Anya's Lyric by Nikhil Kumar

Title - Anya's Lyric
Author - Nikhil Kumar
Cover Art - Aamina Shazi Arora
Cover Design - Joanna Mendes
ISBN - 13: 978-1530307210
ISBN - 10: 153030721x

A simple book with lot of tragedies but with a positive outcome in the end. What was really special about this book is the specific mention of just 1 character - ANYA. 

You read it right. Apart from the main character Anya on whose life the story revolves, all the other characters were mentioned with their bodily reference like Man with a Snake Tattoo, one-armed postman, boy with a twisted leg etc to name a few,

You may now wonder as to how the author has managed to pen down a novel  with just one name which is the beauty of this book. On an ill-fated day, the one-armed postman failed to deliver a letter and that had led to lot of consequences including losing the job. There weren't any suspense or thriller or twists and turns in this book but it had still managed to keep up the interest on me being the reader, from the beginning till the end which is what i would say is the real specialty of the book and the author.

Anya's goes through lot of hardships. There were betrayals. There was love. There was greed. There was physical abuse. There was hope. All these together were mixed in a perfect blend which has resulted in the outcome of this novel.

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About the Author: Nikhil Kumar is a 32 year old advertising professional from Bangalore. Anya's Lyric is his 4th book. You can interact with him on twitter by following his handle @nkkmr

The book is available on Amazon in India.