Why is the GOD one and the same?

Do you believe in GOD?

Some do believe in GOD and some do not believe in GOD. There is no trouble for Atheist but for others who believe in GOD, the problem arises with regards to who to believe and who not to.....

While each religion has it's own GOD and beliefs, there are multiple GODS within that same religion and it holds specifically good for Hinduism since we have hundreds and thousands of GODS which GOD only knows all their names...

I had stumbled upon an important classification of Brahma's Clan - The Creator GOD. Take a loot at this in full.

1. Lord Brahma's kid is Marrisi
2. Marrisi's kid is Kashyap
3. Kashywap's kid is Sun
4. Sun's kid is Manu
5. Manu's kid is Ishavak
6. Ishavak's kid is Khushi
7. Khushi's kid is Vikhushi
8. Vikhushi's kid is Banu
9. Banu's kid is Aranyak
10. Aranyak's kid is Vruthu
11. Vruthu's kid is Thrisang
12. Thrisang's kid is Dundumaran or Yavanasyan
13. Dundumaran's kid is Manthatha
14.Manthatha's kid is Susanthi
15. Susanthi's kid is Dhruvasanthi
16. Dhruvasanthi's kid is Bharath
17. Bharath's kid is Ashith
18.Ashith's kid is Sagar
19. Sagar's kid is Asmanj
20. Asmanj's kid is Amsamanth
21. Amsamanth's kid is Dileep
22. Dileep's kid is Bhagirath
23. Bhagirath's kid is Kakusth
24. Kakusth's kid is Raghu
25. Raghu's kid is Brahvaruth
26. Bravaruth's kid is Sanganan
27. Sanganan's kid is Sudarman
28. Sudarman's kid is Aknivarnan
29. Aknivarnan's kid is Sikraved
30. Sikraved's kid is Maruv
31. Maruv's kid is Brashikyan
32. Brashikyan's kid is Ambrish
33. Ambrish's kid is Nagush
34. Nagush's kid is Yayathi
35. Yayathi's kid is Nabhagu
36. Nabhagu's kid is Ajan
37. Ajan's kid is Dasaratha
38. Dasaratha's kid is Lord Ram

Even though Dasaratha is always referred to be from Raghu clan, the ancestors were none other than Lord Brahma and ends with Lord Ram which means The Creator and the The Preserver are the One and the same...This is being said by Saint Valmiki in his Valmiki Ramayan.