BUGman Cubicle Life & Beyond

Title : BUGman Cubicle Life & Beyond
Authors: Sachin Kodagali & Santosh Avvannavar
Editor - Rajashree Ghosh
Proof Read - Shilpa Patil, Prasanna Desai, Bharath Kumar & Jeevan

A simple story that brings out the reality of so-called highly paid Software Engineers - to be more precise Tester Life. How the ideas are conceived and how they were being treated and what kind of sacrifice do they need to make were very well captured in this book.

The book is not to create a fear on the job or profile but a general awareness because not all who score well in academics can do well when it comes to practical work.

What makes this book an awesome one is the segregation of topics which were divided into weeks i.e from Week 0 to 6 which clearly portrays the life of a Software Professional in minute detail. A worthy attempt, is all I can say for sure :-)

Santosh and Sachin were the two main roles ably assisted by their manager Murthy. A short book but is surely worth the read.