The first real love story I watched it unfold

Well. We all would have witnessed a love story either in reel or real life and some would have even be a part of it. I was lucky enough not only to witness but also being a part of it.

This happened when I was in Bengaluru and my team members were predominantly from Chennai. It was always fun when you work with people who are from your place, isn't it?

In my team of 10, couple of them were my close friends. Vincent and Bhuvana are their names. As we were in the same team for close to 3 years, we use to go out together and spent a lot of time in shopping and other activities.

During this time Vincent had developed a liking towards Bhuvana. He told me about this. Initially I was surprised but I knew that this would be natural as you get to spend time with your colleagues the most. Both of them were staying alone(away from their families)in a P.G(Paying Guest) accommodation unlike me since I was staying with my parents and a natural inclination towards the opposite gender is always most likely when you stay alone :-)

Initially Bhuvana did not approve his love but later she agreed. After a while she has rejected it again because her parents did not approve it. Vincent was dejected. He started talking things which did not made any sense. I consoled him. Though I had not fallen in love earlier, I decided to help him. I sought the help of my parents who happily agreed to speak to both the parents as a mediator since they knew well about Vincent and Bhuvana. Though the parents of both the families weren't happy as they belonged to different religion, they agreed for the marriage.

This entire sequence of events had happened over a span of 3 years and I always wondered as to how I was a part of a love story just like the ones shown in the movies. The most important aspect in this true incident was the TRUST that we three had amongst ourselves that had led to the execution.

P.S There were many interesting events which can be a perfect fit for a movie but considering the space and time constraint, I have highlighted just the core - the marriage.

They both are living happily now with a daughter in Banglore while I am writing this post from Chennai.

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