Delightful Diwali with Vodafone

Diwali is the festival which we all celebrate it with great enthusiasm and delight. Diwali is special in many ways. Firstly, like other festivals, it comes once in a year but it differs from other festival as it is celebrated by people of all religion. I remember as a kid, when I use to burst crackers, my friends from other religion use to join me and burst the crackers.

The evening is even more awesome because it is then we would start lighting the lamps across the house and the sky gets adorned with colorful rockets. You would only see fun and laughter around your place. It is this festival which brings family and friends together because I always made it a point to visit them all.

We buy lot of sweets not only to consume it for ourselves but also to give it to others. New clothes and jewellery use to find a prominent place in our shopping list. Off late, it was the gadgets which has occupied the mindset of all. With ever improving technology and affordability to buy the gadgets with lots of promos and offers,there was no doubt that these had found a special place in our shopping list.

I have always bought gadgets to be opened up only during the Diwali and start using it as I considered that day auspicious but when you keep buying gadgets, especially the smartphones, you have to buy the sim cards to support them as well.  This time, I decided to go for The brand which I loved the most - VODAFONE.

If you would like to know as to what is in store for you, continue reading.

The store wore a festive look. The executives were at their cheerful best, as usual.  No wonder they were the best with 200 million customers and this Diwali, it is bringing in a "customised offer" where each customer who walks into the store, whether they are taking the product or not, would be given a surprise gift which includes special chocolates, mementos like fridge magnets, greeting cards and more.

This is amazing isn't it? In fact, the postpaid customers of Rajasthan were given a surprise, where they had written a message to their family member or friend who were residing anywhere in India and Vodafone delivered it with a box of Diwali Chocolates. I would say it is a perfect way to make it #DiwaliDelights

This offer is valid from today which is 25th October till 28th October. What are you waiting for? Rush to your nearest Vodafone Store and pamper yourself with gifts and tailor made offers which you certainly cannot resist. When you walk out of the store, you will not be coming out empty handed :-)