Save and Get Saved with uberPOOL

We have always been not so caring when it comes to protecting the mother Nature. Nature has always been kind to us but from time to time, it loses its patience and shows its fury. Some of the recent events like Verdah, Nadah storms stands a testimony to the fact that erratic climatic changes and its patterns were the cause for these kind of devastation.

You need not have to go and plant trees everywhere. All you need to do is to ensure that you now your responsibility and preserve nature in your own unique way. We all travel a lot. There is no denial of that fact. How do we travel is what that makes the difference. For those who stay close to their work location would travel either by walk or by to wheeler. What if you are staying far off or you are not comfortable travelling in traffic? We take a four wheeler. You might be spending a bomb if you are travelling on a hired four wheeler. To address your woes, Uber has introduced uberPOOL

Most of us would already be having the Uber App on our smart phone. What makes UberPool different from the normal commute? There are few many.

1. Reduced Carbon Emission - a vehicle irrespective of how many passengers are travelling on it, would emit the same emission. This is one of the reason why Govt and other agencies insist on travelling in Public Transport. Not all would want to travel on that for various reasons like traffic, crowd etc., To address this woe, Uber has introduced UberPool. Unlike other modes, this is effective for the fact that it ferries people who would be travelling in the same route as yours. Hence instead of 1 person travelling all alone to his/her work, you will have a company of few more passengers who would be commuting on the same route which means the Carbon Emission is now been reduced to as low as 18% (Considering 6 people travelling at the same time). This is one way of saving mother nature from pollutants.

2. Saving of Money - This option would save a lot of money. If you are travelling in your own car, you need to shell out a lot considering not only the diesel or petrol that you need to buy to fill up your car's tank but also other expenses like Parking, Insurance, Wear and Tear arising due to depreciation, Chauffeur Charges(if you have a regular person to ferry you). On the other hand, a hired vehicle can save you good amount of money. A much better option is to opt for the pool. Why?
The charges are even more lower since the total charges are now being shared by the fellow passengers who travel on the same route. Isn't a worthy option to think about?

3. Safety - You need not have to travel alone. If you are considering about safety, you will have more passengers traveling with you almost all the time. This is apart from the strict procedures Uber follows in recruiting the drivers.

4. Parking Woes - Say good bye to parking woes when you are travelling in a uberPOOL. The vehicle will always be on move and will not be stagnant in one place and hence you need not have to worry about parking.

5. Others - This option is one of the tried and tested method elsewhere and is a win-win situation for all. Saving money for you, saving environment for all.

To sweeten this further, Uber has also announced that it would track collaborative impact on real time and would send a Personal Impact Report each week which would let you know as to how much you have contributed from your end. It doesn't end with this. You can also get a chance to win a free month of uberPOOL.

How to Participate - Take the Pledge

  1. Enter promo code SWITCH2POOL in the Uber app
  2. Take uberPOOL trips through Jan 4th to be entered to win a FREE MONTH of uberPOOL
  3. One winner will be announced every Thursday

Every trip counts as an additional entry to win and every km shared helps solve traffic and saves on average over 130g of CO2 pollution. 

What are you waiting for? #SwitchToPool now.