On the journey in an empty train

I came to the railway station. It was early in the morning. There was hardly any lights around and I could hear dogs howling from a distance. I was bit scared but I thought why should I be since this is a railway station and not an haunted bungalow or castle.

I managed to see the time on my mobile phone. It was 3.45AM. All of a sudden there was an announcement " Train No. 12345 will arrive at platform no.1 shortly" and even before the announcement was complete, I saw the train approaching.Strangely I could not see clearly as to who was in the engine room as the lights were switched off but the train did stop at the station.

When I got in, I was into more of a shock. It was completely empty. Though I had an unreserved ticket and now that I can travel happily by sleeping on the berth, still my mind felt something fishy. I quickly ran to the other bogeys and found everything was empty. Even before I thought of getting down the train, it started moving. I was on a complete shock.

Fear gripped my minds. I fell asleep. I thought I had slept for real long time and all of a sudden there was a sudden jerk. I got up and found it was only 4AM in the morning. OMG!! Did only 15 minutes pass by all this while? God. When am I going to see the sunshine and why I had face such a terrible experience? I fell asleep again.

It should have been almost 3 to 4 hours now for sure. Someone was trying to wake me up. My head started aching severely and when I woke up, I saw the sunlight, finally. I saw the time. It was 8AM. it was my Mom who was trying desperately to wake me up from my sleep.

All this while I had been...... DREAMING!!!

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