She opened a blank notebook

She opened a blank notebook. She gave a smile. It wasn't noticed by any. The book has traveled all the way from the other part of the world to her place.

Who is she?

What is this book all about?

No one knew about the secrets she has managed till date. For the outside world, she is just an ordinary girl going to the college to o her Masters but in reality, she is an intelligence agent working with RAW.

Her parents who had always been criticizing her for waking up late in the morning without knowing the fact that she secretly slips out of her house to work on various important missions seldom comes back home before 4AM.

Coming back to the book. This is always been special to her because she has used this book for close to an year and no one has yet deciphered what is in it. It was a age old secret of using lime to write in it and when it is sent/received, all one needs to do is simple. Just sprinkle some water and the otherwise empty book will open lot of secrets written on it.

She smiled (as we saw initially) for the fact that due to advancement in technology, no one hardly remembered it because the year was 2350 A.D.

She got another assignment now and sets out to finish the work assigned to her. Did I say her name yet? She is Priya.

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that was nice futuristic way of using the prompt!

Thank You Tina for your comment :-)