HER2 Breast Cancer? IAMHER2 is here

Surekha was pregnant in 2014. At the same time, she came to know she had HER2 Breast Cancer.

Though she was confident that her sister-in-law also had it and survived, her delivery date which was just 8 days away by then made her worried.

The treatment cost was pegged at Rs.12 Lakhs which she couldn't afford and her son was already suffering from untreatable heart problem. She then heard about a doctor of Jaslok hospital who asked her to undergo all the 18 sessions and introduced her to IAMHER2.

Who made her face the tough times that year since her father-in-law had an heart attack and so as her father where her father passed away on the second attack was really a touching one.

Breast Cancer is treatable and cannot be contracted with physical touch. All these patients need is support - not necessarily with money but moral one. HOPE is all you need. Do share this across on your social media channels. You never know who would you be helping out.....