Flowers are my love

Flowers are something that I have liked from the time I was a kid. I got the interest naturally on seeing my mother doing gardening in the backyard and when I saw lot of colorful flowers being blossomed day in and day out, I took it up.

Those were the days, I was studying in school and during my free time, I use to go near to the plants and use to interact with them. I made it as a habit after I have read somewhere that speaking to them would enhance their productivity. I did not believe it initially until I saw it happening right in front of my eyes. There was this variety of hibiscus which had some uds when we bought it and for some reason, it did not blossom.

My mother eventually felt sad but she had encouraged me to start speaking to the plant. I started it and did it religiously for close to a month. What a surprise? One fine morning when we woke up, all we could see were lot of flowers blossomed in that hibiscus plant. Our joy knew no bounds.

It did not end up with this. There was this fragrance flower called Maghizampoo and the speciality is that it will not get dried so easily but even if it did, it would still retain that fragrance which would last for close to 7-10 days and luckily, my school had this tree. What I did was this.. I use to leave to my school 15-20 minutes prior and start picking the flowers which were scattered on the ground all around the tree. I use to collect it in my spare pencil box and when I gave it for the first time, after reaching home - my Mom was surprised and felt ecstatic. 

My connect with flowers still continue as we still have lot of flower pots on the backyard of my apartment and one of the favorite pastime for me is to water the plants, speak to them and to upload the pics of these beautiful flowers on my Instagram account which gets automatically shared on my FB and Twitter platforms....

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