Lions Club of Chennai Centennial Heroes - Inaguration and Installation

Lions International - an Organisation which is known worldwide for its meticulous social service and is been in existence since 1917. You read it right. We are in the Centennial year and getting the name to commemorate this for our club was just a coincidence.

Our club Lions Club of Chennai Centennial Heroes was inaugurated and installed yesterday which is again a memorable day being celebrated all over India - Children's Day and Guruparab by the District Governor of Metro Central, District 324A1, Region XI, Zone III PMJF Lion Er. T M Gunaraja

The others who were present to grace this occasion were:

PMJF Lion Ghulam A Hussain (Second Vice District Governor), 
PMJF Lion Dr K S Babai, VDG-I, 
MJF Lion CS Balamurugan,CS
MJF Lion B Vijayakumar,CT
MJF Lion J Nagarajan,JCS
PMJF Lion T Xavier Alphonse,JCT
PMJF Lion M S Velu,Cabinet Advisor,Extension Chairman - II
MJF Lion K B Gopinathan,RC
Lion A Vallatharasu, ZC
MJF Lion K Padmini, CGL
MJF Lion P Srimurugan, CGL & RC
MJL Lion P S Seetharaman, DC- Extension
Lion M S Basheer Ahamed - President
Lion S Mahen - Secretary
Lion S Kanakaraj - Treasurer

The event commenced in the Suguna Vilas Club at 6PM and went on till 8PM.

Lot of interesting trivia about Lions Club International were shared which includes:

1) Served 100 Million people in 120 countries and counting
2) Only Organisation which has the seat and say in United Nations
3) Biggest Non Governmental Organisation which takes Pride in just Serving

We took the group oath as PMJF Lion Ghulam A Hussain, Second VDG oratedd it.

We also took individual oath.

Finally, it was time for felicitations.

The President of our Club, Lion K Baskar gave an impressive speech.

Below are the list of Office Bearers of Lions Club of Chennai Centennial Heroes

The new club is born. We would not say that we would do wonders but would surely do our best to uphold the Integrity and Dignity of our Club.

It takes us great pride in being the Chartered / Founding Members of the Club. Should you need to become the Member of this exclusive club, do get in touch with me at the earliest because by joining the club this year, you would also be one of the Chartered Member :-)


Congrats to you,the members and the esteemed club which has been serving the people for so many years. Great to know that it has a seat in UN. Nice work Babu...

Thank You DS. Yes. Lions Club is doing an impeccable job. Looking forward to see you joining us soon :-)

Congrats, glad to see that you have joined a good club which does lot of social activities. Cheers