Vision 2050

Vision 2020 was the dream by former President of India late Dr APJ Abdul Kalam who wanted India to be a Super Power. Now I am going to talk about my views on Vision 2050.

We have seen India grown a lot in the past decade or so. From limited availability of products and services, we now have everything in abundance to choose from. I would talk in detail about what I envision India to be in 2050.


There will be lot of flyovers and in fact I would see there will be a 4 structure flyover where in 1 would be used for Metro, 1 for Mono, 1 for Cyclist and 1 for 2 and 4 Wheeler. The roads will be used for pedestrians and public transport.

All the roads will be laid with rubberised concrete so that their longevity will be at least for 20-30 years. There will not be any TOLL Roads.

River Water Unification:

Thanks to visionary Central Government and the allocation of required funds. I would see all the Indian rivers are unified and disputed between the States in river water sharing is settled. There is no question of flood or famine/drought. The availability of water ensured 24/7 productivity both in Agricultural and Industrial Field.

Alternate Energy:

I would also hoping to see India to be self sustaining in energy requirements. The import of fuel oils would be drastically decreased which in turn improves the air quality leading to reduction in production. This will be made possible since most of the houses/apartments and public places/offices will have either Windmill or Solar Panels installed on the top of the buildings.


Almost all the departments would be computerised. There will not be a question or hope for corruption or bribery. Work gets done much faster and in an efficient way. Records will be kept for safe for centuries.


Aadhaar would become the main prerequisite with more than 95% of the population will be issued with Aadhaar cards and all the activities are tracked via this. India will become most sought after country and people from other nation would wait to enrol for aadhaar which would be the remaining 5%.


There will be only 2 parties. There will not be any parties in the State. The upper age limit for the political party will be capped at 70. 

When all these happen in 2050 which I am sure most will take place, India will become a dreamland on Earth for all :-)

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All great ideas,hope they can be implemented soon!