Ruchulu - Andhra Bhojanam at Greams Road

What a terrific lunch it was at @ruchuluindia
Usually, we would feel that some of the items did not live up to the expectation but with Ruchulu, I was out of words.

This restaurant is in Greams Road, Thousand Lights & is just 5 days old. Though you may have some difficulty in spotting this, if you go my @localguidesindia map, you can reach the place spot on.

Interior was decent. Staffs were friendly.
What did we order?

Gongura Chicken
Avakkai Chicken
Kodi Vellalu
Mamsam roast
Nellore  chilli chicken
Karuvepillai mushroom
Ruchulu Chefs Spl Biryani
Gongura Biryani
Mamsam Biryani
Prawn Biryani

I must openly admit that each and every dish exceeded my expectations. Gongura & Avakkai Chicken in the starters were top class.
I would highly recommend Ruchulu Chef’s Special Biryani. It is certainly worth its cost & would suffice the hunger of two adults or 4 kids  easily. It has good amount of rice coupled with chicken, mutton & egg.

I also had Karuvepillai mushroom & Paneer 65. They were as good as the non-veg dishes.

Whoever the chef is, he has done a great job by mixing the right ingredients at the right place which makes each and every dish, appealing.