Title - Two Girls
Author - Shivam Diwedi
Genre - Romance
Publisher - 24by7Publishing

There are various types of romance novels such as Mills and Boons, slow-paced, based on teary-eyed separation, and a few more. However, the most outstanding one is fast-paced romance thriller. When I had read the blurb of this novel, I deemed it as one of the stereotypes. But the chapters of this novel are so short that I managed to read 4 to 5 in one breath. Ever since the very first page, the book was highly promising on action, boldness, and adventure. It was becoming a hot and heady romance with thriller in the background.

This is a story of two girls Shriya and Anika and one young man Rudra. The novel is set in the cities of North India, Kanpur and Lucknow. The male lead Rudra lives in Kanpur and for his sustenance he works in McDonald’s. He has no parents, but in the form of a good friend and caretaker, there is Anika, she is also his co-worker. They both handle the restaurant with full responsibility and the owner treats them like their children, especially to Rudra.

The novel is interesting since the first page but it grows more exciting when Rudra meets Shriya in Lucknow and falls in love with her at first sight. Anika hides her feelings and doesn’t reveal her crush on a guy whom she loved to keep anonymous. The novel is written in flashback and third person narration, thus making it an impressive read. Shriya is disappeared and the police capture Rudra for that. But Rudra instead of taking the blame straight chooses to investigate the case as he still feels love for her. But the investigation is not easy because by then Anika comes into his life. No matter all circumstances favour Rudra to be with Anika, but fate has something different to tell. Who will marry whom? And what will happen to Shriya after the disappearance? Will Rudra be able to solve the case and justify the stance of both girls in his life?

Written with good back stories and sweeps, the characterization of Rudra and Shriya and Anika set in tandem because they all looked independent and bold in their capacity. Considering this the first book of the author, I think he succeeded all the expectations that comes with the readers. I enjoyed it and hope you too enjoy it as much as I. The novel is easy to read and hot at times when Rudra gets intimate with Shriya. There is everything that a romance lover will like about this novel.

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