The advice(s) that made the difference in my life

Each one of us will have our own way of lifestyle and preferences. When someone tries to alter it or give their opinion, we tend to go in a defensive mode. This would become more evident when this happens in more crucial life stage events like education,marriage etc.,

I was no different. For me, my Mom has been instrumental in shaping me towards success. She has brought out the best in me by giving timely and appropriate advices. The best part is, I took them as it was intended rather than going on a defensive mode.

I got several hundreds of advices from my Mom and I could recollect most of them even now. What makes it more amazing is how it had an effect on me from time to time. To start with, I was given an advice of not to drink alcohol or smoke tobacco. Mom told me this as she has seen in person the devastating effects it had on her near and dear and she never wanted me to suffer. I did promise her when I was a kid  that I would be a teetotaler and I am glad that I could keep up my promise till date - which is close to 25 years. It became real difficult for me when I joined a BPO in Bengaluru and you know how the culture is. My friends and colleagues were gracious enough in allowing me to continue with my promise and I am thankful to them too at this juncture for making me who I am....

The next advice I got from my Mom was to be truthful and never to utter a lie. She told me that if I lied once, in order to preserve it, I need to utter 100 more lies. I understood the ideology and I vowed to speak only the truth which has seen me escape from many turbulent situations. I am not a Mahatma to say that I have mastered all the emotions and character. What I am trying to say is this. These are simple things and can be practiced by anyone and everyone with ease and yes, it is difficult initially but when you get hold of it, you will not feel that you are doing something different but people around you would feel it and start appreciating you for this.

So don't be wary of doing good deeds/things. You have got one life to live.  Make the difference by living the life which is worthy to be praised by others....

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