The Secret of the Druids - Book Launch

Christopher C Doyle is one of my favorite authors - though I must admit that I have not read any of his books in full but had enjoyed reading a portion of his books somewhere and had also happened to read the reviews about his stories.

When I got the invite for his latest book launch "The Secrets of the Druids" from The Mahabharata Secret series, my joy knew no bounds. As usual, I was early to the venue. The author came few minutes later, directly from the airport. 

He was such a cool and down to earth person. When I introduced myself, he gave me a smile and started conversing. I immediately bought all his books. He was kind enough to agree to pose with me as well.

More than that, he also agreed to autograph on all the copies.

What more an avid reader and a book reviewer could ask for? I would surely be reading all these 3 books and would share my reviews with the author. The 3rd book in The Mahaharata Series is slated t be released somewhere by October next year and the last one would come a year later or so. Looking forward to those editions as well.

Before I could wind up, thought of sharing few interesting short videos where the author had shared some interesting facts and information about his books and the inspiration for them.

There are more videos of the author on my YouTube channel. You may visit to get to know more by clicking https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfa5pLbBJbPCA9PYGWwrOxA