Why Not? Life Stories Of Amazing Achievers by Lata Upadhyay

Author - Lata Upadhyay
Publisher - Leadstart Publishing
ISBN - 978-93-52015-66-5

This is a collection of 5 real life stories of the real life heroes. The names were synonymous to the field they were associated with which includes:

1. Pt Ravi Shankar
2. Tenzing Norgay
3. Srinivasa Ramanujan
4. Kapil Dev
5. Dr Verghese Kurien

While we would have heard and read about the above mentioned personalities, not all the information available in this book would have been known to us. The author has taken great pain in collating all the information from various sources which makes this book really special.

I would say this is a book for all ages and is a treasure trove. Lot of details has been incorporated in this book which would make you surprised for sure. It also talks about the troubled childhood, struggles faced by these eminent who had defied the odds and became famous later on.

This also serves as a motivating factor because only when we read stories like this, we would know what exactly the personalities had gone through because not all are born stars but the way they took, the passion they had and perseverance has made them successful which has been perfectly captured in this book.

Do give a read. It is surely worth it.

The book is available on Flipkart and Amazon and all leading book stores.