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Managing your finances has always been a task. It is tedious even for a commerce graduate as it needs a lot of traits and nuances. While this is one aspect, when it comes to applying for a personal loan due to some emergency or various needs, it is even more cumbersome. This is mainly because of the presence of various companies/brands out there which try to lure you with various offers and schemes. What one may not realize is how these are misleading in some of the cases where some pointers are given in real small print in the offer document.

There is no point in regretting after availing the loan since you may end up paying more than what you have actually budgeted to pay. This is when I stumbled upon PLANET APP. This stands for Personalized Lending & Assisted NETworks. What makes it more appealing is PLANET APP is a part of L&T Finance which is a leading brand in the NBFC space. This is a one-stop shop for all your lending and servicing needs which includes:

  1. Consumer Loans
  2. Two-Wheeler Finance
  3. Farm Equipment Finance
  4. Micro Loans
  5. Housing Finance
  6. SME Finance

What I liked the most is its user-friendly interface. Even a novice with basic knowledge can access the details of the loan with ease. The fact that this has reached 3+ million downloads within a year of launch shows its popularity and reach coupled with confidence and trust entrusted on the brand by the consumers (public).

You may be from any part of India which would not act as a deterrent to use this app which enjoys 4.3-star ratings on Apple Store and 4.4-star rating on Android play store. Since the PLANET APP is available in 10 vernacular languages apart from Hindi and English, this makes life easy for the public as a whole.

Some of the reasons why this stands apart from others:

  1. Easy loan payment options
  2. Pay through UPI, Debit Card, Net Banking, Wallet etc.,
  3. Mandate Swap to easily manage auto-debit details without having to visit a bank/branch physically.
  4. Access to loan documents where you could get the details of disbursed and outstanding loan amount details, transaction history, repayment schedules, NOC, Interest Certificates and others.

The main USP of the PLANET App is to offer loans in no time. Would you believe me if I say that you can get your loan in 7 minutes? Yes. You read it right. By avoiding extensive documentation, you could get the loan in no time in case of an emergency. What more do you need?

On the PLANET APP, you can easily manage your personal information. Now let us check the security aspect. The app needs a 4-digit pin and a biometric login. Without these, no one could access the details. This ensures that your details are well protected.

In addition to this, you could also get to check your Credit Score for FREE. What makes them unique is their wellness insurance plan offering.

While farmers may be ignored a lot, PLANET APP has addressed this as well through the Mandi Price option. Through this, they could check the price of the farm products which helps them to make a better decision when it comes to selling their produce. By going through the comparison of prices across various mandis, they can choose the one that offers a better deal apart from taking the crucial decision of when to plant and harvest their crop, based on market conditions which would help them in making a decent profit.

Through EMI reminders, you can also be assured that no payments are missed which would help you in maintaining a healthy credit score.


As a consumer, you would have a requirement for one which can be utilized for marriage, vacation, home renovation, buying gadgets among others. One need not have to postpone their dreams since making them a reality can be done in no time. Also, when it comes to time critical events like Festival Sale where you can save a good amount of money on gadgets, this would come handy. In some of the cases, the money you save may be more or less equivalent to the interest that you have to pay on your loan. Doesn’t this sound interesting and appealing?

What are you waiting for?

Download the PLANET App  here -> https://planetbyltf.onelink.me/ffgr/uvfmbbj5

You can also follow them on their SM handles:

• LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/l&t-finance/

• Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LnTFS/

• Twitter: https://twitter.com/LnTFSOnline

• Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lntfinance/

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In Personal lLoan there are different types of loan which anyone can apply for it with the help of Personal Loan App.